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Chatham County NCGenWeb



                                                                                                                                            ©Transcribed by Sue Ashby
                                                                                                                                                                                                May 9, 2001
                                                                                                                                                                                                Updated May 13, 2001


   Vol. V, No. 3
Thursday, January 5, 1888

Wiley I. Palmer, Years ago, was the principal of the asylum for the Deaf and Blind, at Raleigh....
He left that position for a more lucrative one in Canada,...... He is now in the Lunatic asylum at Morganton....
...Christmas entertainment, held at the school House in Dist. No. 12, on the night of the 29th of
Dec.  It was given in compliment to Mr. C.G. Self's school. A very large crowd was present. The speakers
were C.M. Lutterloh, of Vanderbilt Univ., A.S. Henderson, of Ill., both natives of Chatham, and Mr. A.M. Self.

Local News:

Robert E. Harden, one of our first grade teachers, opened school at Centre Grove, on Monday, Jan'y 2d
with 41 pupils enrolled.
We were glad to see, a few days ago, our young friend C.M. Lutterloh, of Vanderbilt University. He's
talented and industrious, and he will come to front.
Married- At the residence of the bride's mother in Oakland township on Dec. 21, 1887, by Carson Johnson,
J.P., Mr. Benjamin Bobbitt to Miss Ann R. Waddell.
Married- At the residence of the bride's father, on the 3d instant by Rev. R.T.N. Stephenson, Rev. Geo. P.
Moore to Miss Fannie Bynum, daughter of Mark Bynum, Esq. THE HOME extends congratulations.
Senator H.D. Mason has been commissioned to organize the Farmers Alliance in the county of chatham.
THE HOME is in full sympathy with the objects of the order. A Letter to Mr. Mason would reach him at
William's Mills ...
Mr. O.C. Bynum has moved to town for the practice of law. His office is the one recently occupied by Dr.
Manning. Mr. B. is one of our Chatham boys, is a young man of character and culture. Any business
entrusted to his hands will be promptly and faithfully attended to.
The Liberty Academy Male and Female will begin it's Spring Term Jan. 16th, 1888, with J.M. Weatherly as
Carter Marsh, a colored man 65 or 70 years of age once belonging to Capt. Robert Marsh of this county, it
is said never drank any alcoholic beverage of any kind. This statement of the old negro himself is verified
by both the drinking and sober classes who have known him more than 40 years...
Capt. Thomas Brady died at his home in Haywood on Dec. 24th, in the 57th year of his age. His two
sisters,  from Newark, N.J. were notified of his extreme illness and made all possible haste, but did not
reach Haywood till after the burial. So anxious were they to see their brother, from whom they had been
separated for 30 years, that they had his remains disinterred. Many persons gathered to witness this sad,
sad meeting and parting!
We have received a full account of the unfortunate affray that occurred at Brown's Chapel, on Christmas
Eve, on the occasion of the Christmas tree festivities, between Thomas J. Wright and T. S. Richardson. It
is too long for publication, and besides the matter ill be thoroughly investigated by the officers of the law.
Mr. Richardson received a bad cut with a knife, but he is now out of danger. He has the full sympathy of
the neighbors and they seem to excuse him of all blame in the matter.
Mr. J. Q. A. Leach, one of Chatham's best known citizens, is dead. He was 74 years old on Christmas day.
On Friday, the 23rd of Dec., he accidentally fell and injured his hip. The wound was painful but was not
thought to be serious 'til Sunday night, when he became worse and expired before day on Monday,
January 2nd, 1888. Mr. Leach leaves a venerable and estimable wife, sons, daughters, grand-children and
many friends to mourn his sudden death. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. A very large
crowd of our citizens assembled at his burial, which took place in the Presbyterian church yard, on
yesterday, to pay the last said rites to their deceased neighbor and friend...
The Christmas holidays were spent pleasantly about our town. On Sunday Rev. W.H. Moore preached a
very good sermon to a large audience in the Methodist church....
The spring term of Oakdale Literary Academy will begin January 9th, 1888, under the Principalship of Mr.
H.H. Fansom- a graduate of the University.....


Mrs. J.M. Rencher, consort of Gov. Rencher, is with us---bright loving and full of sympathy in a green old
Mr. J.P. Tinnin, our most excellent assistant Postmaster, is confined to his room from rheumatism....
The venerable Dr. J .A. Hanks has not been so well of late......

