Brunswick County NC Genweb

Morse Cemetery
Contributed by Cindy Hardy Sellers
January 2008
Brunswick County, North Carolina

Old Morse Cemetery 1855
W West Street
Southport NC
(Behind the Apostolic Church)

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thanks to Cindy Hardy Sellers for the photographs

Sam'l B Davis
Died July 3rd 1871
Aged 62 Years
In Memory Of
William Davis
Born May 19th 1835
Died Nov 15th 1861
In Memory Of
Francenea Davis
Wife of C E Lea
Born July 6th 1830
Died Sep 9th 1855
(dates now faded but appear to be the same as in 1983 cemetery book)
Charles E Lea
CSS Issabel
1826 - 1864
*(New VA Marker)
Sarah Bernard
1759 - 1814
Wife of Capt John Conyers
*(New VA Marker)
John Conyers
NC Continental Line
Rev War
1750 - 1812
*(New VA Marker)
**Capt J W Galloway, CSA
(no other notation; read ** notes below)

William R Dosher
Died Oct 21, 1878
aged 59 Yrs, 9 Mos & 8 Days
(Headstone broken from base, leaning on tree)
Martha A
Wife of William R Dosher
Died Oct 11, 1908
aged 74 Yrs, 10 Mos, 20 Days
**(Headstone and footstone broken off and gone; the base is still there)
Wm Crapon Price
1846 - 1932
Capt in Confederate Navy when 18 years old
Caroline F Price
1849 - 1927
Mother; Our Best Friend
Son of Wm C and Caroline F Price
Died Jan 19, 1872
aged 2 Years 3 Months
George C Price
1875 - 1875
Carrie V Price
1878 - 1879
**(space next to George C, stone not visible)

Martha E Aspinwall
May 22, 1877
Sept 7, 1963

Wife of Jacob Price
Died Feb 8, 1914
Age 89 Years
To the Memory Of
Jacob A S Price
Born April 5th 1825
Died Sep 11th 1869
Aged 44 Yrs & 5 Mos
Lester Davis
Apr 5, 1889
May 16, 1946
Son of Fannie & Dunbar Davis
Born Jan 20th 1869
Died Dec 8th 1871
Aged 2 Yrs 10 Mos 18 Ds
Daughter of Dunbar and Fannie Davis
Age 14 Months
Little Jack
Son of Dunbar and Fannie Davis
Age 14 Months
Dunbar Davis
Born June 30, 1843
Died March 30, 1923
Frances Price Davis
Oct 23, 1850
June 25, 1949
***Sacred To the Memory Of
George Davis
Son of Sally Davis
Died Nov 27, 1849
Aged 14 Years
Winifred Bell Aldridge
May 19, 1849
Sept 17, 1901
(This last grave is outside of the fence and off by itself in a far corner of the cemetery.)

* These graves were not marked and listed in the 1983 cemetery book.

** These graves were listed in the 1983 cemetery book, but they are no longer visible as of this compilation, December 18, 2007.

** The J W Galloway buried here is John Wesley Galloway, Jr; Son of Capt J W Galloway who founded Galloway's Coast Guard and died 1864 in Hamilton, Bermuda. This excerpt is from Bill Reaves' Southport (Smithville) a Chronology Vol II:
"1910 - (September 11) - Capt. John W Galloway died at his home in Southport. He was a Confederate veteran and had served in the Cumming Battery as a Lieutenant. Later he held various positions with the government. Interment in the Morse Cemetery, Wilmington."
(Of course Morse Cemetery is in Southport.) Thanks to Jim McKee of the Maritime Museum for pointing us to this reference.

*** This story copied from Dorcas "Dot" Schmidt's 1983 book "The Cemeteries of Southport." It is important that this story remains attached to this little headstone in hopes that someday his grave and his family can be found. Thank you, Dot, for taking such good care of this and so many other graves:
"This stone, 'Sacred To the Memory of George Davis,' had been on the Quattlebaum property, since being brought there in the building which once housed the Southport Police Department. The building was purchased by Bobby Quattlebaum and moved from its original site to its present location. Ironically, we found this stone while inquiring about another cemetery close by. How the stone found its way to the police station remains a mystery. Because we are unable to locate the grave, we chose to put the stone in the Morse Cemetery with others by the same family name, with hopes that the Davis Family won't mind."