Estate of John Daniel, 1828
Submitted by Natasha Miles
Columbus County, NC

State of North Carolina
Columbus County

Pursuant to an order of court issued from Nov Term last we the commissioners met on the premises on the 28th day of November 1828 and proceeded to value and divide the lands of the late John Daniel dec'd among the legal heirs of the said Daniel in manner following, that is to say:
Allotted to Seth Daniel eighty-eight acres, numbered one, valued at $20.
Alloted to Nancy Daniel seventy-five acres, number two, valued at $20.
Alloted to Cansada James sixty-six acres numbered three, valued at $20.
Alloted to Elizabeth Daniel sisty-six acres, numbered four, valued at $20.
Alloted to Enoch Daniel sixty-six acres, numbered five, valued at $20.
Alloted to Mary Daniel sixty-six acres, numbered six, valued at $20.
All of which lots and parcels of land will fully & at large appear by reference to the plan of said land on the right hand page given under our hands & seals the day and date above written.
J Powell
John O'Kelly
Solomon King
Josiah Maultsby
J Powell