In the Methodist church in Cary, on Dec. 28th, by the Rev. J.A. Cunninggim, the Rev. M.A. Smith, of the N.C.
Conference, to Miss Sally R. Jones, daughter of Rufus H. Jones, Esq.
The attendants were Mr. R.N. Page and Miss Lulu M. Jones; Mr. L.J. Jones and Miss Delette Alderman; Mr.
A.S. Jones and Miss Emma C. Page; Mr. G.W. Guess and Miss Anna L. Merritt; Rev. F.L. Shamburger and
Miss Sally Merritt. The ceremony took place in the presence of a large audience of interested friends at
5:30 o'clock p.m. immediately after which a most elegant and bountiful supper was served to the party at
the hospitable home of the bride's parents.
The groom is a young man of education and character.... The bride is lovely, accomplished and pious.
They left on the 8 o'clock train to visit friends in S.C. and Richmond Co....


The following accounts were audited and ordered to be paid by the Commissioners at their meeting this
J.C. Davis- lumber and work on bridge
Ben Page- tax remitted
A.B. Clark-  work on bridge
P.M. Pattishall - remitted
Elbert Riggsbee - remitted
T.D. Smith - remitted
P.M. Pearson - remitted
Julia Taylor - work at poor house
W.P. Hadley - flour
G.W. Martin - remitted
S.H. Martin - remitted
Elisha Tysor - remitted
J.W. Taylor Jr. - arresting etc. Leach
W.M. Thomas agt. -Emily Tempie per mo.
A.T. Harrington - work on bridge
Pace Estate - remitted
J.F. Mann - remitted
Rebecca Montgomery - remitted
W.J. Lasater - remitted
Basil Manly - remitted
W.L. London supplies
J.D. Mann - allowed to sell liquor in Hew Hope Township, for one year
W.S. Griffin - lumber etc.
H.G. Hobby - on acct. of Nempy Broil
R.G. Eubanks- damage by road
J.Q. Ray - remitted
Hiram Johnson - remitted
London Jones - remitted
G. B. Perry - remitted
M.H. Stephens - remitted
T.D. Smith - remitted
W.D. Cole - remitted
Thomas Cross- jail fees
H.A. London- publishing annual statement
G.W. Blalock- remitted
J.W. Taylor - remitted
W. L. London- stove and freight for jail
Dr. L.A. Hanks, Supt. Health
Lee Hamilton - remitted
Dr. L.A. Hanks - remitted
Kate Hanks - remitted
Geo. Lambeth - remitted
C.A. Booon - additional for Mrs. Saunder, per mo.
J.A. Knight - remitted
R.M. Burns - remitted
Sam Crawford - remitted
T.M. Walden - remitted
D.C. Phillips - remitted
Jno. Yow - remitted
John Stokes - remitted
Berry Phillips - remitted
E.H. Brown - remitted
O.M. Yarboro - remitted
N.S. Brown - remitted
J.M. Watson - remitted
J.W.N. Alston - remitted
Cancelled for S.W. Brewer, sheriff the following amounts....
Public Sale:

I will sell at public auction, at Egypt, on the 17th day of January, 1888, the stock of goods and store furniture, a lot of household and kitchen furniture, sheep and cattle, the property of the late A.G. Roberson, Terms of sale cash.    Mrs. M.H. Roberson - Executrix
North Carolina Chatham County, Superior Court, Oct. Term 1887,
J.H. Olive Adm'r of Merril Olive and Alfred Goodwin and others vs. Charles Eubanks and wife.
By virtue of a judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale rendered at Oct. term 1887 of the superior court for the county of Chatham....I will on Monday the 13 day of Febraury, 1888 expose to public sale to the highest bidder for cash at the court house door in the town of Pittsboro, county of Chatham and State aforesaid, all the right title and interest of the defendant, Charles Eubanks, in and to the following described lands and premises: to wit, one hundred acres of the tract of land on which the said Eubanks now lives, adjoining the lands of Mrs. Palmer, Joseph Eubanks and others. Situated in the county of Chatham, near the town of Pittsboro subject to the homestead and rights of dower of the said Charles Eubanks and his wife Salula Ann, in the said lands.  S.M. Hoft, C.S.C. and Commissioner

