Isaac and Hester Ambrose Bible

The following records were copied from an Ambrose Family Bible in the possession of Adelia Ambrose Holmes, Creswell, NC.

Submitted by Virginia Clough Haire


  • Isaac Ambrose was born February 28, 1840
  • Hester Ambrose was born May 1, 1839
  • Malsey P. Ambrose was born December 29, 1862
  • James A. Ambrose was born Oct 25 1864
  • Mary E. Ambrose was born December 20, 1865
  • Hester F. Ambrose was born Feb 21 1867
  • Ann E. Ambrose was born Apr 6, 1868
  • Ellsbery Ambrose was born Nov 2 1869
  • Gri—ell(?) Ambrose was born Jn. 29 1871
  • Laura H. Ambrose was born Jn.6 1873
  • Isaac F. Ambrose was born Dec 29 1874
  • Joseph J. Ambrose was born Oct 23, 1875
  • Martha S. Ambrose was born Mar 10, 1882
  • The Sons and Daughters of Isaac Ambrose and Hester his wife.


  • Hester Ambrose Died August 11, 1883
  • Laura Ambrose Died March 30, 1895
  • Martha S. Ambrose Died May 16, 1895
  • Johan(?) Ambrose Died May 3, 1887
  • Ann E. Craddock Died November 15, 1900
  • Tilda J. Craddock Died June 17, 1905
  • Sarah P. Craddock Died July 18, 1905
  • Mary E. Davenport Died Dec. 23, 1907
  • Aaron D. Spruill Died March 27, 1907
  • Susan Hair Died Feb. 12, 1908

Isaac Ambrose, the son of Ellsbery Ambrose and Pricy his wife was bornd in the year of our Lord 1840, February the 28.

Hester Ambrose the Daughter of Daniel B. Spruill and Malsy his wife was bornd May first day 1839.

Hester and Isaac was married March 20 Day 186(2?)

Daniel B. Spruill, son of Aaron Spruill and Esther Spruill his wife, was bornd June the 21 day 1805 anadominy and his wife Maulsey Spruill, daughter of Anias Davenport and his wife Esther, was bornd November the 25 day 1811 anadominy and they wair married October the 25 day 1835.

Fredrick Davenport, Seigneor Departed this life September the 8 day 1858 at the our of 3 oclock PM & 15 minits.

Daniel B. Spruill ,Seigneor departed this life April the 29 day 1884.

Anias J. R. Spruill son of Daniel B. Spruill and wife Malsey was bornd February the __1857 and his sister Polly was bornd February the __day 1857 and was still bornd and Anias JR. Spruill deseasd this life on April the 1 day 1841.

Esther Ann Patsey Spruill daughter of D. B. Spruill and wife Malsey was bornd ______?

Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel B. Spruill and his wife Malsey was bornd October the ___ anodominy.

Frances Winaford Spruill was bornd May the 4 day 1844 anadominy and being the Daughter of D. B. Spruill and Malsey his wife and she deseast this life May the __185_.

Aaron Taylor Spruill Son of D. B. Spruill and Malsey Spruill his wife was bornd December 24 day 1845 anadominy.

Daniel Buchanan Bateman Spruill son of D. B. Spruill and Malsey his wife was bornd July the 5 day 1847 anadominy.