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29 September 1999 FROM vidales@worldnet.att.net (Carol L. Vidales)

Soloman SAMPLE is a curiousity to say the least. Married at least twice, and apparently widowed quickly both times, he nonetheless fathered some 8 plus children by at least 5 other different women: Irena NEAL, Nancy SAWYER, Martha SWAIN, Milly ROUGHTON and Margaret BARNES. He seems to have had some standing in the community, and appears to have taken an active role in parenting the children he fathered. Indeed, one such child petitioned the court to have his surname changed to SAMPLE, stating that his father had been good to him. As best I can tell, in the 1860 census, Soloman has at least 6 of his illegitimate children (possibly 7) in his household. It would be interesting to know more about him and his story!!! Any information on the Swain children would be especially welcome.

27 December 2004 FROM dmphelps3860@gmail.com(Dennis Phelps)

I'm looking for information on "Munroe", or "Mero", or "Nero", or "Murray" SANDERLIN,(or Sandlin, Sanderling), born abt 1827, died before 1901. I believe all 4 names are for the same individual. Family lore states that he was from East Lake, Dare County, and is buried there in a marked grave. His wife was Elizabeth TWIFORD, born April 1829, died before 1901. I think that he is somehow related to Trimmigan SANDERLIN, but don't know how. At least 2 of his sons moved to Bertie County, probably after the Civil War. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

27 July 2000 FROM mellisr@pender-county.com (Linda Dail Rider)

Looking for parents or any other info on John SANDERS (SAUNDERS) b 9-1-23 who married Nancy ALEXANDER of Tyrrell Co.(marriage bonds 12-21-1848). Also want any info on Nancy ALEXANDER's parents, etc.. According to the tombstone in Pamlico County, she was born 3-31-1833 and died October 16, 1889. John SANDERS was born 9-1-1823 and died May 25, 1883 in Broad Creek, Pamlico Co. NC.

5 September 2001 FROM lindydail@yahoo.com(Linda Dail Rider)

Searching for the ancestors and burial place of Seth SANDERS who died in 1853? (will probated in Tyrrell). His wife was Zebbe (Ziba) (Zela) HUNNINGS.

23 November 2010 FROM wendyroane@aol.com(Wendy Roane)

My great-great grandfather is Thomas Lindsey SANDERSON, born in 1847 in Tyrrell County, NC. His father is John SANDERSON and his mother is Angelico (AKA Angelica, Ann D.). They were living in Tyrrell at the time of the 1850 census and moved to Norfolk, VA, before the 1860 census. I am trying to find the parents of John SANDERSON and the maiden name of Angelica SANDERSON. It is possible that John is the brother of Jesse SANDERSON, but I cannot confirm this.

16 January 1997 FROM zapper751@comcast.net (Peter N. Chelemengos)

Please forward any information on SAWYER, Thomas, born 1737, died 1783, married 1759, wife COZIER, Keziah, born 1738(?), died 1783(?). Thank you, Peter N. Chelemengos.

8 February 1997 FROM csawyer3@charter.net (Chuck Sawyer)

Looking for John T. SAWYER, born 1858 in Tyrrell Co., died ?, married Annie Lee DAVENPORT, born 15 Sep 1861 in Tyrrell Co., died 30 Sep 1921 in Elizabeth City. Children: James Vernon SAWYER, born Sep 1884 ?, died ?, was in Norfolk about 1920; Stella B. SAWYER, born Jan 1883, died ?; Charlie L. SAWYER, born 21 Oct 1898, died 14 Aug 1950 in Norfolk, VA (my dad). Family was in 1900 Washington County census in Plymouth, had a cousin named, of all things, Tom in Plymouth as late as about 1944.

25 May 1997 FROM dliskow@comcast.net (Claire Sawyer Liskow)

Seeking info on ancestors/descendants of Micajah SAWYER (ca 1820 - abt 1879). Possibly b Hyde or Tyrrell Cos. Listed on 1850 census Hyde Co., Mattamuskeet District, then by 1860 has moved to Craven Co., living in area that became Pamlico. Wife was Frances (Fanny) SMITH, kids: Sarah A. (m Thomas MOZINGO), Doris (m Robert D. JONES), Thomas J. (m Louisiana JONES), Daniel, William Riley (m1 Eliz. HOLTON, m2 Ann Bryan RIGGS ALEXANDER--my line), Frederick (m Susan Herrington?), Jesse F., Caroline (m Wm. H. LEWIS, Jr), James Lanier (m Lizzie PARRIS), Martha A. (twin; m Chris. LUPTON), John Micajah (twin; m1 Julia VENDRICK, m2 Armetta LANGLEY). Family seems to have lived in the Oriental area, active members of Trent Free Will Baptist Church. Would appreciate hearing from anyone recognizing any of these folks.

27 May 1997 FROM thesawyers@worldnet.att.net (Arcell Sawyer)

Looking for a William SAWYER or a John SAWYER in the area of Pasquotank County. John SAWYER born 1730 - died 1784. William was his father who was thought to have come to the Pasquotank area with three brothers. Any help appreciated.

22 September 1997 FROM cambe89@aol.com (Tara M. Campbell-Walton)

Looking for information on the following SAWYERS: Esther L. SAWYER b. abt. 1827 in Tyrrell Co., NC (She married Lewis MANN in 1846); John A. SAWYER, who married Cynthia Ann RODGERS; John A. SAWYER, who married Mary RODGERS; and John A. SAWYER, who married Martha MIDYETT.

15 September 1997 FROM KHLM93A@prodigy.com (Robert L. Hallam)

My name is Robert L. HALLAM and I have reason to believe that the SAWYERS - my mother's line came from Tyrrell County, PROBABLY from an Abel SAWYER to Charlotte, Mecklenburg County to IL. My mother, Helen Virginia SAWYER born May 20, 1892/3 in Charlotte. I know nothing of her parents but learned that they came from eastern NC.

2 September 1998 FROM texz@earthlink.net (Bill Sawyer)

Looking for Jesse and Ruth SAWYER who went to Macoupin Co. Ill. in 1832. They had two girls, Meddie and Ruth, in N.Car. that died in infancy. Looking for parents or siblings of Jessie or Ruth.

30 November 1998 FROM gryffyn1@dlrweb.com (Philip Alfeld)

I am interested in tracing the family of Joab SAWYER and his wife Angelica ALCOCK. They were probably married in Tyrrell Co. in the 1780s. Their son, Valentine SAWYER (1794-1872) migrated to Macoupin Co, IL, and then to Bell Co, Tx. He married Mary Ann (Polly) SPENCE or SPENCER in Tyrrell Co. Can anyone help with these families?

7 January 1999 FROM Pierce3369@aol.com (Sammy Anson Pierce)

Searching for information on Anson SAWYER who died in Tyrrell Co in 1849. I'm trying to determine if he was grandfather of Anson Walter SAWYER, b. 1852, d. 27 Feb 1923. Anson W. first appeared in 1860 Hyde Co census living with Silas LUPTON, 40, Brittania LUPTON, 56 and Sophia BALLANCE, 29. On 18 Feb 1876 he married Melinda O'NEAL, b. 13 May 1854, d. 20 Aug 1911, of Hyde Co. Melinda was daughter of Asa and Mary O'NEAL of Hyde Co. Silas Lupton had a niece, Brittie, who married Simeon SAWYER. Does anyone know anything about Anson SAWYER of Tyrrell Co or Simeon SAWYER?

3 April 1999 FROM Lsmcstx@aol.com (Linda Sawyer McCampbell)

I'm researching ancestry of Cecil J. SAWYER, married to Ida Mae LIVERMAN about 1925. His parents were John A. SAWYER and Ida _______(?). Thank you for any help you can provide.

24 April 1999 FROM pawps1@yahoo.com (Dorothy Smith)

I am searching the geneology of Elvin SAWYER who married Betsey DAVIS on 17 Oct., 1825 in Tyrrell County. They would be my great-grandparents. They had 8 children that I am aware of, according to the 1850 census of Washington Co. One of the youngest was John Hampton, who served in the Civil War, and returned to marry Amanda Caroline CLIFTON (These are my Grandparents). Any information would be appreciated, and I would be happy to share what information I have.

