Williamson Cemetery
Columbus County, NC
Located on NC 242, in a field between Cerro Gordo and Williamson's Crossroads. There is a slave cemetery nearby. Surveyed by Phil and Kay Duncan, accompanied by Mr Inman Williamson and his wife, Lillie Tyler Williamson in Sept 1983.

Transcribed by David B High, May 1998 from the private publication "They're Buried in Our Past, Columbus County, NC, 1808-1883" dated December, 1983. Permission granted by the authors.

Mary Jane, wife of Nathan L Williamson, 4/8/1816 - 7/1886

Nathan L Williamson, 3/6/1813 - 11/1886, CSA

Emma J, daughter of D R & J R Williamson, 1/31/1872 - 8/12/1890

Harriet R, wife of D R Williamson, 10/26/1850 - 1/7/1900

Mrs L C C, 3/20/1831 - 11/10/1895 (Assumed to be in the Williamson family)

H L W, 2/16/1833 - 10/15/1889 (Assumed to be in the Williamson family)

Hattie J, daughter of D R & H R Williamson, 9/7/1879 - 1/7/1909

Evidence of other graves, but no markers