Swindell Cemetery
Columbus County, NC
Transcribed by David B High, March 1999, from records of Irene Brown Shaw, granddaughter of Jonathan Lennon, provided by Pat Norris.

Jonathan Lennon, 12/15/1828 - 10/23/1913
Mary Matilda Lennon Swindell Lennon, wife of Jonathan Lennon, 4/1828 - 1/28/1904
Forney Monroe Lennon, 1/29/1828 - 1/29/1904 (Died the day after his mother, of typhoid fever; buried same day)
Frances Caroline Lennon, circa 1860 - 8/1925
John Ezra Lennon, 1863 - 1882
Mary Ida Lennon, 1869 -
Mortie Moore Lennon, circa 1872 - 5/1932
McIver Lennon, 1866 -
Sam Swindell, first husband of Mary Matilda Lennon Swindell Lennon

Note: This cemetery is virtually lost now. The only evidence of its existence are the Civil War stone for Jonathan Lennon and a big hole (perhaps someone looking for Sam Swindell's money).