12 September 1999 FROM GenealogyMom@aol.com (Ellen Combs)

Looking for information on a Jourdan SAWYER (b. abt. 1799) in Tyrrell County, NC. Married Matilda _____ (b. abt. 1812). Moved to Tennessee between 1833 & 1835. Had 8 children: John, Mary, Margaret, & Felix (all born in NC) and James, Wilson, Chloe & William (all born in TN). William is my GGgrandfather and we have little information prior to the move to TN. Any help will be appreciated.

4 March 2000 FROM carrolb@uswest.net (Carroll Rufener)

I am researching my family (SAWYERS and SIKES) in Tyrrell County, NC. Any information on property deeds of these family members in Tyrrell County will be much appreciated. Their names, dates of birth, and spouses are: Semuel (Uncle Lamb) SAWYER, 1808, wife, Barbarann (Barbary) SAWYER; Joab (Saul) D. SAWYER, 1764, wife, Angelica Caroline ALLCOCKS; Josiah S. SAWYER, 1783, wife, Hannah SIKES (SYKES). I hope this information will identify these relatives as I know there were many SAWYERS in Tyrrell County at this time. Thank you in advance for any information you can supply.

4 March 2000 FROM carrolb@uswest.net (Carroll Rufener)

I am researching my SAWYER family ancestors in Tyrrell County, NC. I need information on John B. SAWYER, born in 1650 in Pasquotank County, NC. He died in 1713 in Albemarle County, NC. His wife was Jean READING, born about 1650 in Pasquotank County, NC. Many of their descendents in the next few decades lived in Tyrrell County, NC. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

19 May 2001 FROM mc_martha@yahoo.com (Martha McCumbee)

I am researching the ancestors of Jordan SAWYER b. abt 1831 (Pamlico County 1900 Census). I know that his mother's name was Huldy (Heulda), she and Levy LANGLY took out a marriage bond on Sept. 5, 1843 in Tyrell County, so I assume that Mr. Sawyer died before this date. There is no Sawyer marriage recorded for Huldy (Heulda). Jordan SAWYER had two known brothers, John SAWYER (I have no other information), and Mark A. SAWYER. Mark A. SAWYER and Harriet J. DOWTY took out a marriage bond in Craven County on March 28, 1860. Jordan SAWYER and Mary "Polly" HUNINGS (Hunnings) were married in Craven County on Nov. 27, 1856. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

17 August 2001 FROM gilbert_betty@hotmail.com(Betty Gilbert)

I am looking for anything on Valentine SAWYER that migrated fron Tyrell Co to Illinois, then to Bell Co, Texas. His son Coston, father of Thomas Jefferson and any other family members. Thomas is my grandfather. Would like information about Coston's wife.

23 February 2002 FROM abel@us.net(Florence Harris Abel)

Seek information on descendants of Zephaniah SAWYER and his son Ephraim SAWYER, who lived 1700-1830's

23 August 2002 FROM Lindy777@hotmail.com(L. Carpenter)

I am looking for information on Miles SAWYER, father of Isaac SAWYER. He lived in Tyrrell County during the 1800's. His wife's name was Harriet. Isaac would have been my great grandfather.

1 October 2003 FROM nirahli@yahoo.com(Sue Wilkie)

I am looking for information on Charles SAWYER, born in North Carolina about 1814. Migrated to Macoupin County, IL where he married Hester FUNDERBURK (born 1817) in 1837. His daughter, Hester LaVina SAWYER was my Great Great Grandmother. I have been trying to follow the family line, but I can't get past Charles. I can't find his siblings, parents or other ancestry information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

14 July 2004 FROM dave@keepwriting.com(Dave Trottier)

Looking for the father of ABCDEF SAWYER. Abcdef was born in 1812. He may be connected to William SAWYER born 1875, or a Lewis SAWYER who bought property in Tyrrell County in 1796, or a James SAWYER, living at about the same time as Lewis. Any leads?

29 April 2005 FROM bsscott_51@yahoo.com(Barbara Scott)

I am trying to find information on Ephraim SAWYER (mariner, born approximately 1843) and Clarkey SAWYER (domestic, born approximately 1845) who resided in the house of Daniel ROUGHTON in the 1860 Tyrrell County census. Their births are listed as North Carolina, but there's not a trace of either of them in the 1850 Tyrrell County census. I don't know if they were married or brother and sister.
Clarkey (my great grandmother) married William S. SMITH in Tyrrell County around 1869. Her name on the 1870 census after her marriage to William was listed as "Clarkey A. SMITH."
Any clues to her parentage would be most appreciated.

29 August 2005 FROM bsscott_51@yahoo.com(Barbara Scott)

I'm looking for the parents of Samuel L. SAWYER who married Eunice E. MASON in Washington County on October 4, 1866 (children were Charles, James, and Angenora) and then married Susan EDWARDS in 1876 in Washington County (children were Fitzhugh, Alethia (Leatha), Vann, and Timothy). Samuel L. and Susan E. SAWYER lived in Tyrrell County and are listed in the 1900 census. Later they moved to Pasquotank.

22 December 2005 FROM bellofcharleston@bellsouth.net(Carole)

I am looking for info on Phobe SAWYER who married Isaac H. DAVENPORT in Tyrrell Co. 3 April 1845. They had one daughter, Mary Margaret DAVENPORT born Dec. 1848; they are found in the 1850 census living in Washington Co., NC; Phobe died sometime before Nov. 1856, as Isaac married Caroline Owens WYNN that year. Mary Margaret DAVENPORT, the daughter of Isaac & Phobe married Levi Jordan DAVENPORT.

21 January 2006 FROM betsysethman@yahoo.com(Lillie Sethman)

I am looking for any information on Simeon SAWYER who was in Tyrrell County in the 1850 and 1860 censuses married to Lurinda (DUVAL/DUVALS?). They had in the 1850 census these children; Mary J. (10), Christina (9), William (7), Samuel (3), Thomas (1). In the 1860 census of Tyrrell they had those children with these added: Robert (8), Valentine (6), Sarah (4), Elizabeth (1). Then I found them in the 1880 census of Washington County but Simeon was not listed so I assume he had died. Lurinda (Lucinda?) 60 years old, with S. V. (male) 26 years old, Mary J. (female) 40 years old and Louisa (female) 19 years old, Macy (female) 14 years old and Lizzie (female) 21 years old. If anyone has any information on this family please email me as Elizabeth (Lizzie) married my great grandfather Isaac TWIDDY, Jr. on 23 December 1886 in Washington County, N.C. and I am really interested in finding out information on this family.

17 July 2006 FROM misscarol@earthlink.net(Carol Dunaway)

Trying to determine who the parents/siblings are of Gilbert SAWYER, born abt 1818 in NC (think Tyrrell County). He went to Macoupin Co, IL in the 1830's where he married Mariam____???, who was also born in NC. There were lots of Sawyers who left NC and settled in Macoupin Co, Il and I am having great difficulty trying to find out who Gilbert's parents/siblings are. Lots of these Sawyers also left Macoupin Co, Il and went to Navarro, Tarrant, Rusk Counties in TX. Any help in identifying the parents/silbings of Gilbert SAWYER is appreciated.

7 January 2008 FROM goldwingone@aol.com(Columbus Taylor Jr)

I am looking for Charlie Isaac SAWYER. He was married to Carney TAYLOR, the daughter of the late John TAYLOR & Lillian TAYLOR of Columbia, NC. Carney passed away on Jan 28, 1933. Charlie & Carney had a son & daughter. I am sorry to say his son passed away last Dec. What I would like to know is whether Charlie ever got married again and, if so, where. Did he leave the Columbia area some time after Carney pass away? I would like to know every thing I can about him.

31 May 2008 FROM cindyleeswain@yahoo.com(Cindy Swain)

My g.grandmother was Mary Elizabeth SAWYER. She married John William TARKINGTON around 1899. Mary died around 1916, Can not find her death certificate either. I can not find the parents of Mary Sawyer TARKINGTON. They had 8 or 9 children, my grandmother being the only girl, Alethia Emma Tarkington BRICKHOUSE. I have spent hours looking this information up. If any one can help me I would appreciate it.

