1830 Federal Census of Washington County, North Carolina

Index to Heads of Household

Surnames Begining with A - B

Census entries are split into four tables, all in the same file. The first table lists whites, the second lists slaves, the third table lists free colored, and the fourth lists dead/dumb/blind. A listing indicates the presence of at least one person in that category in the household. The absence of a category means there were no census entries for that category. Click on the category name for a head of household to go to that portion of the census for the head of household. Remaining catagories may be viewed by scrolling if desired.

Adams, James 56721 WHITESSLAVES
Adams, Kennett 57010 WHITES
Airs, David 56817 WHITESSLAVES
Airs, Hardy 56819 WHITESSLAVES
Airs, Isaac 56820 WHITESSLAVES
Airs, Nathan 56522 WHITES
Alexander, Anthony 55422 WHITES
Alexander, Elizebeth 56305 WHITES
Alexander, Gideon 55417 WHITES
Alexander, Isaiah 55919 WHITES
Alexander, Joshua 55801 WHITESSLAVES
Alexander, Zebulon 56322 WHITES
Allen, Asa 57007 WHITESSLAVES
Allen, Joseph 56311 WHITES
Allen, William 57005 WHITESSLAVES
Alllen, Henry 56915 WHITES
Ambrose, David 55626 WHITES
Ambrose, Isaac 55923 WHITES
Ambrose, Jehue 55703 WHITES
Ambrose, Levi 55906 WHITESSLAVES
Ambrose, Micajah 55903 WHITES
Ambrose, Ruth 56312 WHITESSLAVES
Ambrose, Shadrick 56103 FREE COLORED
Armstrong, Joannah 56621 WHITES
Armstrong, Solomon 56702 WHITES
Arnold, Benjamin 55921 WHITES
Arnold, John 55905 WHITES
Arnold, Joseph 56001 WHITESSLAVES
Arnold, William 55804 WHITES
Axley, John 55309 WHITES
Banks, Nancy 57315 FREE COLORED
Barber, Frances 57403 WHITES
Barber, William 57408 WHITES
Barns, Jesse 55713 WHITES
Barns, John 55814 WHITESSLAVES
Bateman, Allen 55916 WHITES
Bateman, Amelia 57318 WHITES
Bateman, Andrew 55702 WHITES
Bateman, Charles A. 55622 WHITES
Bateman, Elizabeth 55403 WHITES
Bateman, John 56023 WHITES
Bateman, Joseph 56720 WHITESSLAVES
Bateman, Joshua 56710 WHITES
Bateman, Joshua B. 56813 WHITES
Bateman, Joshua B. 56014 WHITES
Bateman, Miles 55902 WHITES
Bateman, Nancy 55711 WHITESSLAVES
Beasley, Anthony 56408 WHITES
Bebbins, Darkis 56712 FREE COLORED
Beckinson, William B. 55807 WHITESSLAVES
Beckwith, Watrus 57226 WHITESSLAVES
Bemberidge, Silas 56422 WHITESSLAVES
Bennett, John D. 57225 WHITESSLAVES
Beshield, Charles 56218 WHITES
Biggs, Davis 55322 WHITES
Biggs, Dorothy 56308 WHITES
Biggs, James 56009 WHITES
Biggs, John 56317 WHITES
Biggs, Levi 56309 WHITES
Billops, James 56803 WHITES
Billops, James 56815 WHITES
Blount, Charles 56412 WHITESSLAVES
Blount, Edmond 56510 WHITESSLAVES
Blount, James Jr. 56624 WHITESSLAVES
Blount, James Tayr 56623 WHITES
Blount, James (of Stephen56513 WHITESSLAVES
Blount, Mary 57401 WHITES
Blount, Robert 56524 WHITESSLAVES
Blount, Stephen 56518 WHITES
Blount, Wiggins 56601 WHITESSLAVES
Bodwill, Silas 56018 WHITES
Boston, Fanny 57214 FREE COLORED
Boston, Nancy 56810 SLAVESFREE COLORED
Boston, Randol 56805 FREE COLORED
Bowen, John 56924 WHITESSLAVES
Bowen, Mary 57002 WHITES
Bowen, William 56925 WHITESSLAVES
Bozman, Judith 56725 WHITESSLAVES
Brickhouse, Abigail 56423 WHITES
Brooks, Jesse 56808 FREE COLORED
Brooks, Michael 57206 WHITESSLAVES
Brown, Isza 56705 WHITES
Brown, Peter 56401 WHITES
Brown, Robert 56013 WHITES
Brown, William 56020 WHITES

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