Notice is hereby given that I will sell for cash, at the court house door, in the town of Pittsboro, N.C. on Monday, the 6th day of February, 1888, the lands described in the following list: said lands to be sold for the payment of the taxes and costs due thereon and levied on as the property of the following persons:

{MY NOTE: I wouldn't have placed the amount of taxes and acreage on this list if I hadn't been so appalled at the tiny amounts of money owed that was causing folks to have their property sold at auction.
Can you imagine not being able to come up with .87 and having your land sold because of it?
Yes, I know cash money was hard to come by and things cost a lot less. But.....??


                                                        Acres                        Taxes
McKay,  Prentice -                         78                             $ 3.15
McLeod, Eliza.                                70                                2.26
McCormick, Dunk                          70                                7.58
Taylor, Anthony                             33 1/2                          7.58
Windham, Elbert                           33                                1.13
(here they begin giving the first names first as opposed to the last name, above)
Wm. Douglas on Deep River        100                              7.70
Isabel Gunter, Lick Cr'k          (no acres given)                3.14
John A. Gunter, Lick Cr'k            51                                 5.23
A.T. Harrington                             135                             13.12
A.A. Harrington                             180                             14.03
J.A. Long, Deep River                   100                             7.70
Mary R. Moore                                33                                 .81
Archy Marks                                    10                              7.12
S.P. Morgan, Lick Cr'k                   39                               1.87
Molly Perry, Deep River                 97                               4.08
Amos Taylor, near Lockville        1 3/4                            9,72
Laura Taylor, Haywood                1 3/4                              .87
Ann Womble                                    1                                  1.86
W.B. Wilkie                                       8 1/2                          8.32
M.J. Windham, Shadox Cr'k          12                                 1.78


Ephrum Goldston, Rocky Riv.        11                                7.63
Candy Campbell                              100                               8.72


Daniel Bunting                                    54                             31.67
Columbus Thomas                               32                            3.35


W. Blake Womble                              36                             42.83
John Womble                                    42                                2.06


J. J. Hooker                                        65                               2.04
Lucinda Palmer                                  82                                2.51
William H. Rieves                              134                               4.71
                                     S.W. Brewer, Sheriff

This is to certify that we have dissolved copartnership in mutual consent, Joseph F. Womble having bought Solomon Ginsburg interest, and that Jos. F. Womble hereby assumes all the debts of the said firm, and that said Solomon Ginsburg, does hereby give all his interest  in said store.
Joseph F. Womble
Solomon Ginsburg - Moncure, N.C., Jan. 5, 1888