17 June 2008 FROM bsscott_51@yahoo.com(Barbara Scott)

Seeking information on Malicha/Malachi SAWYER and his wife Hoda (also listed as Hody/Hodie, born April 1820). Malicha is the son of Isaac SAWYER, who died in 1849, and the father of Ephraim SAWYER (born 1842), Clarkey A. SAWYER (born 1844; married William SMITH ca. 1869), and Jerome SAWYER (born 1848; married to Elizabeth McGown MEEKINS 1881). Malicha SAWYER died sometime before 1849. Hoda and Jerome SAWYER are in the 1850 census of Washington County and the 1860, 1870,and 1880 censuses of Tyrrell County. By the 1900 census, Ephriam, Clarkey, and Jerome are deceased. Their mother, Hoda (Rhody) is still living in Tyrrell County with nephew Edmund/Edmond HOPKINS (born 1831; married to Martha BATEMAN in 1855). The 1900 census indicates that all of Hoda's children are deceased. Any information will be appreciated. Clarkey A. SAWYER is my great-grandmother.

9 February 2009 FROM mpeveto45@netzero.net(Martha Sawyer Peveto)

Looking for any information on John N. SAWYER and Ellen PRICHARD, parents of Erastus I. SAWYER born in the 1850's and died about 1926 at the age of 77.

24 March 2009 FROM ssljackson@centurylink.net(Susan Holmes Jackson)

I am looking for info on Samuel SAWYER, b.1836, d.? (death in Virginia, I believe), who was first married to Eunice MASON, then to Susan EDWARDS (b. 1862). I am his gg-granddaughter. Thanks.

18 July 2009 FROM cfordney@hotmail.com(Cynthia Fordney)

Looking for any researchers working on the WEATHERLY line from Tyrrell County. I am a descendent of James Anson WEATHERLY who married Angelica "Annie" SAWYER on 28 Jan 1846 in Tyrrell County. They were both orphans. "Anson" WEATHERLY was born about 1823 (parents unknown). He is listed in the Tyrrell Co. Apprentice Bond listing as an apprentice to Solomon HASSELL in 1838. Angelica was the orphan of Joab SAWYER, also born about 1823. The couple eventually relocated from Tyrrell to Craven County where they appear in the 1870 census with one son, Thomas, and five daughters. Anyone willing to collaborate, please email me.

8 March 2011 FROM lacullen@aol.com(Leigh Cullen)

I am looking for a Thomas SAWYER. He may have been born in Tyrrell counthy in about 1780? His son was Filmore SAWYER born Jan 1803.

24 March 2012 FROM pjt.thom@gmail.com(Peggy Thomas)

Would like to correspond with anyone currently doing research in either Tyrrell, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Currituck, or Camden Counties on early NC SAWYER families. I can prove Thomas SAWYER d. 1720 (my circumstantial evidence indicates he m. Mary JENNINGS, daughter of John JENNINGS and Dorothy [MNU] RELFE) lived Pasquotank - son Richard (m. Ann) - son Thomas (m. Keziah) who moved to Tyrrell ca 1777 - his sons: Ephriam, Griffin, and Joab and then through two lines - Ephriam through his son Josiah to Barbarann and Joab through his son Lemuel (Uncle Lamb) who married Barbarann and moved with others of the Joab line to Illinois and finally to Texas forward to me.
Would specifically like to discuss controversy over early Pasquotank Co John SAWYER who died 1713 with wife listed as Joan/Jean [by the way, this wife's maiden name is NOT PROVEN, speculation only because a READING witnessed John's will. The same REDDING appears to have witnessed John JENNINGS 1713 will so more likely READING/REDDING was a neighbor to both, not Jean's father] in his will and his supposed relationship to Thomas SAWYER who d 1720. Have proven John SAWYER and his wife Mary (note that John came as indenture [probably his passage paid for much earlier by Ed BELSON who used a John SAWYER headright in his land grant 1679 VA](Mary came over as a servant) were in Carteret Court, Albemarle (later NC) in 1680 proving their headrights (3 rights). Many families in court that day settled with John SAWYER and family on the SW side of Pasquotank River so this is definitely the right John Sawyer. So the mother of John Sawyer's children probably NOT Jean but rather a Mary. Likely all the families moved to Pasquotank about 1680 but land not officially granted until late 1690s.
John swears in court 1695 as a witness in SANDERLIN murder case that he is about 32 years old so he is born ca 1662-1663. This would make him about 17-18 in 1680 when he proves his rights in court. So unlikely this John would have children old enough to be the Thomas who died 1720 with grown children...daughter Dancy/Nancy called Dancy/Nancy McDANNELL (believe due to land deed of Dec 1713) that she was married to Henry McDANIEL, either son or brother of James McDANIEL.
It appears that for Dancy/Nancy to be at least 18 and married by Dec 1713 she would have to be born ca 1695 and therefore for her father to be at least 18 by 1695, Thomas would have to be born by ca 1677. That would make the John born ca 1663 only 14 years old. So either John SAWYER d 1713 isn't the John who was born ca 1663 OR John Sawyer d. 1713 likely isn't Thomas SAWYER d. 1720 or the John who was born ca 1663 was John Jr, son of John d 1713. But if this is John Jr, then John Sr would have to be born ca 1643 and this would make John Sr 70 years old when he and John Jr and others are fined in summer of 1713 for not going to the Indian Wars. I think a 70 year old man is not going to be going to be asked to go to War. In addition John doesn't list any children in his headright request in court in 1680 although the other families that had children, do list them. So likely this John in court in 1680 is the John that settled on the SW side of Pasquotank River and born ca 1663 and he didn't have any children in 1680. So once more it appears that John Sr b ca 1663, Thomas had to have been born by 1676 (assigned land by John JENNINGS 1696) so Thomas too old to be son of John d1713.
However, having said all that, there is no record I've found of John, Robert, Thomas, or Solomon (the four sons listed in the will of John SAWYER 1713) until 1694-96 when granted land. So where did they come from....? And Thomas SAWYER granted land in 1696 by John JENNINGS who also lived on SW side of Pasquotank River and relatively close to John SAWYER. There are also the mystery SAWYER men - Henry and William who also show up on Pasquotank records about the same time as John, Robert, and Thomas - ca 1694-1696.
And finally, 22 Apr 1719 Sollo. SAWYER of the prect. Of Pasquotank plantr. For and in consideration of the sum of 13 pounds paid by John SAWYER of the afrsd Prect., sold a parcel of land by estimation 100 acres situated in Pasquotank Prect. On Thos. SAWYERS, John SAWYERS and Robert SAWYERS beginning on a branch on Thomas….Signed Sollo. His S mark SAWYER, Mary her M mark SAWYER (This is almost certainly Solomon Sawyer, son of John Sawyer d 1713. This appears to be the 100 acres left to Solomon Sawyer in his father, John's will. So the adjoining men could be his brothers who each inherited land from their father, John. I haven't found a copy of this deed at this time so don't know location of the land.
And as a last point, John d. 1713 had a small amount of land (gave each son appx 100 acres). Thomas d. 1720 had lots of land, both assigned and granted and purchased (land records, grants, and his will - example, note that he gave a couple of his unmarried daughters about 850 acres to divide in addition to what he gave his sons and other daughters. So unless he got his wealth from the land given to him by John JENNINGS, why was John d. 1713 so poor and his supposed son Thomas d. 1720 so well off? Thomas' son Caleb educated and instrumental in getting Pasquotank divided into two counties, SW of River-Pasquotank, NE of River(where Thomas SAWYER lived)- Camden.
As you can see, the story is convoluted and the only thing I'm certain of is that John and Thomas and likely Henry and William were related. How is the question. Would very much like to hear other opinions, facts, etc. Very unlikely they were all brothers. No record of them anywhere in VA or Albemarle before this time.

