Spier Family Bible

Submitted by Virginia C. Haire

(Many of these records have been ‘written over’ to make them readable. Some were almost illegible.)

BIRTHS (contains other records also)

  • ____B. Spier the son of Jacob Spier and Ann E. Spier was born Dec the 28, 1878
  • Isaac J. Spier departed Jan 8, 1969 at 5:00 A.M.
  • Mitchel E. Spear son of Jacob Spear and Hattie Spear was born July the 21, 1910
  • Jacob Spear Departed this life Oct 28 A D 1882. Aged Sixty one years eleven mos 18 days (not sure about numbers)
  • Annie Spear departed this life April 3, 1950 Age Sixty Three years five months & 18 days.
  • ____Bessie Spear was born March 17, 1903.
  • Bertha E. Spear the Dauthter of B. T. Spear and Bessie E. Spear was born July 5, 1904
  • Dan W. Spear the son of Isaac Spear and Hattie Spear was born August 9, 1914
  • Mary Ann Spier was born April 5th 1864
  • Baily Woodly Spier was born January 30th 1866
  • Martha Jane Spier was born March 31st 1868
  • Corintha Caroline Spier was born April 2d 1870
  • Jacob Spier was born July 14th 1872
  • Daniel Henry, son of Henry Spier was born July 11th 1872
  • Abraham Spear the son of Jacob Spier and Ann E. His wife was born Sept 1st 1874
  • Jacob Spier was born November 13th 1820
  • Ann E. Woodly wife of Jacob Spier and daughter of Bailey Woodly was born October 13th 1836
  • Daniel Henry Spier was born April 3d 1850
  • Charles Jacob Spier was born Decembser 12th 1852
  • Samuel Spier was born September 14th 1856
  • Matilda Ann Spier was born April 21st 1860
  • Charlotte Spier was born January 20th 1862
  • Nancy Caroline Spier the daughter of Samuel Spier and Ann C Spier his wife was born October the 15th 1879


  • Jacob Spier and Ann Woodly daughter of Daniel Woodly were married by Thomas Myers January 5th, 1847
  • Jacob Spier and Ann Eliza Woodly daughter of Bailey Woodly were married by Alexander Phelps July 14th 1859
  • Richard J. Spier was borned July 26, 1897
  • Isaac E. Spier and Hattie Oliver, daughter of Wilson Oliver was maried by James W. Spruill June 3, 1907