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SE portion of Lincoln/Burke County Land Grants

  At the top right corner of the image, go due west to Henry Miller, then go South to Adam Cook whose first land grant was on Lyles Creek near the Catawba River and just north of current I-40. Simon Jonas is on the West. Isaac Lawrence is on the South. Frederick Shook is on the East. Andrew Shook is on the North. Conover is at the intersection of US-70 and US (business)-321 in the grant of Gilbreath Falls. Newton is just south of there in the grants of Adam Bolick, Albert Corpening, Jacob Deal, Frederick Gaff, Conrad Mingus and William Deal. The land grant of Sebastian Cline is due west of Newton. St. Paul's Lutheran Church is just west of Newton on the head waters of    Clarks Creek. The grant is Bostian Cline which has Sebastian Cline on the west and Henry Propst on the north. St. John's Lutheran Church is where the main road north from Conover towards Oxford Dam (Lake Hickory) crosses Lyles Creek. The church land was bought from Henry Pope (Heinrich Papst). The land grant is the Henry Pope grant which is surrounded by William Whitingbert, Melchor Hefner, Jacob Bolick, Robert King and Frederick Shull.

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