Taneya | August 14, 2009 |

To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the name of the owner. Please limit requests to two at a time so as to not to overwhelm the volunteers.

As you can see, volunteers are needed. If you own or have easy access to any kind of reference materials pertaining to Washington County genealogy or history, and you would be willing to do lookups on a voluntary basis, please contact me.  Your efforts will certainly be appreciated.

To view the lists of books under Various Books of Genealogical Interest just click on the link and it will open up a page that has a list of all their books. Remember to specify which book you would like a look up in.

Title of Book Author Owner/Email
Washington County 1900 Census Patsy Campbell
Transcripts of Washington County North Carolina Marriages From “Index to Marriages, Vol. A” Volume 1 January 4th, 1851 – May 28, 1872 Washington County Genealogical Society Steve Davenport
1815 Taxable Property Schedule Washington County Genealogical Society Richard Biggs
Columbia on the Scuppernong Historic Houses and the stories they tell Marimar McNaughton; Linda Crassons; Fiona King Finch Patricia Stuever
Deeds of Tyrrell County, North Carolina, 1770-1783 Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. Gloria Cosgrove
Deeds of Tyrrell County, North Carolina, 1735-1760 Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. Gloria Cosgrove
Everett/Everitt Family Alveretta Kenan Register Patricia Stuever
History of Tyrrell County Bridging Generations Haire, Hill, Vanhorne, White Patricia Stuever
Memories of Eastern North Carolina Mary Weeks Lambeth Patricia Stuever
Tyrrell County, North Carolina, Estate Records, 1734-1800 Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. Gloria Cosgrove
Washington, NC: A Tapestry Washington County Bicentennial Publications Taneya Koonce