Branson's North Carolina Business Directory: 1867-68
Submitted by Natasha Miles
January 2010
Columbus County, NC
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory – 1867-68

Columbus County
Population in 1860 – 8597
County Seat – Whiteville

County Officers
Attorney, J A Maultsby
Clerk County Court, D P High
Clerk Sup. Court, W M Baldwin
Chairman Co Court, Haynes Lennon
Clerk and M. in Eq. J W Ellis
Entry Taker, O H Powell
Register, W W Pate
Sheriff, V V Richardson
Surveyor – E C Gore
Trustee – Francis Lennon

Whitevilles Academy, Whitesville, A J Butner, Prin

Churches and Pastors
Duncan's, Meth, J B Alford
Liberty, Meth, J B Alford
Fair Bluff, Meth, J B Alford
Rehobo, Meth, J B Alford
Swindal's, Meth, J B Alford
Shiloh, Meth, J B Alford
Whitesville, Meth, J B Alford
Beaver Dam, Bap, D J Ray
Cherry Grove, Bap, Zodac Bullock
Cross Roads, Bap, Haynes Lennon
Iron Hill X Roads, Bap, Zadoc Bullock
Macedonia, Bap, ---
Mount Moriah, Bap, ----
Mt Zion, Bap, Haynes Lennon
Mt Sinai, Bap, R F Marlow
Porter Swamp, Bap, G W Hill
Pleasant Hill, Bap, D N Gore
Pleasant Plains, Bap G W Hill
Seven Creeks, Bap, R F Marlow
Sandy Plains, Bap, D J Ray
Sweet Home, Bap, G W Hill
Western Prong, Bap, G W Hill
White Marsh, Bap, D J Ray
Whitesville, Bap, Jas M Dixon

Hotel & Boarding Houses
Fair Bluff Hotel, Fair Bluff, S A Young
Flemington Hotel, Flemington, Mrs M A Brothers
Whitesville Hotel, Whitesville, Mills Howell

Ellis, J W Fair Bluff
George, Forney Fair Bluff
Maultsby, J A Fair Bluff
Stanly, W J Fair Bluff

Saddle and Harness Shop, Whitesville, D J Herrell

Barber, D D Dry Goods and Groceries, Bogue, (Place of business, Jonesboro.)
Barden (B T) & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries, Cero Gorda
Barden, (J J) & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries, Cero Gorda
Coleman (Henry) & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries, Fair Bluff
Edwards & Hall, Dry Goods and Groceries, Bogue
Faulk, Isaac, Retail Liquor, Fair Bluff
Haynes & Byrne, Dry Goods and Groceries, Whitesville
Howell, Mills, Hardware, Whitesville
Harrell, D J Grocer and Retail Liquor, Whitesville
Jennings, S B, Dry Goods and Groceries, Peacock's
Lennon, Haynes, Dry Goods, Whitesville, (Place of business Big Swamp)
Memory, T S Dry Goods and Groceries, Whitesville
McPhanl, Neil, Dry Goods and Groceries, Whitesville
McCollum, A Dry Goods and Groceries, Whitesville
Powell, R M Dry Goods & Groceries, Fair Bluff
Powell & Hammons, Retail Liquor, Fair Bluff
Rockville, H C Dry Goods & Groceries, Whitesville
Rocksville & Spivey, Dry Goods and Groceries, Whitesville, (Place of business. Iron Hill X Roads
Smith (Alva) & Co., Dry Goods & Groceries, Fair Bluff
Stanly & Hinson, Groceries and Retail Liquor, Whitesville
Singletary, D J Retail Liquor, Whitesville
Summersett, J H Retail Liquor, Dry Groods and Groceries, Whitesville
Williams, Moses Dry Goods and Groceries, Peraway Ferry

Alford, J B Meth, Fair Bluff
Cox, S B Meth, Fair Bluff
Bullock, Zadock Bap, Fair Bluff
Dixon, James M Bap, Fair Bluff
Gore, D N Bap, Fair Bluff
Hill, G W Bap, Fair Bluff
Lennon, Haynes, Bap, Fair Bluff
Marlow, R F Bap, Fair Bluff
Ray, D J Bap, Fair Bluff

Jackson, Isaac Whitesville
McGougon, J M Fair Bluff
Morrison, M R Whitesville
Wyche, C G Whitesville

Post Offices & Post Masters
Bogue, Mrs J J Edwards
Fair Bluff, Joshua Waddell
Grists, David Struthers
Whitesville, John Morse
Green Swamp, ---
Cerro Gorda, ---
Big Swamp, ---
Peacock's Store, ---