Vol. V, No. 4
Thursday, January 12, 1888

Dr. Duggan
Dr. James R. Duggan, Prof. of Chemistry in Wake Forest college, died on last Sunday morning, aged 28 years. This is sad news. He was one of the foremost men of his age not only of the State of but of the whole South. He was a native of GA. A Master of Arts from Mercer University, an M.D. from the Medical college of Philadelphia and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins, of which he was a Fellows for three years. In 1886 he was elected Prof of Chemistry in Wake Forest. In this department he not only gave satisfaction but was achieving wonderful success. His death is a loss not only to the Institution but to the whole State and to the cause of higher education generally. but the blow falls heaviest on his young wife who had joined him in wedlock only three months ago...
Having qualified as Administrator of Haywood Headen, col. dec'd, notice is hereby given to all persons holding claims against the estate to present them to me on or before the 12th day of Jan. 1889, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. Person owing the estate will please come forward and make payment. W.M. Rives, Adm'r
By virtue of a mortgage deed executed to me, on the 7th day of January 1870 by Spencer T. Petty and recorded in Book A,X pages 471 & 472, I will sell for cash, to the highest bidder, on Saturday the 14th day of January, 1888....a tract of land on Robinson's creek containing 197 acres, the home place of the late Spencer T. Petty, .... Samuel T. Womble., Mortgagee.
By virtue of a mortgage deed executed to me by T.B. Farrar and wife, which are registered in the office of Register of Deeds for Chatham county, Book B.F, pages 493 & 494, and in book P.T., page 355, I will sell on the premises to the highest bidder, for cash, on the 11th day of Feb., 1888, the following lots of land on Wilkerson's creek, in the county of Chatham, adjoining the lands of William Norwood, James Norwood, Martha Mann, C.T. Norwood and others. Lot No. 1, contains 30 acres, lots no. 2, 3 acres, lot no. 3, 50 acres, lot no. 4, 38 1/5 acres.
By virtue of an execution issued from the superior court of Chatham county, I will sell to the highest bidder for cash, at the courthouse door in Pittsboro, on Monday the 13th day of Fe., 1888, one tract of land in Centre Township, adjoining the lands of Mrs Nancy Harris, G.W. Ellis and others containing 41? acres and levied on as the property of Henry Baldwin, to satisfy an execution in favor of G.W. Ellis.  S.W. Brewer, Sheriff.
By virtue of a power of sale, contained in the Mortgage deed executed by R.C. Stokes and T. W. Stokes, his wife, to R. N. Moffitt on the 4th day of Dec., 1881, the undersigned as executors of said Moffitt will sell to the highest bidder for cash by public outcry at the residence of R.C. Stokes, in Chatham county, a certain tract of land in said county on Cedar Creek, adjoining the lands of R.W. Kidd,  H.W. Kidd and others, containing 126 acres more or less, for metes and bounds of which the said mortgage deed, was recorded in the Office of Register of Deeds of Chatham county, in book B.M., page 419, time of sale is Wednesday, Jan 15th, 1888, at 12 o'clock a.m.  E.E. Moffitt, W.K. Jackson, Executors.
By virtue of mortgage deed executed by R. L. Edwards, dated Sept. 28, 1885, the undersigned will on Tuesday the 14th day of Feb., 1888, at the court house door in the town of Pittsboro Chatham county, sell at public Auction, for cash, the following land to wit: In bear Creek Township said county, adjoining the lands of Robt Shield's heirs, Neal Shields, William Smith and others containing 43 acres more or less. This Jan 12, 1888, Taylor Mfg.Co., per A.P. Gilbert, atty.
Local News:

Sheriff Brewer will soon move into his nice new house.
Mr. J.P. Tinnin is still confined to the house, by rheumatism.
Capt. C.M. Hardin has about completed his new shop and is ready for business.
Sylvia Jackson, wife of Bragg Jackson, was buried at the colored cemetery on Sunday
The Mayor has bound B.A. Ellis and George Womack to Court in a bond of $100 on charge of selling liquor.
Mr. S.M. Holt has rented "Green Brook", the residence of the late Gov. Rencher. He will remove his family to it next week.
W.M. Brooks, who has charge of the Academy in Clinton, gave us a call on last week. We are glad to hear of his success in Sampson.
We are greatly pained to learn of the continued illness of Miss Ella Henley. If the sincere wishes of the whole community could avail, she would soon be restored to health.
Married - On the 28th of Dec., at the residence of the bride's father, W.D. Carter, in Bear Creek township, by the Rev. J.W. Calder, Miss Geneva Carter to Mr. William Brewer, all of Chatham.
Mr. A. S. Henderson , of Illinois, is visiting his old friends and neighbors in Chatham. He left Chatham many years ago and while he has succeeded well in the northwest, he still loves the friends of his younger days and the place of his birth.
The Durham Tobacco Plant is sixteen years old....Bro. Burkhead is an excellent editor and the mechanical work of the Plant is superb.

Vol. V, No. 5
Thursday, January 19, 1888

[One new Mortgage/Land Sale, in addition to the ones listed the week before:]

Land Sale:

"By virtue of a judgement of the Superior Court at May term, 1887 in the case of Sarah Beal against W.H.Rives we will sell at public auction for cash at the court house door... the lands of W.H. Rives, Sarah Beal, Mrs. Elkins, G.S. Dunn and Frank Headen, containing about 80 acres. Sale absolute and by virtue of compromise in said case. J.H. Headen; A.P. Gilbert; and T.B. Womack, Commissioners.
From Durham Recorder:
"To the Glory of God and in memory of Mrs. Sarah Mallory, Born, Oct. 19, 1842, Died Jan. 22, 1887," is the inscription on a memorial window, recently placed in St. Phillips, Episcopal church, of which she was a devout member...
From Shelby Aurora:
Mr. Peter Buff, Jr. had a difficulty with Moulton Ramsey on Sunday, in which Ramsey was severely cut by Buff with a knife. Mr. Peter Buff is the deacon who could pray so eloquently and loud while he was running a blockade still, in a mountain cove.

