William Murray Guyton Sr. and wife Allie

William Murray Guyton Sr. was born 2 September, 1881 in Bladen County, NC. He was the son of
William Henry Murray Guyton. William Murray Guyton's first wife was named Allie. Upon the arrival of their first child, Allie and the child died. William later married Mortie Bell Brisson from Bladenboro.  Mortie was only 13 years old at the time.

William Murray Guyton and wife Mortie Bell Brisson
taken during the "post war years" when they lived on Jackson St. in Franklin, Virginia

Mortie Bell Brisson was born 24 February, 1892, the daughter of Isham Henry Brisson and Mary C.
Mortie married William Murray Guyton in 1905.
Mortie often mentioned that she went from a short dress to a long dress when she got married.

William Murray Guyton moved from Bladen County in the 1920s to the Suffolk,Virginia and Franklin, Virginia area. He worked as a carpenter in his younger days and was later a superentendant for Union Camp Paper Co. Marine repairs in Franklin, Virginia. He died after a long bout with cancer on 15 May, 1959, at age 77, in Frankin, Virginia.

Mortie Belle Brisson Guyton died 5 June, 1966 at the age of 74. Mortie and William are both buried in Poplar Springs Cemetery, Franklin, Virginia.

Contributed by Jim C. and Marla J. Hunnings.
Jim C. Hunnings died on 22 September, 1999.

Linda Fields of Bladenboro sent me additional information on these photos.
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