• Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 1:36:05 PM

    From: Dan Plunkett

    Subj: Re: John WHITE of Chester Co. PA

    More evidence in support of OUR John WHITE:

    During my last trip to Chester Cty, I looked-up every John White I could find (in the proper time-frame).

    OUR John White had an uncle John White who died 3/9/1758 and named OUR John White as an executor to his will. He lived in East Nottingham, and his wife was not mentioned in the will.

    There was also a John White living in West Nottingham, but he died 12/29/1743. I discounted him since he died the year of James' birth and his children didn't match up with any of our ancestors.

    One more John White was shown in the 1790 census living in East Cain, which is a significant distance from the Oxford, Nottingham, Londonderry area.

    In addition, the familiar names on wills, etc. ie. Ross, Pinkerton, Love, Givens, Maxwell, Carson, Fleming, Armstrong, Black all live near the lower western corner of Chester Township.

    OUR John White is the ONLY logical thread I could find!!! I rest my case.

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    Dan Plunkett

    4/12/99 America Online : LUMACK Page 1

  • Mack's letter explains:


    Attached is 1999 letter from Dan Plunkett regarding the John Whites he found in Chester County, PA.
    We have three sources describing John White:

    1. White Family History, written in the 1850's by James' (1743-1823) grandchildren
    2. John's will of 1772
    3. Traditions of Revolutionary War Thomas White's descendants as recorded in the Bond Co History (Greenville).

    * The History recorded only John and possibly brother Hugh as immigrating to America.
    * The History lists probable date of immigration as 1706 * Bond Co history lists it as 1740.
    * Boone Family history lists it as 1722.
    * Boone History lists eight siblings as settling here along with the father, Hugh White
    * Strong Presbyterian tradition among our Whites.
    * Dutch Reformed Church then Presbyterian tradition in Boone's family.
    * The History has our John coming from Tyrone Co., Ireland.
    * Boone Family comes from Antrim County
    * The John in Boone's Family was born abt. 1706.

    Each of these might possibly be accounted for as Sutton has answered the absence of a  naming tradition. But the present knowledge doesn't seem to warrant placing our John White in Boone White's family as ID # I47395.



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