Local News:

Mr. Robert Cotton killed a brood-sow last week that weighed 629 pounds!
Mr. A. L. Jones has rented the store under the HOME office and is preparing to put into it a large stock of goods.
Our next Superior Court will be held by Judge James H. Merrimon, beginning on Monday, Feb. 13, 1888.
We regret to hear the illness of the venerable Mrs. Alston, the excellent mother of Messrs. J.A. & G.P. Alston.
Married - At the residence of Alfred Johnson, New Hope township, on Jan., 17th, 1888 by Rev. G. P. Moore, Mr. J.C. Lasater and Miss Sallie A. Stone.
It is said that Mr. A.V. Dockery will begin the publication of a republican newspaper in Carthage about the first of February and that Mr. Goodridge will begin the publication of a paper in Jonesboro about the same time.
A delegation of Democrats, named by Chairman Battle has gone to Washington City to give what aid they can in having the Internal Revenue law abolished. Mr. T.B. Womack was named as one of the committee but other engagements prevented his going.
All person indebted to W. H. Leonard for Christmas and wedding presents ....earnestly requested to come forward and pay up,....
Luther Houston, son of Col. J.A. Houston of Mt. Vernon Springs, happened to a very painful accident during Christmas week. While out hunting his gun was accidentally discharged while his right hand was on the muzzle. The load lacerated his fore finger so badly that it had to be amputated.
Chatham County Alliance, has been organized with the following officer: President J.W. Atwater; Vice President T.J. Roe; Secretary, Richard Moore; Treasurer A.T. Lambeth; Lecturer, A.W. Wicker; Asst. Lecturer M.S. Stephens.....
Copy from THE DAY- Waco, Texas, Jan. 6, 1888.
Mr. W. H. Thompson and Miss Flora B. Parker, both of this city, were married at 8 o'clock last evening. Rev. Dr. S.A. King, of the Austin street Presbyterian church officiating. The ceremony took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Toby, Jr. on N. Fifth street and was witnessed by a small company of friends and invited guests... Mr. Thomson is a son of Mr. George Thompson of Chatham...

Vol. V, No. 6
Thursday, January 26, 1888

Of the thirty eight widows of Revolutionary soldiers drawing pensions from the Government, two are residents of Ohio, two of Indiana, two of Illinois, two of Kentucky, and two of Michigan, Tennessee claims no less than eight, while North Carolina has five, Vermont three and Georgia three. The other old ladies are scattered about in Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. The two oldest are ninety-five years of age and the youngest sixty- nine. the average being eighty-five.
Of course the husbands of these women must have been middle-aged or quite old men with young wives. These youngest woman of the list is Nancy A. Green, of Versailles, Ind. and the two oldest are Susan Curtis, of Topsham ME, and Nancy Rains, of Carter's Furnace, Tenn.
A Good Farm for Sale:

I will sell on the best of terms my farm, five miles east of Siler city, on the Pittsboro and Ashboro road, containing 60 acres in cultivation, all of which is fresh, and about 50 acres in woods. The building are all good. A Bargain is to be had. For full particulars address- B.W. Webster, Kimbolton, NC.

James Hanks, a boy bound to me according to law in 1873, aged 16 years and Lee Marloy, aged 18, bound to me in 1870, have both run off and are no longer under my control.
This notice will inform the public that I am not to be hold responsible for any debts they may contract, or for any misconduct of which, they may be guilty. -  Elias Alston
Local News:

G. W. Richardson is the Agent for the Charlotte Messenger. Those wishing to subscribe should apply to him.
Mr. Joseph F. Womble, of Moncure, has made an assignment for the benefit of his creditors. Mr. H.A. London is the assignee.

