Will of Emma E. Padgett

Submitted by Connie Padgett

January 9, 1905

This being my last will and testament written by me on the 9 day of January (1905) nineteen hundred and five. I bequeath to my dear husband at my death John N PADGETT the house and lot where we now live to use as he sees fit for his use of our two children also my household & kitchen furniture. Provided he is kind to me and children and that he must give me the necessary attention while living and when I am dead to give my body a decent burial. I also state that if any former will made by me be found it shall be null and void for this is the last will and testament, made by me on the date above mentioned. Witness my hand & seal this 9th day of January 1905.


W. S. SPRUILL, Witness

Annie M. SPRUILL, Witness

State of North Carolina, Washington County

In the matter of the last will and testament of Emma E. PADGETT. It appearing to the Court by the oath and examination of W. SPRUILL and Annie M. SPRUILL the subscribed witnesses thereto, that the paper writing produced by J. N. PADGETT grantee therein named in said will & testament and that the same was duly executed by the said Emma E. PADGETT, in the presence of said witnesses, and that at the time of signing the same the said testator was of sound mind, it is therefore adjudged that the said paper writing be admitted to probate as the last will and testament of the said Emma E. PADGETT. This 27th day of July 1905.