John Quincy Britt & Estelle Sykes Britt

John Quincy Britt was born 5 January, 1860, probably in Robeson County.  He was the son of Eliza Britt, born about 1829.  His father remains unknown at this time.  His grandparents were Thomas Britt & Harriet Lewis Britt of Robeson County, NC.

John married Estelle Sykes Shaw, daughter of John Wesley Sykes and Susan Elizabeth Tatum Sykes, on 23 July, 1896.  Estelle had been married previously to John Wesley Shaw (1865-1893).  Estelle was born 11 June, 1868 and died 2 May, 1953.

i. Roy Quincy Britt, born 25 March, 1897
ii. John Grady Britt, born 5 April, 1898
iii. Wilber Nash Britt, born 12 September, 1899
iv. Sam Barnard Britt, born 23 March, 1903
v. Cary Gradon Britt, born 8 September, 1905
iv. Roger Britt, born 29 June, 1907
iv. Wilton R. Britt, born 14 August, 1909

John Quincy Britt & Estelle Sykes Britt


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