It is now said that the Republican candidate for Governor will be one of four men. W.P. Bynum, O.H. Dockery, D.L. Russel or Charles Price.
Our venerable townsman, Mr. James Moore, slipped and fell on the ice a few days ago., but we are glad to know that he was not seriously injured.
Married- Corsey__Lawhorn. At the residence of Mrs Betsy Lawhorn, the bride's mother, Jan'y 22, 1888, Mr. A.L. Corsey was married to Miss Mary Lawhorn by J.M. Stinson, J.P.
Rev. R.T. Gray, formerly of our town, but now of Fayetteville, has been ordained a minister of the Baptist church. He has many friends in Chatham who wish him great success in his holy calling.
J.T. Corlew has been principal of the Graded School at Charlotte. He has been passing himself off as a single man and was quite a beau in the city. It has leaked out that he had a wife and two children in some part of the northwest. He has been turned out of his position as Principal...
We are grieved to learn of the death of Mrs. Mann, wife of Dr. E.D. Mann of this county. This sad event took place on last Friday, and her burial took place at Brown's Chapel and was attended by a very large crowd of sorrowing friends and relatives. Rev. W. H. Thompson conducted the funeral exercises. Mrs Mann was the daughter of the late Robert Love, so well and favorably known all over the county... The loss to her devoted husband and eight children, one of whom is only two weeks old, is irreparable...
From the - Richmond Advocate
Mrs. Elizabeth Walters Langhorn, relict of the lamented and honored Rev. George W. Langhorn, late of the Virginia annual conference, died October 24, 1887, at the residence of her son, in San Francisco, Cal. Mrs Langhorn was the daughter of Alexander D. and Rebecca Moore, and was born in New Hanover Co., N.C., Nov., 15, 1812. She was the grand daughter of General James Moore, and was related to many of the wealthy and aristocratic families of the carolinas. She could claim lofty lineage, one of his ancestors having been Governor of North Carolina... On the 29th of January, 1835 at "Belmont", Chatham Co. N.C., she was united in marriage with the Rev. George W. Langhorne....
The Danville Register
The Danville Register learns that James W. Reid, late of Rockingham county, NC and a brother of F.L. Reid, of Raleigh, has settled at Wardner, Idaho Territory. Mr. P.H. Winston, ex-registrar of the land office of Idaho, and formerly of Winston, N.C., now a resident of Lewiston, Idaho, and Mr. Reid have formed a law firm to practice in the courts of that territory...
Greensboro Patriot
Mr. Thos. Marion, a tobacco farmer, was burned to death last week in Surry Co., He was in a tobacco barn drying lumber, which fell upon him and pinned him to the floor...He wife, in trying to save him was very badly burned.
News & Observer
Oxford, N.C., Jan. 19 - Nathaniel Cannady and Caesar Allen, both well to-do citizens of this county, had a difficulty last week which resulted in the death of the latter. It seems that they quarrelled, several shots were fired by both parties...
On the headwaters of the Toe river, in Yancey county, about 12 mi. from here a few days since, Wm.M. Stepp, while hunting cows in company with John Stepp, was caught in a steel trap that had been set in the brush to catch bears. But for the trash on the trap his legs would have been cut off..
Mr. J.C.L. Harris returned yesterday from Wilson, where he went to attend a joint meeting of the two executive committees of the republican factions in the second district... the majority seemed to favor Charles Price, Esq. of Salisbury, for Governor and there seemed to be a strong preference for C.A. Cook, Esq. of Warrenton, for Congress.

Vol. V, No. 7
Thursday, February 2, 1888

Public Sales and Executors Notices:

Having qualified as administrator of the estate of Mary Temple, dec'd all persons holding claims against said estate are requested to present the same for payment...on or before Jan. 19, 1889...W.M Thomas, Adm'r of Mary Temple.

North Carolina, Chatham Co. Inferior Court
C.H. Pattishall and others vs Rhodes Pattishall and others.
This is a special proceeding for partition and Rhodes Pattishall a non- resident defender will take notice that if he fail to appear at the office of the Superior Court of Chatham Co on or before Feb. 24, 1888 and answer the complaint the relief....S.M. Holt, C.S.C., T.B. Womack, Atty.
North Carolina's most faithful and devoted son, Zebulon Bayard Vance has introduced a bill in Congress to secure the refunding by the government of the cotton tax... Senator Vance's bill proposes to return the money to each State....
Local News:

