William Boyce Will

Perquimans Precinct

June 11, 1703 - Dec. 1, 1703

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. The Eleventh day of June, Seventeen hundred and three. I William Boyce, Merch't. of Pequimins, in the County of Albemarle, in the Proprietorshipp of North Carolina, being Sick and weake in body but of Sound and Perfect memory, (praise be given to God for the Same), and knowing the Uncertainty this life on earth, and being desireus to Settle things in order, doe make this, my last will & Testam't, in Manner and forme following, That is to Say: First and Principally I Commend my Soul to Almighty God my Creator, assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon and free remission of my Sins, and be Saved by the presious death and meritts of my blessed Saviour & Redeemer Christ Jesus; and my body to the earth from whece it was taken, to be buryed in such decent christian manner as to my Executrix hereafter named Shall be thought meet & convenient;

& As touching such worldly estate as the Lord in mercy hath lent me, my will & meaning is, the Same shall be Imployed and bestowed as hereafter by this my will is Expressed. And first I doe revoke, renounce, frustrate and make void all wills by me formerly made, and declare and appoint this, my last will & testam't. And first, I will that all those debts and dutyes as I owe, in right or Conscience, to any manner of Person or Persons whatsoever, shall be well and truely Contented and payd, within Convenient time after my decease, by my Executrix hereafter named.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Mother, Mary, of Yarmouth in the County of Norfolk, in England, the Summe of fifteen Pounds, Sterling, to be remitted to her by bills of Exchange.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Brother, Robert, of the towne and County Last Named, the Summe of Twenty Shillings, Sterling, to be payd & remitted as aforesd.

Item. I give and bequeath unto Mrs Juliana Lakers the Sume of five pounds currt. money of Carolina, to be payd in Convenient time after my decease.

Item. I give and bequeath unto Mr. Robert Bradley, of Prince Georges County, Maryland, the Summ of five pounds Currt. money of the Said place.

Item. my will & pleasure is y't my Executrix, hereafter Named, doe Send & buy or cause to be purchased, bought & delivered, Eight Gold Burial Rings, which shall cost four & twenty Shillings Each, which are to be given & Distributed in manner & forme following, (to witt), To Mrs. Juliana Lakers, my Executrix hereafter named; Coll. Wm. Wilkison; his wife; James Stodart in Prince Georges County in Maryland; his wife; Mr. John Cobb; & Peter Godfrey.

And Lastly, I give & bequeath unto Mrs. Joanna Taylor, all the rest & residue & remainder of all my Goods & Chattles, wheresoever or howsoever legally belonging or Due unto me, and Doe hereby make, Constitute & ordaine the Sd Joanna Tayler, my only & Sole Executrix of this my last will & testmt., to see the same performed according to the true intent & meaning thereof.

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seale, the day & year above written.
                                                                                                        Will Boyce

Sealed & Delivered in presence of:
David [x] Harris.
Eliz. [x] Stuart
J. Godfrey


NORTH CAROLINA - By the Hon'ble Deputy Govern'r
    Whereas good & lawfull proofs have been made, that the above written is the last Will & Testmt. of Mr. William Boyce Deced. A true Coppy whereof is hereunto annexed, & hath therein appointed & made Mrs Joanna Tayler Executrix of the Same.
    These are to Impower the Sd Joanna Tayler, in & upon all & Singular the Goods & Chattells Rights & Creditts of the Sd William Boyce, to Enter wheresoever in this Governm't to be found, and the Same into her possession to take, and a true Inventory thereof to return into the Secretaryes office within one year after the Date hereof, & the Same to Dispose of, as by the Sd Will is appointed.
    Given under my hand & Seale the First day of December, Anno Dm. 1703.
/s/ Robt. Daniell


Recorded in Will Book 1A, pages 26 & 19, Office of the Secretary of State


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