Tillet Asbury Bordeaux & Susan "Sudie" J. Devane
with oldest son Benjamin Tillman Bordeaux

Tillet Asbury Bordeaux was born 22 June, 1879 in the White Oak region of Bladen County.  He was the son of
Marshall William Bordeaux and Ellen Ann Johnson, both of Turnbull Creek.  Tillet, as well as 3 of his brothers, Bishop Skidmore, Julius Joshua, and Edward Jurium, were named after Methodist ministers.  Tillet was apparently named after Rev. J. W. Tillet who served on the Bladen Circuit in 1879.  Tillet's mother, Ellen, was the daughter of Joshua Johnson, who was a Methodist minister in the Turnbull Creek area.  Tillet was only 9 years old when his father, Marshall, died from pneumonia.

Tillet and 2 of his brothers, Bishop and Julius, moved across the Cape Fear River and settled in between Dublin and Elizabethtown on what is now known as Owen Hill Road.  Tillet owned a large farm near the present day intersection of Owen Hill Road and Suggs-Taylor Road.

Tillet married first to Susan "Sudie" J. Devane, the daughter of Francis "Franklin" Davis Devane and Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Young of White Oak.  Sudie was born in April of 1883 according to the 1900 census.  Tillet and Sudie had 10 children, 5 of which lived to maturity.  5 were stillborn and never given names.  Sudie died in childbirth on 12 November, 1912, when her youngest son, Eugene Asbury Bordeaux, was born.  Since Tillet already had 4 children to care for, Eugene was taken in by Tillet's brother Bishop and Bishop's wife, Emma (a sister of Sudie).  Bishop and Emma eventually adopted Eugene and raised him as one of their own.

Tillet and 2 of his brothers, Bishop and Julius, all married Devane girls, sisters. Bishop married Emma Jane Devane, and Julius married Maggie Lee Devane.

Tillet married a second time to Lucy Lula Watson, the daughter of Joseph Sylvester Watson and Martha Ann Meshaw.  Lucy was born 1 September, 1894 and died 30 January, 1969.  Tillet and Lucy had 10 children all of which lived to maturity.

Tillet had palsy in his old age.  He died on 8 September, 1939.


Susan "Sudie" J. Devane Bordeaux & children

The back of cardboard photo of the children read "Mr. Tillet Bordeaux".  I assume the children shown are probably Ruby Vandalia Bordeaux (born 17 November, 1904) and Marshall Franklin Bordeaux (born 18 February, 1907).


Children Marshall Franklin Bordeaux, William Gallaway Bordeaux, Annie Ruth Bordeaux, & Tillet Craven Bordeaux

Tillet Asbury Bordeaux & Lucy Lula Watson

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