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WWII Casualties Vance Co., North Carolina
Transcribed by Deloris Williams



Abbreviation: Types of Casualties
DNB - Died, non-battle
DOI - Died of injuries
DOW - Wounded and later died
FOD - Under Public Law 490, Finding of Death
KIA - Killed in Action
M - Missing

ALLGOOD, Clarence W. 14039063 PFC KIA
AVERETTE, Huston H. 34455582 PFC KIA
AYSCUE, Bennie 34253409 PFC DNB
AYSCUE, Perry W. 34864133 PVT KIA
BALTHROP, William 34309962 PVT DNB
BASEY, Jack D. 34173501 PVT DNB
BENNETT, Robert V. Jr. 34869544 PVT KIA
BUCHAN, George T. 1298184 2 LT FOD
CANNADY, Joseph 34661236 PFC DNB
CAPPS, Edward F. 20453448 PVT KIA
CATE, Roy D. 34090592 H SG DOW
CHANCE, Luther M. 34467493 PVT DOW
CHRISTMAS, Simon P. 44058610 PVT DNB
COOPER, Charles M. 3rd 700392 2 LT DNB
DIXON, Dalton J. 34455553 S SG DOW
DUNCAN, Marvin M. 34436151 PFC KIA
DURHAM, Samuel 34459430 PFC KIA
EASTWOOD, Elon 34319785 PVT DNB
FAUCETTE, Warren P. 14030508 PFC DOW
FLEMING, Ernest K. 34965291 PVT DNB
FULLER, Claiborne M. 14178934 S SG KIA
GARDNER, Charlie T. 20453499 PVT KIA
GREENWAY, John C. 34311354 PFC KIA
GRIFFIN, Grover L. 34678779 PFC KIA
GRISSOM, Earnest W. 20453457 T SG DOW
HAMLIN, Leo E. 20411057 PVT KIA
HARRIS, James C. 34319780 SGT M
HARRIS, William. B. 34465255 PFC KIA
HARTNETT, Thomas M. 676482 2 LT KIA
HEDGEPETH, Harry C. 34670487 PFC KIA
HEDGEPETH, Percy L. 20453461 S SG DOW
HEGGIE, Richards L. Jr. 14123606 T SG KIA
HOWARD, Roger E. 34661220 TECS DNB
HUFF, Jesse L. 34455551 PVT DOW
HUGHES, Emmett F. 44012747 PVT KIA
JARRELL, Archie 34666326 PFC DNB
JENKINS, Norwood T. 461138 CAPT DNB
JOHNSON, Edwin L. 34891509 S SG KIA
KELLY, Simon A. 34253404 PFC KIA
KING, John N. Jr. 20453468 T SG KIA
KING, Judge D. 34439782 PVT KIA
KNIGHT, Billy B. 34670466 PFC KIA
LANGLEY, David G. 34315951 PVT DNB
LILES, William Jr. 20453471 PFC KIA
McCARSON, Patrick A. 34899704 PVT DNB
MILLS, Paul F. 34854041 PVT KIA
MOORE, James E. 20453474 TECS DOW
MOORE, James E. 34666332 PVT DNB
MOSELEY, William H. 33856824 PFC KIA
NORVELL, Richard T. 431338 CAPT KIA
NORWOOD, Thomas E. 34455525 SGT KIA
PENDERGRASS, James M. 34307653 PFC KIA
PEOPLES, Francis B. 828055 2 LT DNB
RIDEOUT, Robert M. 1308545 CAPT KIA
RUX, Lawrence J. 434891 2 LT DNB
SHOTWELL, Graves M. 44057209 PVT DNB
SMITH, Edwin T. 832963 2 LT DNB
TEAGUE, John R. Jr. 319654 MAJ KIA
TEAGUE, William A. II 14153875 CPL KIA
VAUGHAN, William C. 34979932 PFC KIA
VERNON, James M. 20411109 PVT KIA
WALKER, Jimmie 18048150 S SG KIA
WALL, Robert D. 449075 1 LT KIA
WALLACE, Owen A. 7084908 PVT DNB
WHITE, Alpheus W. 34467443 PFC KIA
WHITFIELD, F. Jr. 34459419 PFC KIA
WRIGHT, Wiley L. 20453492 PFC KIA

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