North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Original Will at N. C. Archives
February 6, 1804

In the name of God Amen this 6 day of February 1804 I Joseph Vollowvay of the county of Tyrrell & state of North Carolina farmer being indisposed of helth & of body ? but of sound mind & memory thanks be to God but calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men onst to dye do make and ordain this to be my last will & testement that is to say principly and first of all I recommend my soule into the hands of God that give it nothing doubting but I shall receive the same again at the general resurrection of the last day by the mighty power of God & as for my body I reommend that to the earth to be buried in decant Christan manner at the discression of my executors hereafter named & as for such worldly goods it has been peased God to bless me with in this life I give demise and dispose of in the following manner and form - - - -

I will first that my just debts & funeral charges be discharged by my executors - -- -

Item I give to my beloved wife Sarah Vollowvay all the provisions that know is in the house for her & the children seport Allso I give to my beloved wife the youse of all my stock of cattle sheep bees & hogs duren life or widowhood to seport her & children on and after either of the two words life or widowhood the stock to be equaly divided between my wife if living & my three sons William Nathan & Jefoson Vollowvay to them & their ears for ever - - - -

Item I give unto my three sons William Nathan & Jeffoson Vollowvay all my land & swamt held either by deed or patant to be equealy divided between them and their ears for ever - - - -

Item I leave the youse of my mare & young two year ole hors and beads & house hould finetur to my beloved wife duren widowhood then to be equely devided - - - -

Item I give to my three sons William, Nathan & Jeffoson Vollowvay a negro gall called Grace and her increase to be equely devided between them and their ears for ever - - - -

Item I leave my shed hors by the name of Commet to be sold allso the shingles that I have in the swamp to be sold to pay my debts and after my just debts is paid the money that is left and the debts that is due to me to be equealy devided between my lawfull hears

Item I give unto my brother John Vollowvay twelve acors & half of juniper swamp to be taken out of the fifty acors that I hold up the norwest fork near the head to him and his hears for ever

Item I allso give to my brother John Vollowvay the one half of the swamp bought from Ruben Cohoon as pir deed the one half containing thirty one acors to him and his hers for ever

I hearby disanul and disallow all other former wills gifts leases or bequests whatsoever heartofore by me made and acknowledg this & no other to be my last will & testement - -

And I appoint my loving wife Sarah Vollowvay and my trusty friend John Clayton Nathan Vollowvay my exeutors of this my last will & testament signed sealed and published by the testator to be my last will & testament

Joseph (his mark) Vollowvay

Before us

Henry Colepher
John (his mark) Vollowvay
Jousha Velleway

Overleaf indicates will probated April Court 1804

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