16 April 2012 FROM flynopa@att.net(William L. Sawyer)

Looking for anything on Randol SAWYER b. 1778 married to Lear ?? b. 1780. They had two children, one being Benjamin Wayne and other unknown. Benjamin Wayne SAWYER b. 1803, d. 1895 married to Julia Ann VOLIVA 1820 b. 1808 they had 11 children Mary A. b. 1827 d. 1908, Lear A. b. 1830 d. 1906, Esther A. b. 1830 d. 1888, Mordecia b. 1833 d. 9 August 1891, William H. b. 1837 d. 1854, Charlotte b. 1840 d. 1924, Julia A. b. 1842 d. ?, Benjamin b. 1844 d. 1889, Jacany (Jersaney) b. 1846 d. ?, Quincey A. b. 1847 d. 9 August 1934, Stanley S. b. 1849 d. ?. Quincey SAWYER b. 31 October 1847 d. 9 August 1934 married Irena (Anna) TAFT b. 22 April 1851 d. 1 May 1919. They had 8 children Joseph BRIDGMAN (step-son) b. 1871 d. 3 December 1935, Ida F. b. 18 October 1873 d. 5 June 1895, Matthew b. 1876 d. ?, Robert E. (Bob) b. 1 February 1879 d. 9 March 1925, Pet b. 1881 d. ?, Alton b. 14 September 1883 d. 7 May 1946 married Willie Helen SPIER 18 May 1901, Minnie b. 1884 d. 1889, Renzy b. 10 March 1887 d. 8 October 1974. Alton and Willie SPIER had 2 children, Walter (my granddad) b. 4 May 1904 d. 27 December 1970 married Dessie Virginia OVERTON on 22 June 1922, Julia Mae b. 27 July 1908 d. 15 July 1977 married Julian POSTON b. 23 July 1910 d. ??. They had one child Gloria Jean POSTON b. 2 December 1931 d. 11 January 1935. Alton SAWYER's married second wife Media BRICKHOUSE, they had one child Gene Carroll d. 2011.

1 September 2014 FROM ncjoel@embarqmail.com(Elaine Mazur)

James Best SAWYER was born in Tyrell County on 9 Aug 1840. His father was James "Warner" SAWYER who married Elizabeth BEST. They were married about 1835. Would like any info regarding families of Warner and Betsy SAWYER available.

25 March 2015 FROM summerplace2@yahoo.com(linda)

My great granddad James Leonard MORRIS lived with his mom Margaret MORRIS in the 1870 census and she was listed as a prostitute. In the 1880 census he is living with Malachi POWERS and it says he is adopted. Malachi also adopted Rhoda SAWYER and later Fannie SAWYER. How can I find out what happened to Margaret MORRIS and is Malachi POWERS my great great grandfather or just someone that adopted James Leonard MORRIS. My great granddad James also married Rhoda, when she died he married Fannie SAWYER. Please help...thank you, Linda.

26 January 2016 FROM brewer.stanley@gmail.com(Stan Brewer)

Does anyone have a family tree for the Sawyers from the Gum Neck / Columbia NC areas? I am the grandson of Zeb T. SAWYER, the great grandson of Ansen C. SAWYER and great great grandson of Peleg SAWYER. My mother was Hulda Mae SAWYER. I am finding a lot of SAWYERS from that area, but am having difficulty linking them together. Any help would be appreciated. I waited too long to start this search. I am 70 years old and do not have any living relatives that I know to ask about this. Thanks

19 April 2000 FROM Virgo90675@aol.com (B. J.)

Seeking info on Annie SENNETT/SENET.. who married a CHAMBERS. She then married J. E. SKITTLETHORP. Annie died in 1928 and is buried in Hollie Neck . Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.

3 June 2002 FROM psexton@verizon.net(Perry Sexton)

Looking for ancestors of Samuel SEXTON, he was born in 1771, he married Kezia GARMAN 12 Sept. 1796. Samuel SEXTON was listed as head of household on the 1810 Tyrrell Co., N. C. Census. Does anybody have anything on him and his family? Also seeking information on David SEXTON m. Priscilla SAWYER 12 April 1823.

13 December 2004 FROM rhoneyb@yahoo.com(Ray)

I am looking for information concerning George SHAFTER, born abt. 1872 in Germany. He had a wife named Georgia EDENFIELD born abt 1897 in Jesup, Georgia and they lived in Orlando, Florida in 1927 when my mother was born to them. Her name was Gladys Marie SHAFTER.

3 June 2003 FROM vanessa.alexander@carefirst.com(vanessa)

I'm looking for information on my Grandmother, Marie HILL. She married Johnnie Author HILL. My Grandmother's mother's name was Lydia SHAW, and Lydia was married to Luther SPENCER. I'm looking for information on the SPENCER and the SHAW families.

5 April 1999 FROM CSikes5135@aol.com (Jimmy Dwight Sikes)

Researching the Sikes Family in NC. I'm not sure what county but I found a lot of Sikes in Tyrrell County. I was hoping this was the break I'm looking for. My great-great grandfather was supposed to have came from NC County unknown. His name is William C. Sikes born 08/13/1861. Can anyone help?

24 March 2012 FROM pjt.thom@gmail.com(Peggy Thomas)

Would like to hear from anyone researching the Pasquotank or Tyrrell Co SIKES lines. I think I've proven the John SIKES d. 1757 to son James SIKES d. 1777 both of Pasquotank Co to John SIKES d. 1826-1827 Tyrrell Co to Hannah (SIKES) SAWYER LINTON and on down. Hannah married Josiah SAWYER. Searching for parents of John SIKES d. 1727. And does anyone know who the Solomon and William SIKES who were in Pasquotank Co deed 7 May 1745 where Solomon sold 50a of Dismal Swamp to William?

19 January 1997 FROM beth@obriant.net (Beth O'Briant)

Looking for any information on the SIMMONS Family of Tyrrell. Starting with George W. SIMMONS b. 1819 M. 10-9-1840 to Martha COOPER b. cir. 1821. Their children listed in the Tyrrell 1850 Census Book are: Alphrada SIMMONS b. cir. 1842; Elizabeth SIMMONS b. 1844; John W. SIMMONS b. 1846; George S. SIMMONS b. 1848; Malissa A. SIMMONS b. 1849; and Samuel Luther SIMMONS b. 11-16-1850, d. 6-11-1926 in Hdye Co. and Married Angelico SAWYER.

30 December 2004 FROM phebee@wcnet.net(Sharon Little)

My great-grandfather was Samuel Simmons PERRY who was born May 10, 1850 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina. The 1850 census shows his father was Wilson PERRY (b. abt 1826) and mother Fruzey (Simmons) PERRY (b abt. 1831). This is the first place I have found his mother's name. Samuel Simmons PERRY eventually came to Texas with members of the PARKER family. Any information regarding his mother or father would be greatly appreciated.

15 September 2005 FROM summerplace2@yahoo.com(Linda)

My ggrandfather was Franklin Simmons. My ggrandmother was Melissa Jones Simmons. I would like any information on Franklin's relatives. I have all the information on Melissa's and Franklins children. I know Melissa's maiden name was Jones. And I think her father was a Thomas Jones. On Franklin, I don't know anything about his parents. They both lived and raised children in Gum Neck. Any information would be helpful.

11 February 2015 FROM c_bittner66@msn.com(Cathy Bittner)

James SIMMONS, my ggggrandfather, born abt. 1795, married Lurenda (Rendo) SPENCE Mar. 23, 1812, in Tyrell County, N.C. They moved to Macoupin County, Illinois around 1825. Believe his father was John but have no proof if anyone has info on this family I would greatly appreciate a communication.

18 August 2000 FROM asu69_70@hotmail.com (Nancy Brown)

I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Galaway (Gallaway) SIMPSON, born around 1870. If anyone recognizes his name, I would be very happy to hear from you. Thank you!

21 April 1997 FROM 72263.3155@compuserve.com (Lisa Nichols Hopper)

Hi! I'm researching the ever elusive SITTERSON families of Perquimans, Chowan, Tyrrell, Martin, and Washington Counties. I have seen their name spelled SITTESON, SITTERSEN, SITTASON, SISASON, and even CITIZEN. Some relevant first names are Whary, Willis, James, James Jr., Alfred, Isaac, and Penelope. I'm trying to link the colonial SITTERSONS of Perquimans Precinct/County to Miles T.SITTERSON b.02 Dec 1810, d. 29 Dec 1882 of Washington County. ANY information you may have, no matter how seemingly trivial, is appreciated!

23 August 2000 FROM Virgo90675@aol.com (Lisa Nichols Hopper)

Seeking information on J. W. SKITTLETHORPE, married Isidora? Had a son, J.E. SKITTLETHORPE, married an Annie CHAMBERS, and Cora LEARY. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated. Also searching CHAMBERS.. Thanks.

1 April 2003 FROM harleybabe@pamlico.net(Susan Kulcher)

I'm trying to find other info pertaining to: Henry SLADE married Mary WORLEY in April 1750 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina. I don't know where either of them came from nor their parents. This is a brick wall I can't seem to get through. Any info would be most great!! Thanks in advance.

