China Diary - Part 1

For a Westerner arriving in China after living a sheltered life in North Carolina, there is a certain culture shock that one has to overcome. The remaining pages are my recollections in this strange new country and the wonderful experiences that have suddenly flooded my life.

After arriving in China, I wrote my first message to my friends back in Conover. I welcome news from back home and correspondence from those who remember me as the voice of Catawba Valley Neighbors in the Charlotte Observer.

Finally! It's taken me forever to compile the latest info., which is attached. I'm also attaching a few pictures, including my first day on the bicycle, dinner with "Mr. Trouble," a contractor, and having a little fun on "walking street" with Mr. Trouble and Judy. Walking street is the best place to shop and eat. In addition to some great Chinese restaurants, there's a KFC, a McDonald's, and a Pizza Hut (people were waiting in line outside the door; their names on a waiting list like a Catawba County fish restaurant on Friday night).
Can't wait to hear from everybody about news at home!


(that's my Chinese name)

Derick S. Hartshorn - 2006-present
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