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BOWERS, Earnest shoots Madison BAUN (1898)

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Earnest BOWERS shot Madison BAUN on Saturday evening in the bar-room of C.T. SPRUILL one mile from Creswell.   The case was heard by W.J. MERCER, J.P., and in default of $300 bail BOWERS was sent to jail. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 3

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AUSBON, Abe and Dawson ARMISTEAD Fight – (1898)

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On Saturday afternoon Abe AUSBON and Dawson ARMISTEAD became engated in a fight, and AUSBON struck ARMISTEAD with a 2×2 baulister (sp?) inflicting almost a death wound.  AUSBON was bound over to court in the sum of $100 justified bond.  Both parties are colored. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 1 Apr 1898, pg. 3. 

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SPRUILL, Dr. St. Clair – Made Associate Professor (1900)

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Dr. St. Clair SPRUILL, a native of Plymouth, has been elected Associate Professor of Surgery in Maryland University Medical School, Baltimore.

Source:  Roanoke Beacon, 8 Jun 1900. 

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BEASLEY, Mr. & Mrs. S.W. – Give Daughters a Birthday Reception (1900)

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Mr. and Mrs. S.W. BEASLEY gave their daughters, Misses Genevieve and Ercel, a reception last night in honor of their 16th and 14th birthdays.  A large number of friends were present and were royally entertained by those two charming Misses.  We join their many friends in wishing the young ladies many happy returns.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 22 Jun 1900. 

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LUDFORD, Enoch – Head Wound from an Axe (1898)

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Mr. E. LUDFORD came home from Jacksonville Saturday night suffering with a painful wound on the head inflicted by an axe.  It seems that he was walking with the axe on his shoulder, and in some way fell, the axe striking him on the head.  Dr. S. HASSELL has been rendering medical attention and Mr. LUDFORD is getting better now, though at one time the wound was thought to be of a very serious nature.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 14 Jan 1898.

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PICOT, Dr. Julian – Comes to Visit (1898)

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Dr. Julian PICOT, of Littleton, was here on a visit during the holidays after an absence of twenty-five years.  Dr. PICOT is a descendant of one of Plymouth’s oldest families.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 7 Jan 1898. 

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WALKER, John – Shoots Anna Clemmons (1898)

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A Shooting Affair — On Tuesday night, Jany. 6th, John WALKER, colored, went to the home of Anna CLEMMONS, and before leaving at 9 o’clock, he had a dispute with her, which terminated in hot words and John shooting Anna, the ball taking effect in her thigh. WALKER walked away to parts unknown.

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 14 Jan 1898. 

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GARRETT, Sarah – Fire in her home (1898)

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A Fire — On Christmas morning at 3 o’clock, aunt Sarah GARRETT, a worthy colored woman, heard something in her kitchen and on going to the door found the room in a blaze.  She gave the alarm, but there had been so much racket during the night that but few of the people who heard her took much notice and the house, together with most of the furniture, was destroyed.  The loss is estimated at about $800 with no insurance. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 7 Jan 1898. 

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