27 August 1997 FROM CuttySak1@aol.com (Unknown)

Looking for land grant info on Abraham SMITH who fought in Revolutionary War and was awarded land in Tennessee. Abraham married Joanna BATEMAN.

26 May 1998 FROM rodgers_hugh@colstate.edu (Hugh Rodgers)

Seeking information about Jacob SMITH of Tyrrell Co, NC who may have removed to GA in 1790s or early 1800s. Need names of his children.

13 August 1999 FROM howard@ezy.net (Howard L. Dickerson)

I am looking for information on the parents of Valentine SMITH age 32 who appeared in the 1850 census for Tyrrell County. With Valentine is Christiana age 32, Samuel age 13, Caroline age 11, Robert age 7, Keziah age 4, and Thomas Q. age 2. I also see there is a Volatine Smith who married Elizabeth FURBUSH on 20 Sep 1853 is this the son of Valentine? Thanks, Howard L. Dickerson, 8 East Jewell St, Delmar, DE 19940.

19 March 2000 FROM Camp61976@aol.com (Joyce Campbell)

I am looking for information on Josephus SMITH and Sylvey SMITH who had (9) children. (1) Lillie, (2) Joe, (3) Mary (4) Iredell b. 1887 Tyrrell County (5) Charles b. 1893 (6) Hester 1894 (7) James abt 1895 (8) Harrison b. 1896 (9) Philip 1898. Any information you can give me on my family would be appreciated. Will share any information I have.

3 May 2000 FROM Camp61976@aol.com (Joyce Campbell)

I am looking for information on Josephus SMITH, b. 7/1854 who married Sylvey PHELPS b. Feb. 27, 1879. They had the following children all born in Tyrrell County: Iredell, b. Feb. 1887; Mary M., b. 1890; Charles Lorenzo, b. Dec. 1893; Hester, b. Jan 1894; James, b. 1895; Harrison, b. Jan 1896; and Philip, b. Sept. 1898. Any information would be appreciated.

13 September 2001 FROM Callen@metc.net(C Smtih)

Searching for info on a John SMITH and Anne NEWMAN? They were in Tyrrell County area around 1740-1745.

25 August 2002 FROM jsmithrn@vnet.net (Jane Smith)

Am seeking info on Abraham SMITH, b. abt. 1738, d. 1799 Tyrrell County, NC. He married Joanna "Hannah" BATEMAN, b. 1741 in Berkeley Parish, Perquimans County, NC., d. 3-15-1820 Hawkins Co., TN. Child: Isaac Smith b. 1-19-1779 (Albemarle, Stanly, NC?). Any info that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

17 March 2009 FROM mildrk62@shaw.ca(Ian Sutherland)

I am looking for any info on Abraham Smith born about 1745-50, married Johanna Bateman (b:1741) in 1761.

21 April 2005 FROM bsscott_51@yahoo.com(Barbara Scott)

I am interested in information on the following members of the SMITH family in Tyrrell County:
William S. SMITH Born June 29, 1848 Died June 23, 1910
His wife, Clarkey A. SMITH, Born in 1845, died between 1880 and 1886
(Their children were Clarkey, Mary, William, and Narcissus)
After Clarkey's death, William married M. J. V. SNOW on August 27, 1892.

Frederick SMITH, Born 1807 to 1810
His Wife Esther Edwards SMITH, born in 1828
Their Children were Caroline SMITH, born 1846, and William S. SMITH born 1848 (above)
William S. SMITH is my great grandfather on my mother's side (Affie Lee BOGUE).

9 February 2006 FROM bsscott_51@yahoo.com(Barbara Scott)

Mary Elizabeth "Mate" SMITH, my grandmother's oldest sister, born in 1869, married Benjamin F. LIVERMAN on September 5, 1885. She and Benjamin had two children, Elizabeth and Frank, and perhaps others. Later, in 1895, she married William BRICKHOUSE, and I believe she had a daughter with him. I am seeking any information available on Mary SMITH's sisters: Arabelle (also called "Belle" and "Will") and Clarkie. Their parents were Clarkey SAWYER (DOB 1844) and William SMITH (DOB 1848).

25 February 2013 FROM crs@gotricounty.com(c r smith jr)

Looking for John William SMITH father of John Warren SMITH.

8 January 1997 FROM japaul@mail.infoave.net (J. A. Paul?)

I am trying to determine whether Joseph SNELL and Mary HOOKER who were married on July 24, 1793 are the parents of Asa SNELL, who was born on September 26, 1802 and married Ada E. PATRICK. If so, are there any other siblings?

8 September 1999 FROM SnellHolem@aol.com (Cordelia Snell Holem)

Searching for antecedents of Francis SNELL, dead 1794 Mecklenburg Co., NC.

3 November 2003 FROM comcody@AOL.com(Melanie)

I am trying to find information about a James SNELL born in N.C. (per census information) in 1777. He was in S.C. (Abbeville District) by 1800 where he married Elizabeth ELLIS. I have looked at all the Snells on the 1790 census in N.C. and the largest population seems to be in Tyrrell County. Can anyone provide any more information?

22 December 2005 FROM bellofcharleston@bellsouth.net(Carole)

I am looking for info on Louisa SNELL who married Isaac DAVENPORT in Tyrrell Co. on 12 Aug 1829. Have not found them in a later census or any other records.

17 January 2007 FROM tiakelley@earthlink.net(Tia)

This is about Lindsey SNELL, b. 11/12/1895, d. 12/2/1973, son Leroy SNELL, b. 4/17/1918, d. 4/5/1982, and Leroy's son, Terry SNELL, my father. Looking for parents and any other info for Lindsey SNELL. Thanks in advance.

11 March 2007 FROM malinda@embarqmail.com(Terry Snell)

I am a descendant of Abijah SNELL (1767-1824) and Frances LONG (1772-1836). Searching for their parents and any info I can find. I have headstone pics of Alexander Franklin and his wife Sallie, Julius and his wife Lillia, Willie Cicero and his wife Hattie, James CRADDOCK and his wife Claudia SNELL from a private family burial site.

28 February 1999 FROM LBate18495@aol.com (Jacob L. Bateman III)

I am searching for the family of Peter SOLOMON d.b. 1739 in Tyrrell County North Carolina. And also the family of John OATES who married Elizabeth BLOUNT 1/Dec/ 1742 also in Tyrrell County . I am trying to prove the relationship of John OATES to Joseph OATES of Perquimans Co.NC. John was supposedly born in Perquimans Co. in 1720 the son of Joseph and Elizabeth WIATT OATES. I am trying to find the names of Peter's parents as well. If there is anyone doing research on these families please contact me, Jacob L. Bateman III, 3870 Strathmore Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36116-4614. Thank you very much!

7 April 2003 FROM LeBateman@NetZero.Net(Jacob L. Bateman III)

I am seeking information on the marriage of Peter SOLOMON and Mary STARK of Tyrrell County N.C. Their son Lazarus was born in 1765. It is believed that Peter hailed from Scotland.

3 June 2003 FROM vanessa.alexander@carefirst.com(vanessa)

I'm looking for information on my Grandmother, Marie HILL. She married Johnnie Author HILL. My Grandmother's mother's name was Lydia SHAW, and Lydia was married to Luther SPENCER. I'm looking for information on the SPENCER and the SHAW families.

18 March 2001 FROM Kschlomann@excite.com (Ken Schlomann)

Am looking for the father of William SPIRES who was in Lincoln Co. Ky. in 1801. His sons William and John are said to have been born in N. C. and as adults moved to Morgan Co. Illinois where they raised their families. I have records of whom they married in Lincoln Co. Ky.

1 February 1997 FROM TAKELLEY@erols.com (Teresa Kelley)

Looking for information on descendants of Godfrey Spruill, b. abt. 1650 in Scotland, died abt. 1718 in NC. I am a descendant of his son, Samuel, b. abt. 1680, d. abt. 1760 in Tyrrell County, NC.

18 March 1997 FROM tspruill@onslowonline.net (Ronald Spruill Jr.)

I am looking for information on Godfrey Spruill and his decendents, especially Ambrose,and Sylvanus.