Mrs. Rencher having spent some weeks with her friends in this town has returned to her daughter in chapel Hill.
Married, at the residence of William Self, by W.N. Straughan, J.P. on the 29th inst., Mr. J.W. Webster to Miss Sallie I Self.
Mr. Scarborough, late Superintendent of Public instruction for the State. has taken the Presidency of Thomasville Female College. Mr. Stallings, the late President will devote himself entirely to the work of the ministry.
The venerable James Griffin is in very feeble health. The machinery of his system which has been running for 85 years is about worn out. He goes down to the valley with the sincere respect of all who know him.
Rev. G.B. Perry, a native of our county and a faithful young minister of the N.C. Conference, gave us a pleasant call...He is among his friends and relatives in Chatham for a few days.
Capt. W.B.Kendrick, the efficient Agent of the University publishing company, was in town last week. He is a man of intelligence and attainments, weighs 250 pounds and every pound is full of push. No wonder he is the best book agent in the South.
"Hailborn", know widely as the hospitable home of the late Thomas Hill, and then of the late George R. Griffith, was sold on last Saturday at a cash trade under the hammer for $1,415. Capt. W.L. London and Mr. A. J. Bynum becoming purchasers. It contains about 400 acres.
The Union Meeting at Hickory Mountain Baptist Church began on last Friday and closed on Sunday. The Rev. A.H. Perry preached the introductory sermon and the Meeting was further organized by the election of Mr. J.D. Dorsett as Moderator, and S.P. Teague, as Clerk... On Sunday there was a Sunday School mass meeting and preaching...by Rev. O. or D.? T. Edwards...
In H.F. Richardson's school at Mann's Chapel, Dist. 85, for the months of Dec. and Jan. Masters Charlie A. Snipes and Floyd H. Norwood of class No. 1 and Martin M. Smith, Arthur Brewer and Misses Flossie Norwood and Blanche Cole received the highest grade. For superior excellence in all studies Charlie A. Snipes deserves special mention.
William Holden McDonald, son of Col. John A. McDonald, graduated at the University last June. It is sad to know that his mind has lost it's balance and that he is now in the asylum. It is thought that over-work brought about this nervous prostration that unhinged his intellect. We sincerely trust that he may be speedily restored to health....
The Fifty-third anniversary exercises of the two Literary societies of Wake Forest college will be held in Memorial Hall Feb. 17th....We are indebted to our young friends T.S. Andrews and H.B. Lineberry for invitation cards....
A Pleasant Marriage:
At 6 o'clock on the evening of the 19th a limited number of friends and relatives gathered at the residence of Mr. Jas. Campbell at "Belmont" near this place, to witness the marriage of his sister, Miss Robena Campbell to Mr. John McRae, of this. Precisely at 7:15 the attendants entered the parlor in the following order: Mr. R.I. Hayes (the grooms best man) with Miss Rosa Campbell, Mr. Bud Campbell with Miss Tena McIntosh, then followed the bride and groom... The beautiful and impressive services of the Presbyterian Church was then performed by Rev. W. S. Lacy of Jonesboro... Rev. Mr. Thom of Ore Hill invoked the blessings...
Obituary Notices:

James Wiley Scott died at his home in Bear Creek township, Jan. 20th, 1888 aged thirty eight years and thirteen days. He leaves a wife, six children, a mother, eight brothers and sister and many other relatives...His sickness was of short duration,...

Miss Dora L. Miller, daughter of our highly esteemed countryman, Mr. Z.G. Miller, departed this life on Monday morning Jan. 16th after a long and painful illness. She was in the bloom of her youth, being only twenty-two years of age...She professed religion in early youth and joined the German Reformed church...
she bid her friends and relations good bye, and asked her family to care for her darling little sister Ada.

VOL V, No. 8
Thursday, February 9, 1888

Death of Dr. Wheat:
We are grieved to hear of the death of our old friend and professor, Rev. J.T. Wheat, D.D. He was a native of of Virginia and was born in 1801, and was in his 87th year. In 1849 he was elected to the chair of logic and rhetoric in the Univ. of N.C. to succeed the late Bishop Green of Mississippi...The old students of the Univerity will recollect the cordial and elegant greetings they used to receive at  Dr. Wheat's residence. They will recall with pleasure the beautiful, accomplished and fascinating daughter- afterwards the wife of Hon. Francis E. Shober...
Prof. W. I. Bingham, son of the late Col. Wm. Bingham, is dead. He was a young man of very decided ability and culture and was for a time Professor in Davidson college.
Local News:

