The following is an attempt to list all known books, and published material of any kind, pertaining to Chatham County and it's people. If you know of others that I don't have listed. Please let me know.
I need the title; author; publisher; publication date and if it is still in print, if you know.
Where I have typed: Salt Lake City FHC, no microfilm, you should know that you can try to order the book from other libraries with interlibrary loan.  And, since my information is dated about 4 years ago. There may have been a microfilm made since then. You can order the microfilm from your local LDS FHC.

TITLE                                                AUTHOR                        PUBLISHER            DATE PUBLISHED    WHERE ITEM CAN BE FOUND       OTHER INFO

"THE STEDMAN FAMILY OF NORTH CAROLINA" - Carolyn Burgess Knott                          974 pgs

BUFFALO CREEK CHRONICLES   Kathy Brook Jones, Sanford, N.C.          1984                    Salt Lake City FHC                    240 pp
     also Harnett Co.                                                                                                                                no microfilm

HISTORY OF SANDY CREEK CHURCH    no author given    ??                        1958                    Salt Lake City FHC                    73 pp
                                                                                                                                                                    no microfilm
YESTERDAY                                Martha Arrington            Moncure, N.C.        1982                     Salt Lake City FHC                    213 pp
Avent's Ferry, Buckhorn Falls, Martha's Vineyard                                                                           no microfilm                            Maps, Illus.

ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRIES    A. B. Pruitt                Rocky Mount, N.C.  1990                    Salt Lake City FHC                    134 pp
Chatham Co. 1778-1790                                                                                                                          no microfilm                            Maps, Illus. Index

TO BEAR ARMS - CIVIL WAR     Zeb & Martha Arrington    Moncure, N.C.    1984                    Salt Lake City FHC                    308 pp
Information from locals- Chatham Co and area.                                                                                no microfilm

1815 TAX LIST OF CHATHAM     Wm. P. Johnson        Raleigh, N.C.            1975                      Salt Lake City FHC                    64 pp
                                                                                                                                                                        no microfilm

N.C. MARRIAGE BONDS                James M. Black           ???                            1941                      Salt Lake City FHC                151 pp
1772-1853                                                                                                                                                    no microfilm

MARRIAGES OF CHATHAM CO     Brent Holcomb        Gen. Pub. Co              1987                       Salt Lake City FHC                125 pp Index
1772-1868                                                                           Baltimore, MD                                                no microfilm

MARRIAGE RECORDS                     Frances  Ingmire    Ingmire Pub.              1984                        Salt Lake City FHC
CHATHAM 1782-1867    

EDGERTON CEMETERY                  Typed Manuscript    Goldston, N.C.        1971                         Salt Lake City FHC

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