24 August 1997 FROM barmac@erols.com (Barbara Spruill)

I am looking for information on SPRUILL's in Pamlico County. Especially Tully SPRUILL, b. July 29, 1811 in Columbia, Tyrrell County, NC and his wife Mahalia Freeman SPRUILL b. July 23, 1815. Tully died July 1886 in Pamlico County. Mahalia died December, 1871 in Pamlico County, NC. Anyone have any information on Tully & Mahalia, their parents or children? I have a reference to Spruill Swamp, does anyone know anything about Spruill Swamp?

17 September 1997 FROM LIZBETH199@aol.com (Karen Estey)

Looking for info on Thomas SPRUILL, who built the house at 202 Bridge Street (1890). The house was once used as a Masonic meeting hall.

3 November 1997 FROM CLane318@aol.com (Carolyn Spruiell Lane)

James A. SPRUILL, b 1801 Tyrrell Co, married Director LIVERMAN in Tyrrell Co, 1823. They had two sons, Benjamin and Zebulon (1824 & 1825) then headed south and west to Texas. Ended up in Cherokee County, Tx. Would like to find parents of both James A. and Director.

21 January 1998 FROM cjkimes@uswest.net (Chuck Kimes)

Looking for information on the father of JAMES L. SPRUILL. Mother Mary MOORE b.Sep 11,1793. Sister Charlotte, brother Joseph. JAMES L. SPRUILL b. May 9, 1829 Tyrrell Co. married Charlotte TWIDY Aug. 13, 1856, d. Jan. 27, 1892 Tyrrell Co. Children : Nancy Elizabeth b.Oct.5 1858; James L Jr. b. Dec.17, 1859; William A. b. Dec.13, 1861; Warren L. b. May 16, 1867; Edward Johnson b. Aug.5 1869; Sara Frances b. Jan. 13, 1872; Joseph H. b. Feb. 14,1874; James T. b. Mar 5, 1876; and Sarah A. b May 5, 1878.

18 February 1998 FROM PikeGirl@hamilton.net (Chuck Kimes)

I am researching George Win SPRUILL, born 1820 in Tyrell Co. N.C. He move to Illinois approximately 1860. He had two wives in N.C. ... Susan Ann WASHBURN, then Appaline CROWDER. His children were Wiliam Taylor, Mary Ann, Wilson Franklin, George Washington, Rose Anna Emma Liza*, infant girl, Benjamin Lafayette, Martha Ellen. Thank you.

8 April 1998 FROM chantilly@ecsu.campus.mci.net (Bobby Spruill)

I am looking for information on SPRUILL's in Pamlico County. Especially Tully SPRUILL, b. July 29, 1811 in Columbia, Tyrrell County, NC and his wife Mahalia Freeman SPRUILL b. July 23, 1815. Tully died July 1886 in Pamlico County. Mahalia died December, 1871 in Pamlico County, NC. Anyone have any information on Tully & Mahalia, their parents or children?

13 May 1998 FROM mockone@innet.com (Billie Owens Mock)

I am seeking information on the parents, grandparents, etc. of James A. SPRUILL (1794-1867) of Tyrrell County, who married Fanny HATHAWAY from Chowan County. They were the parents of my ggrandmother, Anna Eliza Spruill OWENS (1824-1868), third wife of Mathias OWENS. She and Mathias Owens were parents of Capt. William Mathias OWENS, CSA (1843-1883). Any information would be appreciated.

4 October 1998 FROM j_kelly@wku.campus.mci.net (Jim W. Kelly)

I am looking for the parents and siblings of Zilpha SRPUILL who married John Dawson CASTELLAW in Tyrrell Co. on 21 January 1804. Zilpha was born ca. 1783 and died in Haywood Co., TN. on 27 April 1842. She may have been the daughter of Simeon SPRUILL who died in January 1796. Any help with this family would really be appreciated.

6 November 1998 FROM SUEMEINHRT@aol.com (Sue Meinhart)

I am researching Jemima SPRUILL who is the dau of Samuel SPRUILL. He left will dtd 19 Aug 1760 naming his dau, Jemima GARRETT. Am trying to connect to Richard GARRETT of Chowan Co., NC. b:abt 1699. The name of the Negro left to Jemima is the same name that Richard GARRETT left in his will. He died abt 1799, it is believed either in Surry Co., or Rowan Co., NC. If anyone has the name of the Garrett husband to Jemima GARRETT; I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

28 May 1999 FROM jselover@adelphia.net (Jim Selover)

I'm researching the SWAIN and SPRUILL families. Isaiah SWAIN married Esther SPRUILL 4 Jan 1812. Any help re these two individuals will be much appreciated.

19 August 1999 FROM BigRed4710@aol.com (Marilynn Thompson)

I am seeking info on Turner D. SPRUILL who married Caroline Elizabeth MOORE. Who were his parents and who was her father? They had 5 children, one of whom is my grandmother, Hulda Ann SPRUILL. Any and all info greatly appreciated.

13 April 2000 FROM mpsmith@mail2.gis.netmpsmith@mail2.gis.net(Marie-Paulette Smith)

I am looking for the connections between the SPRUILLs and the HATFIELDs in the latter half of the 1700s. Specifically what is the relationship between Thomas, Sary, William, Jeremiah, Benjamin, Sarah and Frances SPRUILL. They are listed in various deed, will and marriage records of Tyrrell County but I can not determine the connections. I believe Sarah, Frances and Sary married into the HATFIELDs and would be interested in any information about any of Jesse HATFIELDs siblings, ancestors or descendants. Thank you.

30 October 2000 FROM Budsmum@aol.com (Carolyn Davis)

Is anyone aware of a SPRUILL/CLIFTON connection in Tryrrell Co., NC in the late 1700s? Specifically a Mary SPRUILL (or Sproles), b. 1770 and William CLIFTON from England.

4 January 2001 FROM Joanns@peoplepc.com (Joann Spruiel)

I am looking for any information on the SPRUILL family of Tyrrell Co.,N.C. in the 1800's. Especially info on Hiram and White SPRUILL (brothers). Need info on origin before N.C.

4 November 2001 FROM Mindee527@yahoo.com(Dee)

I am looking for a Revolutionary War link for Nehemiah, Miles (Myles) or Aron SPRUILL. Could anyone tell me if any of these men were soldiers, either regular or militia, or held any office such as Justice of the Peace or Sheriff during the late 1700s or very early 1800s? Thank you!

10 December 2001 FROM glorybound29@hotmail.com(Sherry Spruill England)

I am looking for info on my gggrandfather Zebedee SPRUILL. His son was James Albert, his son, William Norman, his son Norman Durwood, then my dad Ronald Jay then of course, me! I get to a dead end with Zebedee. All I know is that he is in the Washington Co. census in 1830 listed with a wife and three kids. I also need info on his son. He married Mandy or Amanda Knox(ie) RO(D)GERS. Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

24 February 2002 FROM sondragoodin@hotmail.com(Sondra Goodin)

I am searching for info on Precilla SPRUILL, who married Zachariah DAVENPORT in 1794 in Tyrrell Co, NC. Searching for her parents. Thank you!

25 July 2002 FROM vginny39@wmconnect.com(Virginia Morrisette)

Does any one have any information about a family named SPRUILL or SWAIN who had in their care two girls, Nancy Virginia MORRISETTE and Effie Mae MORRISETTE. I am not sure of the dates but it could have been around 1925 to about 1935. Any one having information about either of these children PLEASE contact me.

14 March 2003 FROM perkc2@aol.com(Carla Perkins)

I am looking for information regarding Mary SPRUILL, daughter of Samuel SPRUILL Jr, (b. 1737, d. 1765) and Elizabeth SWAIN, (daughter of Stephen SWAIN and Patience STIBALL). I have seen it written that this Mary might have married a DILLON and had a son named James, who is mentioned in the will of Sam SPRUILL Sr. (5 May 1765). I am trying to figure out the Spruill/Dillon connection. Any information is greatly appreciated.

23 April 2004 FROM llmarriner@netscape.com(Lou Marriiner)

My research indicates Wrixom MARRINER born abt 1749 was married to Tabitha SPRUILL, born abt 1749. Her father was Joseph SPRUILL Sr, and grandfather was Godfrey SPRUILL. Any help to confirm this would be greatly appreciated! I have considerable information on both the Marriner and Spruill line. If I can be of help to someone, please let me know.

