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DAVIS, Peter – (d. 1890)

A Boy Lost — On Monday evening a report was circulated that Peter DAVIS, a colored boy, was missing.  Search was made throughout the town, but his whereabouts could not be learned.  On Tuesday morning the little five year-old son of Jos. MITCHELL told that he and the missing boy were at play near the river on Monday and that the boy DAVIS fell in the river, and then led the anxious parents to the point where he said DAVIS fell in.  At this point was found the boy’s had, but no other evidence of his being drowned.  A party went out in boats and dragged the river for the body, but as yet it has not been found. 

The accident should be a reminder to parents both white and back, that the banks of the river is no place to allow their children to play .

LATER — The boy was found in the river on Wednesday evening, half a mile below where he fell in.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 15 August 1890, page 3. Available online at DigitalNC.org.