Creswell (1889)

One of the most progressive little towns in North Carolina is Creswell, in Washington county.  A few years ago it was a growing forest, and now the hustle of business and the hum of machinery give the pretty little burg much the air of a city.  Situated on the Scuppernong river, at the head of navigation, just five miles from the picturesque lake Scuppernong, its site could not have been better chosen for beauty or commercial advantage.  There are now eight merchantile [sic] establishments, a large steam saw and grist mill, a handsome Missionary Baptist church, and several other churches in prospect.  The streets are broad, and regularly laid off, and every part of the town presents the air of neatness, order and thrift.  The town is backed up by a fertile country and well to do men.  

Along with the idea of business and of making an honest living, turning every dollar to account, the intellectual men, and among them Mr. Alfred ALEXANDER, who is a brother to Mr. David ALEXANDER, the distinguished representative from Tyrell, is a leading spirit, have united their energies and have built one of the handsomest and best equipped academies in East Carolina, and are determined to have the best teachers to be found, a man trained for the profession who does not make teaching a stepping stone to something else, is desired.  There are now five handsome residences growing up, and several more under construction.  Four steamers a week touch at Creswell’s wharf, and the business will likely demand more transportation ere long.  The outlook for no young town is better, more bright and substantial, and we bid the place Godspeed.  - Washington Gazette. 

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Source: Roanoke Beacon, 19 July 1889.  Available online at