Cemetery Books Now Online


McNair Family Cemetery – photo by Taneya Koonce

When I started researching my family history in Plymouth, the resources available from the Washington County Genealogical Society were absolutely invaluable.  In particular, all the work and effort that went into their compilation of county-wide cemetery burials was such a great help in learning where my family members were buried, and additional details about family members.

The society disbanded in Fall of 2012, but since then, I’ve been working to place their newsletters, journals and other materials online.  I am now pleased to be able to announce that the cemetery books are now online too!

The 4-volume set of Washington County Cemeteries, 1769-1997 is an incredible work. Across the 4 thousands there are more than 10,000 individuals included.  In addition to the burial information, each record also contains additional family details extracted from vital records and obituaries. Each book also contains a comprehensive full name index, so be sure to flip to the back to look for specific names of interest.

I’ve uploaded the books to the Internet Archive, and as such, you have multiple options for access. You can a) read them online, download a PDF file for your own use, and even download a format for your e-readers and Kindle apps/devices.

If you have family members from the county, you will definitely want to keep these books handy. Links to them are below:

Many thanks to the genealogical society for these books and allowing them to be online for researchers everywhere!


  • Julie Radford-Davenport

    What a fantastic resource. I can hardly wait to dive-in. Thank you!
    – Julie

  • Janet King

    Thanks so much for putting this info online…but when I clicked the Lee’s Mill Township index, the heading showed it was Skinnersville.

  • Janet King

    My mistake, it was the PLYMOUTH index that had the heading Skinnersville.

  • Hi Janet – I’ve fixed the link now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • Linda Bateman Rothwell

    I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. I’m wading my way through these books cause I’m related to just about everybody in these cemeteries and I’m gaining so much information I didn’t have before. Thank you, thank you!!!
    Linda Bateman Rothwell

  • Hi Linda – I’m glad you are finding the books helpful. They are a wonderful resource and we owe lots of gratitude to the volunteers who put it together :-)

  • Tae

    Thank you for these records. They have helped me to find other relatives that I didn’t know I had. I have a lot of family from Washington as well as Tyrrell County.

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