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Roster of Civil War 30th Regiment Co C (Brunswick Double Quicks)
From National Archives in Washington DC

Contributed by James R Danford Jr
March 2004
Brunswick County, North Carolina

30th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Camp Mangum, near Raleigh, North Carolina, in October 1861. The men were raised in the following counties: Sampson, Warren, Brunswick, Wake, Nash, Granville, Duplin, Edgecombe, Moore, and Mecklenburg. It served in the Department of North Carolina, then was assigned to General G.B. Anderson's, Ramseur's, and Cox's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The 30th saw action from Seven Pines to Cold Harbor, marched with Early to the Shenandoah Valley, and was involved in the Appomattox operations. The unit reported 30 killed and 137 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, lost thirty-six percent of the 250 in the Maryland Campaign, and had 9 wounded at Fredericksburg. It sustained 125 casualties at Chancellorsville, lost sixteen percent of the 278 engaged at Gettysburg, and had 3 killed and 42 wounded on the Rappahannock River. On April 9, 1865, it surrendered 6 officers and 147 men. The field officers were Colonel Francis M. Parker; Lieutenant Colonels Walter Draughan, James T. Kell, and William W. Sillers; and Major James C. Holmes.


Charles W. Allen PVT PVT
David C. Allen 1 Lieutenant Captain
John J. Armfield PVT PVT
J. W. Ballentine PVT PVT
G. N. Ballenton PVT PVT
J. N. Ballenton PVT PVT
John Bell PVT PVT
Daniel K. Bennett PVT PVT
Solomon W.
Bennett PVT 1 Lieutenant
Thomas A. Benton PVT PVT
B. E. Bicknal PVT PVT
W. Blackwelder PVT PVT
Ottoway J. Burns PVT Corporal
Benjamin L. Butler Ensign Sergeant
John C. Butler PVT PVT
John Byrd PVT PVT
Lorenzo Dow Cain 3 Lieutenant Jr. 2 Lieut.
Michael H. Chimis PVT PVT
Edward Cliff PVT PVT
John Cliff PVT PVT
Etheldred Coleman PVT PVT
George W. Coleman PVT PVT
James Coleman PVT PVT
John C. Coleman PVT PVT
Wesley Corbett PVT PVT
Jacob B. Cosnor PVT PVT
J.B. Cotner PVT PVT
W. Cress PVT PVT
Wiley Criss PVT PVT
Jacob B. Custar PVT PVT
Benjamin Dail PVT PVT
Abram Danford PVT PVT
John W. Danford PVT PVT
Madison Daniel PVT PVT
George L. Dautry Sergeant 2 Lieutenant
David C. Dew Corporal PVT
Andrew J. Dickens PVT PVT
W.M. Dieden PVT PVT
J.W. Dirden PVT PVT
J.M. Dirdin PVT PVT
James H. Dosher Sergeant Sergeant
John L. Drew PVT PVT
John T. Drew PVT PVT
William H. Edwards Sergeant Sergeant
W.W. Eller PVT PVT
John Eusley PVT PVT
Jacob Everhart PVT PVT
J. N. File PVT PVT
James W. Flinn PVT PVT
Ransom Gallemore PVT PVT
John Gore PVT PVT
Joseph Green Captain Captain
William B. Green PVT PVT
Ephraim J. Greer PVT 1 Lieutenant
Lewis T. Greer PVT Corporal
George W. Harris PVT PVT
Obediah Hart PVT PVT
James M. Harvell PVT PVT
John V. Harvell PVT PVT
J. M. Hassey PVT PVT
Haworth PVT PVT
Richard Haywood PVT PVT
R. S. Hendron PVT PVT
Sol. R. Hendron PVT PVT
J. M. Hessey PVT PVT
