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Index to Names in Deeds

Submitted by Wanda J. Priddy


The below Names are linked to the copies of the original document 

NamesDeed dateDate RegisteredBookPageAcresPriceLocation in Wilkes Co
Clark, Reuben 1798 Nov 131799 FebD 50230038 pounds Briery Creek
Sale, James       
Turnbil, John       
Harvin, Joshua       
Hayes, Henry       
Reeve, Isaac       
Matthew, William       
Hull, Daniel 1799 Sep 41799 NovD 71915050 pounds Foot of Bushey Mtn
Thronberg, David       
Hull, Moses       
Barnett, ?Hilary       
McCoy, Patrick       
Turnbill, ?       
Wheatley, George       
Chambers, John       
Hull, Daniel 1799 Sep 41799 NovD 704400250 pounds 
Thronbert, David       
Alexander, Pritchet       
York, Henery       
Hull, Moses       
Wheatley, George       
Chambers, John       
NC, State of 1799 Dec 7 D756 50050 shillings 
Gray, James       
Bailey, Peggy 1812 Jul 151812 AugH 198150 $150.00 Brier Creek
Gray, James Jr       
Gray, William       
Curry, William       
Thronbergh, Jacob 1821 Apr 261823 NovL 4237 $300.00  
Thronbergh, Daniel       
Lenderman, Henry       
Shappert, ?       
Ray, ?       
Waugh, William P 1824 Dec 4   50 $50.00 Fishing Creek
Finley, John       
Mullis, John       
Chamber, John       
Jones, Larkin       
Stanly, Reuben       
Gray, James 1847 Mar 11847 FebQ 173500 $300.00 Brier Creek
Sale, Milly       
Johnson, Edna       
McBride, John       
Gray, Constant       
Sale, Milly 1847 May 81848 Apr 24Q 379500 $400.00 Brier Creek
Johnson, Edna       
Gray, Constant       
Sale, James       
Johnson, John       
Cook, Rich J       
Myers, Thomas       
Byrd, James       
Armstrong, James C 1860 Nov 1   500 $1.00 Brier Creek
Armstrong, Mary       
Johnson, James
Johnson, Mandy
Johnson, William
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Moses
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, David
Johnson, Margret
Johnson, Eli Jnr
Johnson, Miley
Glass, Henry Jnr
Glass, Elizabeth
Gray, Constant Snr
Johnson, D C
Johnson, T G
Foote, James H, Adm 1873 Apr 291874 Nov 16New B 469500 $425.80
Gray, Constant      
Jarvis, James M      
Dula, T J      
Johnson, Jas M W      
Foote, James H, Adm 1873 Jun 16   500 $425.80
Gray, ConstantCorrected Deed     
Jarvis, James M      
Constant Gray 1876 Mar 151886 Mar 254 478/930 $200.00
Gray, Mrs. T C      
Jarvis, Sarah      
Jarvis, James      
Curry, Widow      
Jarvis, James M 1896 Jun 281896 Oct 1725 2742 $10.00
Jarvis, M L      
Southers, Elizabeth      
Jarvis, Julia A      
Jarvis, John C      
Jarvis, J M 1904 Jul 201906 Jul 661 152362+/- 
Jarvis, L M      
Jarvis, J O      
Byrd heirs      
Gray heirs      
Jarvis, M L      
Jarvis, N T      
Jarvis, C F      
Mathes, J T      
Jarvis, J M 1904 Jul 201906 May 661 87101+/- $25.00
Jarvis, Julia A      
Jarvis, N T      
Mathes, J T      
Mathes, N A      
Mathes, Elisha      
Jarvis, J O 1907 May 181907 Aug 566 30362+/- $1.00
Jarvis, Mattie      
Jarvis, L M      
Byrd heirs      
Gray heirs      
Jarvis, M L      
Jarvis, N T      
Jarvis, C F      
Mathes, J T      
Jarvis, Jettie E 1899 Jun 1 32105 636 $1,500.00
Jarvis, James M      
Jarvis, Julia      
Byrd, Wm      
Mathias, Isaac      
Mathias, Abram      
Curry, Elizabeth      
Gray, James      
Gray, ?      
Jarvis, N T     


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