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Alphabetical List of the Names of all Business and Professional Men and Land owners.


Chas. Emerson's North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory
Edwards, Broughton & Co (1886)





Alford J E. grist mill Kittrell
Alston & Walker, general store Townsville
Amos Jas. general store. cotton gin, saw and grist mill Henderson
Atwood R T. blacksmith and wheelwright Dabney
Aycock W H. postmaster Steedsville
Beast R D. steam saw mill and cotton gin Brookston
Beckham & Powell grist mill Kittrell
Blacknall Bros. mfrs of tobacco. factory No 205 Kittrell
Buchanan C H. general store and cotton gin Middleburg
Bullock J G. saw and grist mill Middleburg
Bullock M J postmaster Townsville
Bullock T. blacksmith shop Middleburg
Burnett A C & Co. general store Steedsville
Burroughs J E. postmaster and general store Dabney
BurwelI A. saw and grist mills Townsville
Burwell S, saw and grist mills Kittrell
Burwell W H. saw and grist mills Middleburg
Capehart T. general merchandise Kittrell
Caskie A. physician Woodworth
Chavis J. wagon shop Woodworth
Cheatham D T. grist mill Dabney
Church C. postmaster Brookston
Church C B & Co. general store Brookston
Church C B & Co. general store Woodworth
Cook J. wagon shop Williamsboro
Daniel H. wagon shop Brookston
Dares Bros. general store Townsville
Davis Hotel W F Davis owner and prop'r Kittrell
Davis Squire blacksmith shop Williamsboro
Davis W F owner and prop'r of Davis Hotel Kittrell
Dickerson Wm. saw mill Kittrell
Earl J N 0 general store Middleburg
Edwards R, steam saw and grist mill and cotton gin Middleburg
Edwards R V. grist mill Kittrell
Ellis E W & Co. general merchandise Kittrell
EIlis &Bros, general merchandise Kittrell
Fain S. blacksmith shop Middleburg
Fleming A K. saw and grist mills Woodworth
Fleming A K & Son, gen store and cotton gin .Woodworth Fleming J A, cotton gin, steam saw  and grist mill: and dealer in agricultural implements. Middleburg
Fleming. Tucker & Co, general store Woodworth
Fox W F, grist mill Henderson
Fox W S. groceries Henderson
Freeman J E, boot and shoe maker Kittrell
Geohegan J A, physician SteedsviIle
Gill J F. grist mill Kittrell
Gill R F. saw mill Kittrell
Gill R J, steam saw mill and cotton gin Henderson
Gruet J, wagon and blacksmith shop. Henderson
Haithcock E, hotel Williamsboro
Haithcock E & J E, grill store and cotton gin Williamsboro
Haithcock J E, post master Williamsboro
Hardy W T. general store, cotton gin, steam and grist mill Williamsboro
Harris J W. liquor dealer Kittrell
Harris S W. saloon Brookston
Harris W H. grist mill Brookston
Hawkins Milton. blacksmith Kittrell
Hedgepeth J E & Son, general merchandise Kittreli
Hester J no C, postmaster and dealer in groceries Kittrell
Hester W H. blacksmith Dabney
Hunt J L & Bro, general merchandise Kittrell
Hunt S R, grist mill Kittrell
Jefferson N. blacksmith shop Woodworth
Jenkins & Hight, cotton gin Kittrell
Kearney S, blacksmith shop Middleburg
Kenette Rev W C, minister Kittrell
Knott R F, grist mill Dabney
Knott R W, grist mill Williamsboro
Landis G W, physician Williamsboro
Lemay H S. blacksmith aid wood shop Williamsboro
Macon Chas. general merchandise Kittrell
Marrow Jas jr, blacksmith shop Williamsboro
Mills Wm, snack house Kittrell
Moore C, pastor Presbyterian church Williamsboro
Overton J W. saw mill Kittrell
Parrish John M. steam saw mill Dabney
Patterson. James P, grist mill Dabney
Peace Dr C C, grist mill Kittrell
Perry D. blacksmith shop Brookton
Pettiford Sol, shoe shop Williamsboro
Pettigrew W S, pastor Episcopal church Williamsboro
Pleasant J W, blacksmith and wheelwright Kittrell
Plummer A, physician Middleburg,
Pulley J N. saw and grist mill Middleburg
Raney C W, cotton gin Kittrell
Read R H, postmaster Woodworth
Reeks T B, pastor Methodist church Steedsville
Reid J C, freight and express agent and telegraph operator Kittrell
Rice R T. general store Midway, P 0 Dabney
Rowland T P. general store and cotton gin Middleburg
Royster T S, physician Townsville
Smith Rev T L D. minster Kittrell
Sneed R G. steam shingle and saw mill Townsville
Stanton G. saloon Kittrell
Stark J T, grist mill Townsville
Sutherland S, saw and grist mill Steedsville
Taylor Bros. steam saw mill Townsville
Taylor Feb, blacksmith Kittrell
Taylor T W & Bros. steam saw mill and cotton gin Woodworth
Thorne E, general store, steam saw mill and cotton gin Henderson
Tucker H. wagon shop Townsville
Vaughn J. saloon Williamsboro
Watkins A. shoe shop  Williamsboro
Watkins E W, post master, express and freight agent Middleburg
Watson B. blacksmith shop Woodworth
White & White, general store Middleburg
Williams C H & J T. gen merchandise Kittrell
Williams J D, cotton gin Kittrell
Winfield H, blacksmith shop Townsville
Yancey G H, general store Middleburg
Young B. pastor Christian church  Woodworth
Young & Davis, saloon Middleburg

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