Cherry Bible

These records presented to Washington County Genealogy Society by member Vernon Everett.

Transcribed by Virginia C. Haire

This record is accompanied by a copy of the inside title page which reads in part:  The PICTORIAL BIBLE being THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS ( ETC) New York: Published by Robert Sears, 181 William Street 1858.

  • Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry and Elizabeth White, were married on the 9th of May 1865 by the Rev. Samuel M. Aleander, at Noah White’s residence in Washington County, North Carolina.
  • Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry and Emma Lee Mayo were married on the 6th of November 1906 Green Cottage, Montreat, Buncomb County, North Carolina, Pres. minister.
  • Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry and Elizabeth P. Broadwater, were married on the 10th of October 1936 St. Augustine Florida in the Flagler Memorial Pres. Church, by Rev. E. E. Brulaker.
  • Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry was son of Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry and Eliz. White.
  • Sarah Parker Cherry and Guilford L. Davenport were married on the 27th March 1910 at the Cupalo House in Edenton, Chowan County North Carolina, by M. P. Minister Rev. J. F. Dosier.


  • Father Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry, son of Gisbourne Cherry & Polley Cox was born April 7th 1821 at Deep Creek, Norfolk County, Virginia.
  • Mother Elizabeth White, daughter of Noah White & Sarah Parker, was born January 27th 1829 in the County of Chowan, North Caroilna.


  • Gisbourne Noah Cherry, was born August 22nd 1866, in Chowan Co. N. C.
  • Sarah Parker Cherry was born November 10th 1867 in Chowan Co. N. C.
  • Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry was born August 12th 1869 in Chowan County, N. Carolina.


  • Gisbourne Noah Cherry, died on February 15th 1868, in Chowan Co. & was buried on the 16th, in Washington Co., N. C. on the premises of his Grandfather, Noah White.
  • Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry died on the 21st December, 1870, and was buried on the 23rd in Washington County, N. C. on the premises of his father in law, Noah White.
  • Elizabeth Cherry died on 22nd of March 1892, buried in her family burying ground, beside her husband.
  • Emma Lee Mayo Cherry, wife of Gisbourne Jeremiah Cherry, died February 1st 1935 at Riverside Infirmary Charleston South Carolina. 65 years old.
  • Guilford L. Davenport, husband of Sarah Parker Cherry, died February 11th 1936 at his home in Washington County North Carolina. 79 years old.
  • Gisbourne J. Cherry son of Gisbourne J. Cherry and Eliz. White died July 30th 1939 at his home in Charleston, South Carolina. 70 years.
  • Sallie Parker Cherry wife of Guilford Davenport died Aug. 29th 1955 in Perquimans County Nursing Home. Burial in her family burying ground, beside her mother and father, Washington Co. Her minister Rev. W. E. Eason officiating. She was buried in her wedding dress.