1830 Federal Census of Washington County, North Carolina

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Surnames Begining with T - Z

Census entries are split into four tables, all in the same file. The first table lists whites, the second lists slaves, the third table lists free colored, and the fourth lists dead/dumb/blind. A listing indicates the presence of at least one person in that category in the household. The absence of a category means there were no census entries for that category. Click on the category name for a head of household to go to that portion of the census for the head of household. Remaining catagories may be viewed by scrolling if desired.

Tarkinton, Amelia 55520 WHITESSLAVES
Tarkinton, Asa 55817 WHITES
Tarkinton, Enock 55810 WHITES
Tarkinton, Enos B. 56026 WHITES
Tarkinton, Harmon 55519 WHITESSLAVES
Tarkinton, Isaac 55816 WHITES
Tarkinton, Joshua 55423 WHITESSLAVES
Tarkinton, Pealedge 55918 WHITES
Tarkinton, Wheary 55825 WHITES
Tarkinton, William 55503 WHITESSLAVES
Tetterton, Benjamin 56814 WHITES
Tetterton, Griffin 56523 WHITES
Thomas, John 56615 WHITES
Todd, Selah 55803 WHITES
Tomson, Eliza 57316 WHITES
Tootle, Edy 56802 FREE COLORED
Toxey, Jacob 57103 WHITES
Toxy, Jesse 56413 WHITES
Travis, Thomas 56823 WHITES
Turner, Alexander 56226 WHITES
Turner, Keziah 56714 WHITESSLAVES
Turner, Martha 56618 WHITESSLAVES MISC
Turner, Mary 56616 WHITES
Turner, Thomas H. 56619 WHITES
Turner, Thos. & W. A. 57121 WHITES
Vail, Abner N. 56213 WHITESSLAVES
Vail, John 56606 WHITESSLAVES
Vann, Edward 55426 WHITES
Vernelson, Charles 56724 WHITESSLAVES
Vernelson, William 57310 WHITESSLAVES
Vollivy, Asa 56612 WHITES
Vollivy, Jordan 56611 WHITES
Walker, James 56406 WHITESSLAVES
Walker, James Senr. 57309 WHITESSLAVES
Walker, Thomas 57107 WHITESSLAVES
Walters, William 57003 WHITESSLAVES
Ward, Thomas 56914 WHITES
Warrington, John A. 57117 WHITESSLAVES
Waters, Enock 57017 WHITES
Welch, Allen 56919 WHITES
White, Asha 56502 WHITESSLAVES
White, Henry 56806 WHITESSLAVES
White, Joshua 56507 WHITES
White, Solomon 56503 WHITES
White, William 56508 WHITESSLAVES
Wiggins, Martha 57326 FREE COLORED
Wilder, Charles 55714 WHITES
Wiley, Charles 55509 WHITES
Wiley, Cleophas 55726 WHITES
Wiley, Harvy 56113 WHITES FREE COLORED
Wiley, James 55508 WHITES
Wilkinson, Jacob 56505 WHITES
Williams, Clarkey 57215 WHITES
Williams, Henry 56602 WHITES
Williams, William 57216 WHITES
William, Redditt 56920 WHITESSLAVES
Winn, Peter 55811 WHITES
Woodley, Bailey 55819 WHITES
Woodley, Eli 55721 WHITES
Woodley, Elizebeth 56215 WHITES
Woodley, John 57008 WHITES
Woodley, Samuel 56318 WHITES
Young, Joshua 55606 WHITES

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