Lorenzo Hewett PVT PVT
Samuel M. Hewett PVT PVT
Uriah Hewett PVT PVT
Benjamin Hickman PVT PVT
Robert Hickman PVT PVT
George W. Howard PVT Sergeant
John J. Howard PVT PVT
Joseph Hughes PVT PVT
James Inscore PVT PVT
Levi Jarvis PVT PVT
Wiley Jarvis PVT PVT
Joseph S. Jenkins PVT PVT
A.L. Johnson PVT PVT
A.M. Johnson PVT PVT
Calvin Johnson PVT PVT
John Johnson PVT PVT
Marion Johnson PVT PVT
D.L. Kimbal PVT PVT
Daniel A. Kimel PVT PVT
Tobias Klutts PVT PVT
Ithamer Lamb PVT PVT
William Lambeth PVT PVT
Robert S. Larkins PVT PVT
J.S. Lawrence PVT PVT
Samuel B. Leonard PVT Corporal
James R. Lunsford PVT PVT
Joel Lunsford PVT PVT
William A. Maltsby PVT PVT
J. R. Manney PVT PVT
William D. Marshall PVT Corporal
William A. Maultsby PVT PVT
Paul S. McAll PVT PVT
John W. McCall PVT PVT
Paul S. McCall PVT PVT
J.W. McDowell PVT PVT
William J. McDowell PVT PVT
Jesse McMichael PVT PVT
Alexander Miller PVT PVT
H.C. Miller PVT PVT
John L. Miller PVT PVT
Isaac Milliken PVT Sergeant
Jesse O. Mints PVT PVT
D. J. Monroe PVT PVT
Robert Moore PVT PVT
Theo Moore PVT PVT
Thomas Moore PVT PVT
John Mote PVT PVT
David Oakley PVT PVT
Benjamin Parker PVT PVT
George Parker PVT PVT
J. C. Parker PVT PVT
J. J. Patterson PVT PVT
Elijah Pendergrass PVT PVT
J. R. Pendergrass PVT PVT
William M.
Pendergrass PVT PVT
Moses Peninger PVT PVT
Benjamin F. Penny Drummer Drummer
Moses Peringer ? ?
McGilbert Pilgreen PVT PVT
William H. H.
Pilgreen PVT PVT
McGilbert Pilgrim PVT PVT
W. H. Pilgrim PVT PVT
Thomas Pool PVT PVT
Henry G. Potter PVT PVT
William M. Potter PVT PVT
Alexander S.
Pridgeon PVT PVT
William Readling PVT PVT
Archibald Roach PVT PVT
Roberson Pvt Corpl.
John Robins Pvt Pvt
Jonathan Robins Pvt Pvt
Edward A. Ruark Pvt 2 Lieutenant
Stewart Russ Pvt. Sgt.
Raymond G.
Sellers Pvt. Pvt
Samuel H. Sellers Pvt Pvt
John L. Sharp Pvt ?
W.N. Sharp Pvt Pvt
W.W. Sheffel Pvt Pvt
Jacob Shew Pvt Pvt
Joel Shew Pvt Pvt
Daniel F. Simmons Pvt Pvt
James A. Simmons Pvt Pvt
John B. Simmons Pvt Pvt
John C. Simmons Pvt Pvt
Lewis Simmons Pvt Pvt
Wesley W. Skipper Pvt Pvt
Benjamin Smith Corporal Corporal
Reuben Smith Pvt Pvt
Hugh Sprinkle Pvt Pvt
Benjamin L. Staley Pvt Pvt
Enoch Staley Pvt Pvt
Benjamin F. Stalvey Pvt Pvt
Enoch Staly Pvt Pvt
Edward W. Stanley Pvt Pvt
Peter Stanley Pvt Pvt
Samuel V. Stanley Pvt Pvt
Stuart Stanley Pvt Pvt
William F. Stanley Pvt Pvt
Edward W. Stanly Pvt Pvt
Benjamin F. Swain Sergeant Corporal
George T. Swain Corporal Pvt
John R. Swain Ordnance Sergeant Second Lieutenant
John L. Tharp Pvt Pvt
Samuel P. Tharp 2 Lieutenant 2 Lieutenant
William H. Tharp Pvt Pvt
A. Thompson Pvt Pvt
J.P. Vancannon Pvt Pvt
William T. Vines Pvt Pvt
William A. Wanett Pvt Pvt
John . W.
Wescole Corporal Sergeant
Henry A. Wescott Fifer Sergeant
Samuel W. Wescott Pvt Pvt
William H. Wescott Pvt 1 Sergeant
? Westbrook Lieutenant Lieutenant
G. W. Westcole Corporal Sergeant
Eli M. White Pvt Pvt
James B. Williams Pvt Pvt
Joseph Williams Pvt Pvt
John Williamson Pvt Pvt