Columbus County Photos
Columbus County, NC
If you have any old photos relevant to Columbus County that you would like to contribute to this page, email them to me. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Delco School Photo 1927
Photo contributed byTheresa Dragonas
Muriel Dale is second from left on the front row. Magaline Dale is on the far right in the front row. Names of others pictured in the photo, but in no particular order are: Nora Brown, school teacher of grades 1,2,3; Cathern Mills, Elizabeth Mills, Clyde Nobels, Ruth Dallas, Graham Long, Bill & Bobby Lewis, Crondle Bullard, Miss Minnie Hall, Anna Varneen, Kerry "Big Ale", and Lee Irene Vereen.
(Theresa has informed me that she received word this could be Bolton School instead of Delco School. It is not known for sure which school it is.)

Delco School Photo from the mid 1920s
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Acme Delco
                    School Photo 1960s

Acme Delco School Photo, 1960s
Photo contributed by Theresa Dragonas and Elvia Mintz Harrilson
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Applewhite Store circa 1905
Photo contributed by Nancy Dale Curtis
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The Applewhite Store in Columbus County was owned by brothers Hackett and Will H Applewhite. The Applewhite Post Office was located inside the store.
The original photo was an old tin type picture that was owned by Ellean Roberts Lewis (deceased). According to Ellean Roberts Lewis: Old Bob Applewhite Store. The man with outstretched arm, is Bob Applewhite. He is pretending to cut off the beard of Alexander Lewis. The young barefoot boy wearing knickerbockers by the right corner of the store is Lal Roberts.

Gowan Family Home
Photo contributed by Tom Parker
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Samuel Winn Gowan, Sarah Elizabeth Faulk and several of their children in front of the family homeplace. This home is believed to have been located in the Ice Plant Road area of Fair Bluff, NC.

The Little Mission Church
Photo contributed by Cathy Harrelson Alsup
Members of "The Little Mission Church" at Prosper-Delco, North Carolina, about 1960. The building and land was owned and donated by Mr Caldwell and Elsie Hilburn Bordeaux. The members later built a larger church beside of this one which is today called Prosper Baptist Church.

Lena Estelle
                  Callihan Dale

Lena Estelle Callihan Dale
with daughter Magaline

Millard James

Millard James Dale

Dollie E King and John
                  Franklin Mintz
Dollie E King with
husband John Franklin Mintz of Delco.
Photo taken about 1915-1920
Muriel Dale
                  Delco School 1927

Muriel Dale
Delco School 1927

John Henry Dale  (1881-1917) Brother of Millard James Dale

Neal Alexander Callihan (1845-1910) of Bladen NC

Mary Jane Barnhill Callihan (1850-1919) of Bladen NC

Neal Spencer Callihan of Columbus County (son of Neal Alexander and Mary Jane Callihan) with Nephew, Hester

Marshall James Mintz (1919-1984) and William McKinley Mintz (1919-1980) of Delco, NC

Columbus County Family Photos
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Photos contributed by Theresa Dragonas and Daniel Grimsley

Unknown lady (Photo found in Dollie King Mintz' trunk. Back of photo says "for Willie.")

Unknown family picture: Please help identify this family

Unknown man from Muriel Dale Mintz photo collection
Columbus County Mystery Photos
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These two "mystery" photos above were submitted by Theresa Dragonas. If you have any information about who the photos may be of, please contact Theresa or email me with the information you have.

Mellon Watts, son of John Wesley Watts and Anzeline Fowler, is the tall man. The other men are unknown.

Children of Anzeline Fowler and John Wesley Watts

Anzeline Fowler Watts (daughter of Harmon Fowler and Lydia Harper)

Watts Family Photos
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Photos contributed by Martina Simmons

Acme Delco School Photo from 1923 with unknown school children.
Submitted by John H Williamson

Bartley Dean and
                  Enoch J Carroll
Bartley Dean Carroll (1876-1929)
and Enoch J Carroll (1874-1939)
Bartley Dean
                  Carroll House
House of Bartley Dean Carroll

Everett Campbell Council and wife Victoria Freeman Council with daughter Minnie.
Submitted by Betty Richardson

Jonathan M Elkins of Co K 20th Regiment and Co D 38th Regiment, NC Troops
Submitted by Mary Ellon Elkins Hartley

Elizabeth Belle Parker (married James Alexander Fields in 1916.)  Photo taken around 1915 according to her daughter, Rebecca Fields.
Submitted by Tom Parker
The only daughter of
                  Stephen Franklin Freidman (1894-1984) and Maude Ethel
                  McKeithan Freidman (1899-1985.)
Louise Bernice Friedman Futchs (1917 - 2004.) Photo was probably taken at the time of her marriage in 1937 to Richard Henry Futchs of Wilmington.
Submitted by

Montgomery Green (1883 - 1953) of Cerro Gordo. Husband of Maggie May Page. Submitted by Edie Pierce.

Narcissa was the
                  daughter of Hugh Thomas McPherson and Susannah Jane
                  Nealy. Narcissa married William Sellers 12-28-1885 in
                  Columbus County, NC. He was the son of George
                  Washington Sellers and Louisa A Jenerette.
Narcissa McPherson and husband William Albert Sellers.
Submitted by Carrie Johnson

Letha Mae Wells Gross
Letha Mae Wells Gross. Daughter of Gaston and Sarah Dale Wells, wife of Frank Gross.
Submitted by Denise Cheatham

Miscellaneous Columbus County Photos
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