14 July 2004 FROM jsje@cpomail.net(Sherry Spruill Young)

Searching for the parents of James Anderson SPRUILL b. approx. 1801. He married Director LIVERMAN 14 September 1823. James died in 1863 in Cherokee Co., TX. I believe his son Zebulon Anderson to be my g-g-g-g-grandfather. Does anyone have any information on James, his parents, land records, census records, etc... or same info on Director?

19 August 2004 FROM idasaunders@netscape.net(Ida Saunders)

My grandfather's brother, Miller E. STARLING married Maggie Lee SPRUILL. I think she was from Tyrell Co, NC. Miller was born in 1877 and they had 3 children Howard, Grace, and Belvin. I would like to hear from any of their family. Thank you. Ida Saunders

10 October 2005 FROM Sunsider@aol.com(Cheryl Casey)

Looking for Miles (Myles?) SPRUILL will. I am trying to connect my William S. SPRUELL to his father Bailey SPRUELL, and then again to Miles. William stated he was from Camden County, NC (marriage register of Princess Anne County, VA) and the son of Bailey SPRUELL and Sarah SAWYER. Bailey, as per many internet sites, has been linked to Miles as his son "Bala" listed in Miles SPRUILL family bible. I know that Miles was from Tyrell County. I have been unable to find anything on Bailey, census or otherwise, via internet. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me.

26 June 2006 FROM obx4two@aol.com(Sherry Mathews King)

Great-grandfather John SPURELL was born 1848 in NC. On the 1850 Census for Tyrrell Co. there is a Johnson SPURILL, 1 yr. old who's parents are Tully & Mahala SPRUILL. Does anyone know if Johnson SPRUILL could be John SPRUELL? John SPRUELL/SPRUILL married my great-grandmother, Martha, from VA. John & Martha had 11 children & my grandfather, Benjamin C. SPRUELL/SPRUILL is one of those children. My Mom use to spell her madien name as Spruell.

3 April 2007 FROM sbandcb@verizon.net(Sallye Bowen)

I am seeking information on Sarah M. SPRUILL (1815--after 1880), who married Benjamin S. BALFOUR. Sarah BALFOUR appears in the 1860 census at age 45, seamstress, along with her daughter Cary Anne, age 15, and Fanny SPRUILL, age 35, seamstress. [Presumably, Sarah is a widow at this point). Sarah, age 66, appears in the 1880 census, living with daughter Cary Ann [COX] and her husband, Jeremiah COX, age 44, son James B. COX, age 10, and Elvira C. BALFOUR, who is listed as niece to the Coxes. I don't know what the relationship between Fanny SPRUILL is to Sarah BALFOUR, or whose daughter Elvira C. BALFOUR is. Sarah BALFOUR had 3 children: James F. BALFOUR, Charles H. BALFOUR, and Cary Ann BALFOUR. Any help would be appreciated.

28 June 2007 FROM obx4two@aol.com(Sherry Mathews King)

Great-grandfather John SPRUELL was born in 1848 in NC. On the 1850 Census for Tyrrell Co. there is a John W SPRUILL, 8 mo. who's parents are Hamilton & Mary SPRUILL. JOHN Spruill/Speuell married my great-grandmother Martha, from VA. John & Martha had 11 children & my grandfather, Benjamin C. Spruell/Spruill is on of those children. My Mom use to spell her madien name as Spruell. I'm not really sure what County my great-grandfather was born in. I'm trying Tyrrell Co. because at one time my grandfather lived in Chesapeake VA. Any info would be great or suggestions for more research.

21 April 2008 FROM LOisAS2003@aol.com(Lois )

Searching for information on my gggparents James DEMPSEY son of William DEMPSEY from Scuppernong, Tyrrell Co, NC. He married Patsy SPRUIL/SPRUILL, who I belive was also from Scuppernong. They were listed on the 1880 Census with their children: Eliza, William, Matilda (mispelled Martilla) and Henry.

15 August 2008 FROM LOisAS2003@aol.com(Lois)

I am looking for information on Patsy SPRUILL who married James DEMPSEY. James's father was William DEMPSEY. James and Patsy had daughters named Geneva and Martilla DEMPSEY. Any info. would be appreciated.

3 October 2008 FROM LOisAS2003@aol.com(Lois )

Looking for info on the DEMPSEY/SPRUILL lines who were Afro-American and Indian descent from Scuppernong. Need info on the following people: James DEMPSEY the son of William DEMPSEY married Patsy SPRUILL, their children were Eliza, Henry, Martilla and Geneva. Any info would be helpful.

19 November 2008 FROM sbandcb@verizon.net(Sallye Bowen)

Any information on Sarah M. SPRUILL (circa 1814-after 1880), married Benjamin BALFOUR in 1838, had 3 children: James F. 1838, Charles H. 1841, Carey Ann 1843.

12 March 2009 FROM LOisAS2003@aol.com(Lois )

Looking for info on my DEMPSEY/SPRUILL lines that originated from Tyrrell Co. and lived in Columbia, Washington, Gum Neck. Also Bertie Co. but not sure if all the following towns are located in Bertie: Ahoskie, Windsor, Colerain, Winton and other surrounding area.
Genevia Dempsey SKINNER, dau. of Patsy SPRUILL & James DEMPSEY, the son of William Dempsey.
James & Patsy children:

26 March 2009 FROM luvstruck4dta@yahoo.com(D Leigh)

I am looking for information on SPRUILLS in Tyrrell County. I am looking specifically for the family linked to India Tatem SPRUILL and her husband Ervin SPRUILL. They had many children some being Henry SPRUILL and Lossie SPRUILL. I am looking for information on their parents and so on.

19 August 2009 FROM LOisAS2003@aol.com(Lois Skinner )

I am looking for info on my ggm Geneva Dempsey SKINNER, B. 1883 in Scuppernong, Tyrrell Cty. Her parents were James & Patsey Spruill DEMPSEY who originated from Gum Neck, Tyrrell Cty.

27 August 2009 FROM singspru@bellsouth.net(David Spruill)

I'm looking for any information on my ancestors. My father's name is David SPRUILL, his father's name was Fred SPRUILL, and his uncle's name was Charlie. Anyone that could give me any information I would greatly appreciate it.

18 February 2011 FROM sbandcb@verizon.net(Sallye Bowen)

I'm looking for the date of death of Sarah M. Spruill BALFOUR. Her date of birth is approximately 1818. She married Benjamin BALFOUR; they had a daughter Cary Ann, who married Jeremiah Wescott COX. The last record that I have for Sarah M. S. BALFOUR is the 1880 federal census, in which she is living with the Coxes.

4 March 2011 FROM nanswain@yahoo.com(Tegan Swain)

Does anyone know the parents of Nancy SPRUILL, born ca 1830 who married James N. SWAIN, b ca 1826. They probably married in the 1840s.

18 March 2012 FROM acschickn@yahoo.com(chickner)

I'm looking for information on Jemima SPRUILL who married Zechariah ALEXANDER 25 Oct 1825. Her father was possibly Samuel. Did she have a daughter Mary ALEXANDER who married George Henry CAMPBELL Sr. in Fleming Co., Ky. in 1843? Any info could be helpful.

27 March 2013 FROM marsh70@comcast.net(Marsha Spruill Meyer)

Looking for DAR patriot in Spruill Family starting with Benjamin Mathias SPRUILL and Alfa SWAIN. (My greatgrandfather)

30 November 2015 FROM misswu1981@aol.com(Shelby Bowen)

I am looking for any information pertaining to the BOWEN/SPRUILL family of Tyrrell and Washington Counties, NC. I have successfully traced back five generations but have come to a standstill at my great-great grandparents on both sides, Harry and Francis A. BOWEN and George and Polly SPRUILL. I'm trying to establish linage for my children. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and God Bless.

24 February 2016 FROM beverly51@comcast.net(Beverly Spruill)

I am looking for information on Jesse B. SPRUILL's parents, William Richard SPRUILL born 1845 died 1899, married to Annie E BASNIGHT. They were from Tyrrell county, North Carolina.

23 September 2001 FROM cbeachem@ec.rr.com(Cynthia Beachem)

Looking for info on Slover SQUIRES, married Amanda HUNNINGS. Son Sular Wilbert SQUIRES.

1 March 1998 FROM stmoody@worldnet.att.net (Sharon Tate Moody)

I am researching William Stansell who married Africa Smith in Tyrrell County in 1731.

