Brunswick County NC Genweb

Civil War Roster of 36th Regiment NC Co K: Brunswick Artillery
From National Archives in Laguna Niguel, California
Contributed by Jarvis Long
March 2004
Brunswick County, North Carolina

36th Regiment NC (2nd Artillery Regiment)
Co K Roster: Brunswick Artillery

Alden, J Private
Allmore, S Private
Andrews, James Private
Anten, J Private
Beck, John C Private
Beck, Samuel Private
Bellamy, John C Private
Bennett, Aaron B Private
Bennett, Alfred Private
Bennett, Benjamin Sergeant
Bennett, Daniel K 2nd Lieutenant
Bennett, Hoxea Private
Bennett, Noah B Private
Bennett, Robert M Private
Bennett, Samuel Private
Benton, Thomas Private
Bland, Christopher C Private
Bordeaux, John R Private
Bourdeaux, John R Private
Bozeman, Alexander G Private
Bozeman, Charles Private
Branton, Alva Private
Brooks, William F 2nd Lieutenant
Burnett, B Private
Carroll, J C Private
Carroll, N Private
Carroll, Needham W Private
Carroll, Uriah Private
Carroll, W R Private
Charlotte, John Private
Clements, C L Private
Clements, Charles S Private
Clewis, McPherson Private
Clewis, Samuel W Private
Clewis, William J Musician
Coleman, Moses E Private
Coleman, William H. Private
Coleman, M.C. Private
Core, J Private
Cowan, H F Private
Crandal, John F Private
Crouch, U L Private
Cumbee, Benjamin W Corporal
Drew, Benjamin Private
Drew, William W Private
Dunham, John A Private
Durant, Henry M Private
Edwards, Edwin Private
Eichorn, John E Private
Etchen, J E Private
Evans, Archibald Private
Flowers, Alfred C Private Made Corporal
Frink, Samuel B Private
Gaines, J S Private
Gainey, John Private
Ganers, J S Private
Ganey, John Private
Ganis, J S Private
Ganns, Simeon Private
Ganus, Simeon Private
Garvey, Obediah Private
Gear, George Private
Gore, B Calhoun Private
Gore, Calhoun B Private
Gore, Christopher C. Private
Gore, Cortenus Private
Gore, D L Private
Gore, J D Private
Gore, James Private
Gore, Joshua Private, (Brother-in-Law to Joseph Long)
Gowan, Henry F Private
Hart, Christopher C Private
Hewett, B Thomas Private
Hewett, Benjamin E Private Made Sergeant
Hewett, Henry M Private
Hewett, Hosea H Private
Hewett, James Private
Hewett, Simeon Private
Hewett, William Private
Hewitt, James Private
Hewitt, N M Private
Hewitt, Thomas B Private
Hewitt, Thomas R Private
Hickman, Elkemah Private
Hickman, Henry Private
Hickman, Thomas Private
Hill, Ezekiel M Private
Hill, John O Private
Hodges, J H Private
Honett, S R Private
Hudson, Ithamore Private
Hughes, S Private
Janarett, Israel Private
Jenerett, Isaac Private
Jones, Daniel Private
Keen, Joseph Jr Private
Knox, George E 1st Lieutenant
Lancaster, L L Private
Landcaster, L L Private
Leonard, Benjamin W Private
Leonard, C C Private
Lewis, Charles E Private
Lewis, Jacob Private
Lewis, T N Private
Lewis, Thomas N Private
Little, Bennett Private
Long, G C Private
Long, J M Private Made Corporal
Long, J M C Private
Long, J R Private
Long, J W Private
Long, James N Private Made Corporal
Long, John Private
Long, Joseph Private, (enlisted 2/19/1862 Brunswick County)
Long, Joseph N Private Made Corporal
Long, M C Private
Long, Nathaniel N Private Made Corporal
Long, S Q Private
Long, William C. Private
Ludlum, Benjamin Private
Ludlum, John Private
Mack, L Private
McDuffie, Daniel R Private
McEarthen, D B Private
McGowan, Henry F Private
McGowan, Henry M Private
McKeithan, Alex K Private
McKeithan, Daniel B Private
McKeithan, Dugald Private
McLain, John K. Private
McLane, L G Private
Millican, Moses Private
Milliken, Benjamin Private
Milliken, Eli Private
Milliken, Hezekiah Private
Milliken, John W Private
Milliken, Larenzo F Private
Milliken, Moses Private
Milliken, Nathan Private
Milliken, Pickney C Private
Milliken, Robert R Private Made 1st Sergeant
Milliken, Samuel Private
Milliken, Seth J G Private
Mooney, John G Private
Moore, W H Private
Moore, W M Private
Moore, William A Private
Nance, Daniel Private
Norris, John Private
Norris, William Private
Patterson, Thomas H Private
Pigott, Elijah H Private
Pigott, James F Private
Porter, John M Private
Potter, F H Private
Potter, John M Private
Potts, John M Private
Pouns, John E Private Made Sergeant
Rackley, D G Musician
Rackley, James E Private
Rackley, William G. Musician
Raymond, Ebenezer Private
Raymond, William H Private
Register, Nathan Private
Robinson, John H Private
Russ, John A Private
Russ, Samuel Private
Shaw, M Private
Simmons, Benjamin M Private
Simmons, BUNYAN B Private
Simmons, Daniel Private
Simmons, Henry L Private
Simmons, Joseph Private
Simmons, Robert T Private
Singleton, William J Private
Skipper, James Private
Skipper, Wesley Private
Smith, Azer J Private
Smith, Collin W Private
Smith, Valentine Private
Smith, William M Private
Somerset, J Calvin Private
Somerset, M K Private
Sommersett, Marvin K Private Made Corporal
Stanaland, Samuel J Corporal Made Sergeant
Stanlan, Samuel A Private
Stanland, James H Private
Stanland, Samuel A Private
Stanley, James H Private
Stanley, John M Private
Stanley, Samuel J Corporal Made Sergeant
Stanton, James H Private
Steward, W M Private
Stricklin, John Private
Suggs, William P Private
Taylor, John Private
Taylor, John D Captain
Tharp, Idomeius Private
Thomas, John D Private
Tripp, Curtis Private
Ward, Arren Private
Wescott, J S Private Made 1st Lieutenant
Wescott, Jeremiah Private
Wescott, John T Private Made 1st Lieutenant
Wescott, W L Private
Westbrook, Julius Private
Westcott, J L Private Made 1st Lieutenant
Westcott, J T Private Made 1st Lieutenant
Westcott, W S Private
Williams, T W Private
Williams, Thomas W Private

***Christopher Columbus Bland given the Confederate Medal of Honor as a result of his bravery in battle at Ft Fisher NC. He went up the flag pole and pinned the flag back up which had been damaged by the Union Forces.