Pritchard-Snell Bible

These records presented to the Washington County Genealogical Society by member Vernon Everett

Transcribed by Virginia C. Haire

“This is an exact copy taken from H. L. & M. A. Pritchard’s Family Bible.”

Henry L. Pritchard & Mamie A. Snell was married in year of Our Lord 1895 Nov. 3rd at 5 o’clock p. M. on Sunday.

George W. Phelps & Mamie Pritchard was married April 9 1913 in Year of Our Lord on Wed. A. M. at 10 o’clock.

Mattie Lee Pritchard daughter of Mamie Pritchard was married Sept. 7th 1919 in the year of Our Lord to Phillip Ange son of Joe Ange & Jennie Ange.

Henry Lewis Pritchard was born in Year of Our Lord 1857 – June 7th;

Mary V. Pritchard & Dr. Chas. T. Roebuck was married May 28 – 1922 on Sunday at her home at 11 o’clock.

Rubie Pritchard & Wilson Ambrose was married June 7th 1920 A. D.

Joseph H. Pritchard was married Nov. 13 1919 the son of Mamie & Henry Pritchard, to Sara Bateman daughter of Wilson & M. Bateman at Elizabeth City, N. C.

Ida Rubie Pritchard was born in year of Our Lord Dec. 28th 1896. Tuesday 4 o’clock in evening.

Joseph H. Pritchard was born Aug. 3rd in the year of our Lord 1898, Wednesday evening at 3 – o’clock.

Mattie Lee Pritchard was born in Year of Our Lord 1900, Feby 14th on Wednesday at 9 – o’clock A. M.

Mary Victoria Pritchard was born April 13th 1902 on Sunday at 2 o’clock in evening in year of our Lord.

Ethel Lulah Pritchard was born in the year of our Lord 1904, May 15 Sunday evening at 9 o’clock.

Isabella Violet Pritchard was born Aug. 22-1906 at 9 o’clock on Wed. morning In Year of our Lord. Died Sept. 22-1906.

William Woodrow Phelps was born April 8th 1915 in the year of Our Lord, Thursday morning at 10 o’clock.

Mamie Matilda Ovelman was born Sept. 2nd 1937 In the year of Our Lord.

Rubie Leona Ovelman was born Friday 13th 1939.

Paul Ovelman, Jr. was born

Mary A. Snell was born Feby 26th 1876 In Year of Our Lord.

George W. Phelps was born March 3rd 1863.

Henry L. Pritchard died Feby 18th 1913 at 10 minutes past 2 o’clock on Tuesday nite – Disease – Pneumonia.

Mamie A. Phelps died August 19 – 1939 In Year of Our Lord on Sat. A. M. at 8:40 o’clock. She had a stroke on Aug. 13- 1939. Disease – Brights. Age 63 yrs. She was born Feby 26th 1876. She left 6 living children.

Henry Jr. Pritchard was born July 29 1920 and died at birth. Son of J. H. & Sara Pritchard.

Joseph Warren Pritchard was born in Wash. Co. July 29 – 1922, son of J. H. & Sara Pritchard.

Children of J. W. Pritchard & Phillis Pritchard as follows:

l Joseph Douglass Pritchard Born June 8 – 1944

2 Bruce Allen ” ” June 19 – 1945

3 Albert Eugene ” ” June 18 1946 Stanley Warren Ambrose, son of Rubie & Wilson Ambrose was born Sept. 25 – 1921 Born dead.

J. H. Snell died April 8th 1906. Disease Gravel Stones.

Asa D. Snell died Aug. 22nd 1935, disease, Brights.

Dabney P. Pharr died July 8th, 1953. He had 3 srokes, husband of Mary Pritchard Masonic Rites were held at Holly Neck Church of Christ on Sunday July 12 – 1953. He was 69 yrs. of age.

Mary Jean Phelps, daughter of William Woodrow Phelps and Mary Louise Chesson Phelps, was born in Washington County, June 22, 1937. North Carolina, Washington County

I, Mary V. Pharr, a Notary Public of Washington County, North Carolina, do hereby certify that this is an exact wording taken from this Bible. Witness my hand and notarial seal this 17th day of September, 1959. My commission expires: 12/15/59 Mary V. Pharr (signature) Notary Public