1830 Federal Census of Washington County, North Carolina

Index to Heads of Household

Surnames Begining with M - R

Census entries are split into four tables, all in the same file. The first table lists whites, the second lists slaves, the third table lists free colored, and the fourth lists dead/dumb/blind. A listing indicates the presence of at least one person in that category in the household. The absence of a category means there were no census entries for that category. Click on the category name for a head of household to go to that portion of the census for the head of household. Remaining catagories may be viewed by scrolling if desired.

Maitland, Benjamin 57122 WHITESSLAVES
Marriner, Dempsey 55518 WHITES
Marriner, Hezekiah 56708 WHITES
Marriner, Julia 57205 WHITES
Martin, John 57024 WHITES
Mason, Elizabeth 55317 WHITES
McCabe, Silva 55216 WHITES
McDoneld, Rachel 57402 WHITES FREE COLORED
McNear, John 57313 WHITES
Measle, Durain 56526 WHITESSLAVES
Measle, Jordan 56424 WHITESSLAVES
More, John 56826 WHITES
More, Zelpha 56904 WHITES
Murry, Silas 57020 WHITES
Neal, John F. 57113 WHITESSLAVES
Neal, Mary 57409 WHITES
Newberry, Abraham 55506 WHITESSLAVES
Newberry, James 55203 WHITESSLAVES
Newberry, John 55413 WHITESSLAVES
Newberry, Joseph 55414 WHITESSLAVES
Newberry, Samuel 55415 WHITES
Newberry, Stephen 55516 WHITES
Nichols, George 57123 WHITESSLAVES
Nickols, Benjamin 55215 WHITES
Norcom, Joseph C. 57120 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, Charles 55418 WHITES
Norman, Hardy 55525 WHITES
Norman, Hezekiah 55320 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, Ira 55402 WHITES
Norman, Isaiah 55813 WHITES
Norman, James 55315 WHITES
Norman, John Esq. 55217 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, John Jun. 55226 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, Joseph 55604 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, Mary 55316 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, Nehemiah 55406 WHITESSLAVES
Norman, Starkey 55310 WHITES
Norman, Thomas 56324 WHITESSLAVES
Oliver, Ann 55620 WHITESSLAVES
Oliver, Daniel 55704 WHITES
Oliver, Elizabeth 55708 WHITES
Oliver, Fredrick 56620 WHITES
Oliver, Nathan 55705 WHITES
Osbin, John 56516 WHITES
Overton, Edward 55619 WHITES
Overton, William 56025 WHITES
Painter, Richard 57302 WHITES
Parimore, Joseph 55522 WHITES
Partick, Benjamin 55526 WHITES MISC
Partick, John Senr. 56110 WHITES
Partrick, Isaac 56617 WHITES
Partrick, John Junr 56203 WHITES
Partrick, Joseph 55502 WHITES
Peacock, Richard 56607 WHITESSLAVES
Pettigrew, Mary 55723 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Amelia 56315 WHITES
Phelps, Andrew 55911 WHITES
Phelps, Asa 55513 WHITES
Phelps, Bailey 56316 WHITES
Phelps, Benjamin 56015 WHITES
Phelps, Caleb 55720 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Charles Esq. 55523 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Charles P. 55725 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Charles Senr. 56210 WHITES
Phelps, Charles T. 56307 WHITES
Phelps, Derius 55718 WHITES
Phelps, Elisha 56021 WHITES
Phelps, Evin 55701 WHITES
Phelps, Fereby 55809 WHITES
Phelps, Fredrick 56319 WHITES
Phelps, Hardy 55314 WHITES
Phelps, Hardy H. 55223 WHITES
Phelps, Hardy S. 56112 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Henry 56002 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Isaac 55712 WHITES
Phelps, Jephthah 55409 WHITES
Phelps, Jeremiah 56417 WHITES
Phelps, Jeremiah 55808 WHITES
Phelps, Jesper 55917 WHITES
Phelps, John 55524 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Jordan J. 55724 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Joseph J. 56022 WHITES
Phelps, Joseph T. 56019 WHITES
Phelps, Methiah 56008 WHITES
Phelps, Micagah 55820 WHITES
Phelps, Nathan D. 56105 WHITES
Phelps, Noah Esq. 55201 WHITESSLAVES
Phelps, Noah Junr. 56306 WHITES
Phelps, Starkey 57015 WHITES
Phelps, Uriah 55904 WHITES
Pieot, Julian 57311 WHITESSLAVES
Pierce, Stephen 56622 WHITES FREE COLORED
Potter, Ezekel H. 57124 WHITESSLAVES
Powers, Silby 56005 WHITES
Pratt, Lot 55614 WHITES
Pritchet, Abrshai C. 55717 WHITES
Ramsey, William 57221 WHITESSLAVES
Redditt, Peter 56922 WHITESSLAVES
Rispass, Ormand 56921 WHITESSLAVES
Rispass, Ransom 57004 WHITESSLAVES
Rispas, Langley 56926 WHITESSLAVES MISC
Rispas, Thomas 57001 WHITESSLAVES
Roads, Arthor 56204 WHITESSLAVES
Roads, William 56115 WHITESSLAVES
Robinson, Peter 56126 WHITES
Roe, William 55404 WHITESSLAVES

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