1830 Federal Census of Washington County, North Carolina

Index to Heads of Household

Surnames Begining with G - L

Census entries are split into four tables, all in the same file. The first table lists whites, the second lists slaves, the third table lists free colored, and the fourth lists dead/dumb/blind. A listing indicates the presence of at least one person in that category in the household. The absence of a category means there were no census entries for that category. Click on the category name for a head of household to go to that portion of the census for the head of household. Remaining catagories may be viewed by scrolling if desired.

Garrett, John W. 56211 WHITESSLAVES
Garrett, Joseph 56420 WHITESSLAVES
Gaylor, Asa 56923 WHITESSLAVES
Girkin, Harmon 56902 WHITES
Girkin, Mourning 55616 WHITES
Golet, John 56325 WHITESSLAVES
Golet, Peter 57325 WHITESSLAVES
Griffin, David 56906 WHITES
Hamilton, James 56822 WHITES
Hamilton, James Junr. 56824 WHITES
Hamilton, John 56809 WHITES
Hardison, Brightman 56912 WHITES
Hardison, Ezekiel 57116 WHITESSLAVES
Hardison, John 56410 WHITESSLAVES
Hardison, Mary B. 57202 WHITESSLAVES
Hardy, Henry 56303 WHITESSLAVES
Hare, Malachi 56104 WHITES
Hare, Sarah 56320 WHITES
Harriss, George 56411 WHITESSLAVES
Harris, Aaron Junr. 56501 WHITES
Harris, Benjamin 56425 WHITES
Harris, Levi 57016 WHITES
Harris, Lovick 56426 WHITESSLAVES
Harris, Nancy 56419 WHITESSLAVES
Hassell, Fanny 56221 WHITES
Hassell, Jacob 56314 WHITESSLAVES
Hassell, Jesse 56709 WHITES
Hassell, Jesse 56223 WHITES
Hassell, Joshua 56703 WHITES
Hassell, Joshua 56605 WHITESSLAVES
Hatfield, Jesse 55922 WHITES
Hathaway, William 56118 WHITES
Haughton, Thomas B. 57108 WHITESSLAVES
Hawkins, Mary 57412 WHITES
Herrimond, William 57301 WHITESSLAVES
High, Joseph 57323 WHITES
Hill, Hardy 56625 WHITES
Hill, Meriah 57411 WHITES
Hollis, Harmon 56917 WHITES
Hollis, Luke 56825 WHITES
Hollis, Robert 56916 WHITES
Hopkins, John 56301 WHITES
Hopson, Mary 57203 WHITES
Hornsby, Samuel 56209 WHITES
Howard, Priscilla 57204 WHITES
Hudson, Jesse 56903 WHITES
Hull, Gamon 56125 FREE COLORED
Hunt, David 57405 FREE COLORED
Hutson, Sarah 57102 WHITES
Jackson, Edny 57219 WHITES
Jackson, Hezekiah 55312 WHITES
Jeams, Hetty 56722 FREE COLORED
Jeams, Lamb 56811 FREE COLORED
Jeams, Nancy 56723 FREE COLORED
Jernigan, Ryan O. 57303 WHITES
Jethro, John 55425 WHITES
Jethro, Sarah 55504 WHITES
Jethro, Thomas 56123 WHITES
Jinnette, Mary 55510 WHITES
Johnson, Asa 56913 WHITESSLAVES
Johnson, John 56816 WHITESSLAVES
Jones, Gabrel 56521 WHITESSLAVES
Jones, Isaac 55214 WHITES
Jones, John 55213 WHITES
Jones, Joshua 55617 WHITES
Kelly, Fredrick 56909 WHITES
Kelly, John 56910 WHITES
Kennedy, George 56217 WHITES
Kennedy, Jesse 56608 WHITES
Keys, Albert G. 55716 WHITESSLAVES
Knowls, Robert 56111 WHITES
Lamb, Abner 55208 WHITES
Langley, Amelia 57111 WHITES
Langley, James W. 57210 WHITESSLAVES
Leary, Enock 56717 WHITESSLAVES
Leary, Ester 56715 WHITES FREE COLORED
Leary, Fredrick 56716 WHITES FREE COLORED
Leary, Priscilla 56707 WHITES
Lee, Blancy 56901 WHITES
Leggett, Daniel 56202 WHITES
Leggett, Lidda 56614 WHITES
Lewis, Hezekiah 55424 WHITESSLAVES
Lewis, Jesper 55501 WHITES
Lewis, Joseph 56206 WHITES FREE COLORED
Lewis, Judith 56908 WHITES
Lewis, Sarah 55421 WHITES
Lewis, Thomas Esq. 55517 WHITESSLAVES
Lewis, Thomas Junr. 55608 WHITES
Lewis, William 56613 WHITES
Long, Benjamin 56804 WHITES
Long, Downing B. 56119 WHITES
Long, Isam 55821 WHITES
Long, James 57218 WHITESSLAVES
Long, James Senr. 56711 WHITES
Long, John 55824 WHITES
Long, John 55805 WHITES
Long, John 57207 WHITESSLAVES
Long, John 56107 WHITES
Long, Joseph Col. 56101 WHITESSLAVES
Long, Joshua 56323 WHITESSLAVES
Long, Levi 57101 WHITES
Long, Silas 56116 WHITES
Long, Tabitha 55818 WHITES

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