Marriage Licenses of Washington County, North Carolina
Complete License

State of North Carolina Office of Register of Deeds
Washington COUNTY __________ 18___
To any Ordained Minister of any Religious Denomination or any Justice of the Peace of said County:
1_________________ having applied to me for a LICENSE for the marriage of 2____________ of 3______________, aged 4____ years, color 5________ the son of 6_____________ and 7_____________ the father now 8________, the mother 9________, resident of 10_____________ And 11_____________ of 12_____________ aged 13____ years, color 14________, daughter of 15_____________ and 16_____________ the father 17________, the mother 18________, resident of 19_____________.
*And the written consent of _____________ the ________ of the said _____________ to the proposed marriage having been filed with me.
And there being no legal impediment to such marriage known to me, you are hereby authorized, at any time within one year from the date hereof, to celebrate the proposed marriage at any place within the said county.
You are required, within two months after you shall have celebrated such marriage, to return this License to me, at my office, with your signature subscribed to the certificate under this License, and with the blanks therein filled according to the facts, under penalty of forfeiting two hundred dollars to the use of any person who shall sue for the same.
Register of Deeds

1. Name of person applying for license. 8. Living or dead. 15. Father's name.
2. Name of man to be married in full. 9. Living or dead. 16. Mother's name.
3. Residence. 10. Residence if known, if not, state unknown. 17. Living or dead.
4. Age. 11. Name of woman to be married in full. 18. Living or dead.
5. White or colored. 12. Residence. 19. Residence if known, if not, state unknown.
6. Father of man to be married. 13. Age. * If both parties are over 18 years of age, strike out.
7. Father of man to be married. 14. Age.

_______________, being duly sworn, says: That the parties applying for the License are of lawful age, and that so far as he is informed and believes, there is no lawful cause or impediment forbidding said marriage.
Witness: _______________

State of North Carolina,
Washington County.
I, 1_____________, a 2___________________ united in Matrimony 3_____________ and 4_____________ the parties licensed above, on the ____ day of ________, 18____, at 5____________________ in 6_____________ Township, in said County, according to law.
*Witnesses present at Marriage:
_____________ of _____________
_____________ of _____________
_____________ of _____________

1 Name of person officiating. 2 If minister, of what denomination, if Justice of the Peace, so state. 3 Name of man married. 4 Name of woman married. 5 Place of marriage. 6 Township. * At least three persons present at marriage must sign as witnesses.

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