Miss Sally Merritt is visiting the family of her uncle (my note: she may be, the niece of the editor of this paper, A.H. Merritt), near our town. Her many friends will be pleased to see her looking so bright and well.
Died, in Dallas Texas, on Jan. 26th, 1888, Mrs. Catherine Haughton, wife of Edward Haughton and daughter of the late Brooks Harris, in the 58th year of her age.
The many friends of Dr. J.A. Hanks will be sorry to hear that his health has not imporved and that he is quite feeble. Miss Ella Henly continues quite ill.
S. D. H. Durrin died at the Poor House of our county on the 27th of December, last. He had been in this county for about two years. He was very reticent, and where he came from on one knows. He left a letter on his person wirtten to his sister, but no post office address is given, except the place where he then was - Rocky Mt., N.C.  He mentioned in his letter a great many places he had been to, since he parted with his sister, Cairo, then to Cape Giradau, across the mountains to the Cherokee Nation, Fayetteville, Ark., St. Louis, cincinnati, Parkersbur PA, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Washington City, Richmond, Petersburg... The letter was written in 1884. he reached the Poor House only a few days before his death; He died of mitral regurgitation. (heart valve problems)

At the residence of Mr. F. Womble's Feb. 1st, 1888, by Rev. G.P Moore, Mr. T.A. Bland and Miss Savanna Womble.

On Dec., 22nd, 1887, at the residence of the bride's father, A.G. Thompson, in Chatham county, by Rev. W. H. Thompson, Mr. J.T.W. Tapp, of Orange county, to Miss Mary B. Thompson.

By the same, on Dec. 28th, at thre residence of the bride's father, William Bradshaw, in Orange county, Mr. T.K. Jones, of Person, to Miss Sue Bradshaw.

By the same, on Dec. 29th, at the residence of the bride's father, Samuel Thompson, of Chatham county, J.A. Marshall to Miss R.I. Thompson.

By the same, on Jan. 17th, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. W.C. Mann, of Chatham, Mr. M.F. Overman, to Miss Lona E. Mann.

The following orders were made and accounts allowed by the commissioners at their meeting this week:

Affie Thompson tax rem't
Thomas Cotton, for his father & mother each per month.
Graham Pearson remitted
C.B. Temple
J.E. Pipkin coffin, Wm. Brown
B.H. Wilson, remitted
J.M. Farrar,  (ditto)
W.P. Hadley, flour
W.B. Gilmore, shingles
Gus Burnett, hogs
S.B. Gilmore, corn
G.W. Womack bridge
Emeline Jones remitted
A.A. Harrington (ditto)
N. J. Riggsbee (ditto)
J.T. Brooks (ditto)
J.A. Knight, insolvent fees
J.T. Brooks insolvent fees
James Riddle, remitted
D. Harrington, (ditto)
Henry Cole,  (ditto)
J.P. Sauls (ditto)
W.A. Avent, keeping ferry, in part
S.M. Holt, blanks
J.J. Johnson, guarding and feeding prisoner
Dr. L.A. Hanks, supt. health
Thomas Cross, Jail fees
J.J. Crutchfield, ins. fees
W.L. London, suplies
W.H. Leonard, supplies
O.S. Poe, supples
A.H. Merritt public noticies
Thos. Crow board for tinner
W.S. Webster, coffin for Delia Riddle
John Phillips for Peggy Beal, per mo.
John Gray, remitted
A.H. Yow, (ditto)
J.A. Pugh, lumber & repairing bridge
Wiley Council remitted
H.J. Harward (ditto)
G.W. Upchurch (ditto)
W.H. Hatch com'r and mil.
C.R. Scott  (ditto)
J.A. Pugh (ditto)
Ed. Phillips prisoner to jail
J. Barringer for Mrs. Holder, per mo.
A.T. Lambeth, agt remitted
A.J. Pendergrass allowed to retail whiskey at one place in Baldwins' township
Cancelled for Sheriff Brewer
In the matter of the taxes against L.B. & C.W. Bynum, it is ordered that the clerk of this board issue no order in the matter and that he notify Messrs. Bynum that the case will be opened for a re-hearing on Tuesday after the 1st Monday in March.