DAVENPORT, Haywood (d. 1900)

Capt. Haywood Davenport Dead

The death of Capt. Haywood DAVENPORT on Tuesday morning last sent a thrill of grief throughout this town.  He had been in ill health for a year or more, and his seeking relief under the treatment of the best medical men was of little avail. 

He recently came to Plymouth to make his home once more where his early years were spent; he contracted a deep cold which terminated in pneumonia, causing his death seven days later.  There never lived a truer man; kind-hearted, sympathetic, and generous to a fault.  Those who knew him best loved him most. 

He leaves two children, a son and daughter, a sister and other relatives as well as a host of friends to mourn his death.  

His remains were laid to rest in family graveyard under the shadow of the M.E. Church, to which he belonged, on Wednesday. 

The writer, who if possible, loved him better than the rest, join all in heartfelt sympathy. — FLETCHER

Source:  Roanoke Beacon, 2 Mar 1900

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Marriage: SEXTON, Ed and Loula BARNES (1898)

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Mr. Ed SEXTON and Miss Loula BARNES were married Sunday evening last, Mr. T.S. SWAIN, J.P., tied the mystical knot.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 3

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BOWERS, Earnest shoots Madison BAUN (1898)

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Earnest BOWERS shot Madison BAUN on Saturday evening in the bar-room of C.T. SPRUILL one mile from Creswell.   The case was heard by W.J. MERCER, J.P., and in default of $300 bail BOWERS was sent to jail. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 3

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Marriage: VENTERS, Richard T. and Connie WATERS (1898)

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Married — At the home of Mr. A.N. WATERS on Jefferson street, Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock, Mr. Richard T. VENTERS to Miss Connie WATERS.  

This marriage was a most quiet one, only a few intimate friends of the contracting parties being present.  The ceremony which made them man and wife was performed by Rev. G.L. FINCH, of the Baptist Church, in a most solemn manner. 

The bride is an accomplished young woman, loved by all for her noble, christian spirit.  The groom has few equals as a man, and during his stay of a few years among our people, he has won an enviable reputation.  To these popular young pepole we extend best wishes, hoping that life holds many blessings in store for them. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 3. 

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AUSBON, Abe and Dawson ARMISTEAD Fight – (1898)

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On Saturday afternoon Abe AUSBON and Dawson ARMISTEAD became engated in a fight, and AUSBON struck ARMISTEAD with a 2×2 baulister (sp?) inflicting almost a death wound.  AUSBON was bound over to court in the sum of $100 justified bond.  Both parties are colored. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 3. 

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BATEMAN, Ben Franklin – (1898 Christening)

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Mr. and Mrs. John BATEMAN had their son, Ben Franklin, christened in the M.E. Church at Bethlehem Chapel on the Fourth Sunday. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 2

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BERRY, Martha (1897)

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Our heartfelt sympathies are with Mr. and Mrs. Thos. BERRY who mourn the death of their 12-year-old daughter Martha, who died suddenly on Saturday night last, having been sick only a few days.  The remains were interred in the Baptist church yard Monday morning at 10 o’clock, Rev. F.T. WOOTEN officiating. 

Source:  Roanoke Beacon, 10 Dec 1897, pg. 3

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DAVENPORT, James Emerson ca. 1905

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Photograph of James “Jim” Emerson DAVENPORT (1901-1966) taken around 1905 when he was about 4-5 years old.  He is standing anding on a box in front of  his parents home and in the background, you can make out the old passenger train that came through Mackey”s Ferry.  James was the son of William S. DAVENPORT and Elizabeth BLOUNT. 



Photograph submitted in June 2012 by Jean Cotten Robertson Davenport

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Marriage: BAYNOR, Henry and Fannie BROWNEY (1898)

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Beech Grove Items

Mr. Henry T. BAYNOR and Miss Fannie BROWNEY were united in the holy bond of matrimony <…>, December 26th.  Rev. S.H. HARRISON officiating.  We wish them a happy journey on the matrimonial <…> of life.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 14 Jan 1898. 

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Marriage: PARKER, Wm. and Miss W.R. WEBB (1900)

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A Beautiful Marriage

The marriage of Wm. PARKER to Miss W.R. WEBB April 25th was a notable event among our colored citizens.  Rev. S.P. KNIGHT, pastor of the New Chapel Baptist Church, united the contracting parties.  Quite a large attendance of our white citizens lent their presence, showing thereby the high appreciation in which the bride was held.   Many and valuable were the presents given by members of both races.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 4 May 1900.

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