1 December 1998 FROM travis@inti.net (Travis J. Stelly)

I've done a search through 'Family Tree Maker' and received a link to the Tyrrell Co page. It was referencing a William Stelly on the Death Records Page; also has a reference to Book B6, Page 364. Wondering if I could get more information on this Stelly. I'm from Louisiana and am trying to organize my information for my family tree. Any help will be most appreciated.

24 May 1999 FROM rogstillman@hotmail.com (Roger M. Stillman)

Looking for parents of J. D. STILLMAN, born 12/19/1862, died 6/28/1934, buried in Edenton. Wife was Claudia, born 12/23/1869, died 12/25/1939, also in Edenton. J. D. death certificate says he was born in Tyrrell County. Would like to know who his parents were and how may children they had. One of the sons (my father) was Orlando Jefferson Stillman, who was born in Edenton, I think.

3 August 2008 FROM anna.dupen@gmail.com(Anna Du Pen)

Looking for parents of Mayberry STILLMAN b.1810, father of Samuel, Merchant John, Rachel, James, Patsy; most of history is in what became Washington County but there is a Jeremiah listed in Tyrell in 1790/1800. Could this be a father/uncle?

17 January 1998 FROM gstubbs1@airmail.net (Garry Stubbs,M.D)

I am interested in locating any information relating to James STUBBS (b.2-28-1758,d.3-5-1837) who married Sally CANNADAY in Tyrrell county in 1780.

4 August 1998 FROM 1mtnlover@mail.clis.com (Sarah & Guy Gould)

I am tring to locate Archie McCormick STUBBS' (1880) home place. I had read that there were some STUBBS families in Tyrrell County and just thought I'd check. Thanks for your help.

3 June 2000 FROM lkwebster@mindspring.com (Lynda Webster)

Seeking information on Sarah STUBBS who married James MIDLETON, 25 DEC 1756, Tyrrell Co. ANY information is greatly appreciated.

5 January 2001 FROM jimstubbs@clas.net (Jim Stubbs)

One of my relatives was born in NC, 1780, Dennis STUBBS or [Stubs] went to Kentucky, married Elizabeth Nichols, Dec. 14, 1807, Christian Co. KY. Need help.

7 December 2002 FROM jimstubbs@clas.net(Jim Stubbs)

I am looking for the parents of Dennis STUBBS. 1850 KY census shows him to be 70 years and from NC.

7 January 1999 FROM bsutton@interactive.net (Bob Sutton)

Searching for information on John, Solomon and Joseph Sutton believed to be resident in the Tyrrell County area ca. 1722 and no later than about 1755. Thanks!

4 September 2000 FROM aph1@cox.net (Addie Howell)

Looking for information on Henderson SUTTON and his family. He marries Elizabeth PARRAMORE 1844. They had Sarah b- 1843 NC, Deborah b- 1843 NC, Ann b- 1844 NC and Caroline b- 1849. Who were Elizabeth's parents ? Would like to know more about the children, B&D dates and spouces names. Any help with this family would be appreciated.

4 January 2016 FROM LMSZORO@yahoo.com(Laura Swain )

Looking for info on my great great grandfather and grandmother, William J. SWAIN, 1859-1933, Tyrrell County, NC, who married Sarah E. SUTTON. And ANY info on William J. SWAIN's parents: Jerry SWAIN & Mary COOPER.

4 December 2017 FROM LMSZORO@yahoo.com(LMSwain)

Hi! We are looking for the parents and grandparentd of William Thomas SWAIN 3/20/1875-3/11/1954. (Married to Bernie Davenport SWAIN.) Tyrell county area. There have been a few sites that state his father was William SWAIN but not postive.....and there were a ton of William SWAIN's back then. Thanks for your help.

12 January 1997 FROM glrobert@erols.com (Cathy Roberts)

I am looking for information on the SWAIN family of Tyrrell County. Specifically, Elizabeth (Betsy) Swain, wife of George W. BRICKHOUSE (wed 20 April 1850). He is the son of John M. and Nancy (PHELPS) BRICKHOUSE.

24 March 1998 FROM lhorine@ida.org (Leta Waddle Horine)

I'm searching for info on my ancestral grandmother, Lois SWAIN, b. 1802, married Matthew P. BRICKHOUSE, Riders Creek, Tyrrell County, 6 Mar 1821. Her parents were Joseph and Amelia SWAIN.

28 July 1998 FROM TRS0304@aol.com (Trudy Swain)

My husband is C. R. SWAIN. He was born and raised in Bertie County. His gggGrandfather was Elias SWAIN, son of Abram SWAIN, Sr. and Nancy HASSELL. He was born January 6, 1785 in Tyrrell County. He was married about 1824 to Dorcus WALKER. I would like any information concerning him--estate papers, exactly when he was married, when he died, and where he might be buried. Any information you might have on Elias SWAIN or his wife and family would be really appreciated. Thanks!

19 September 1998 FROM swain_thomas_@grapevine.net (Tom Swain)

I am trying to locate the parents of Stephen SWAIN b, 1776 or 1778 in Tyrrell m Priscilla PHELPS in Tyrrell 16 Jan 1802, raised 9 children in Washington Co before moving to Madison Co, Il, d. 29Apr1846 in Macoupin Co, IL. In Robert Swain's "Swains of Nantucket" he is listed as being related to Stephen SWAIN of Chowan County d1712/1713; he could not determine his parents. Any help would be appreciated.

5 October 1998 FROM fattboy@ictransnet.com (Leland Dyals)

Looking for info on Ann Elizabeth (?) wife of Stephen SWAIN, R.S. who was the Justice of the Peace in Tyrrell Co from 12/23/1778 - 11/9/1790 when he resigned. I do know that she was born in Tyrrell Co in 1748 and they had 5 children. They moved to Ga sometime around 1790/1791. Anything would help - Thanks.

1 November 1998 FROM VDeantonio@aol.com (Unknown)

I am looking for the father of Mary Jane SWAIN born about 1851 in Tyrrell County, NC. Mary Jane Swain married an ALEXANDER.

15 March 1999 FROM Pugthree@aol.com (Faye Swain Paolino)

I am looking for information on Isaiah L. Swain, who appears in the Tyrrell Co 1820 census.

13 April 1999 FROM kjmalone@bellsouth.net (Judy Swain Malone)

I am interested in information regarding Jeremiah SWAIN b. 23 Aug 1751 (possibly in Chowan Co.) and died 1805 in Tyrrell Co, father of William SWAIN b. abt. 1800 (county unknown), who was father of James N. SWAIN b. 1825 of Washington Co. Thank You!

28 May 1999 FROM jselover@adelphia.net (Jim Selover)

I'm researching the SWAIN and SPRUILL families. Isaiah SWAIN married Esther SPRUILL 4 Jan 1812. Any help re these two individuals will be much appreciated.

2 August 1999 FROM tswain@wellsville.com (Tom Swain)

Eleazer SWAIN was born in Tyrrell County dob unknown, son of John SWAIN. His land became part of Washington Co in 1799. He was in the 1810 census but died before the 1820 Washington Co census. In 1790 tax census, he had 3 sons and 3 daughters. I need to find the names of these siblings as I suspect the Stephen in the 1800 census was his son and the father of Stephen b.1778 that was my ggggrandfather that migrated with a brother to Madison Co, IL in 1830s. Appreciate any information on Eleazer or Stephen (who maried Priscilla PHELPS in 1802 in Columbia, Tyrell county). Thanks!

21 October 1999 FROM mlsmnc@aol.com (Margaret Swain Mealor)

Would like any information on the parents of my gggrandfather, Cleophus W. SWAIN and his wife, Ann DAVENPORT. They are shown in the census records of Tyrrell Cty. in 1850 - later moved to Washington Cty.

5 September 2000 FROM chewey96@primenet.com (Sue)

Seeking information on Mary SWAIN, dau of Stephen SWAIN and Ann Elizabeth SPRUILL. Mary was born in 1785 and married Lemon Wesley, 23 Dec. 1810 in Georgia.

17 February 2001 FROM AHilton999@aol.com (Audrey Hilton)

Looking for ancestors and descendants of Joshua SWAIN and Frances GRAY. Their children were: David S. b. 1841; John Gray b. 1843; and Sarah F. b. 1846, all born in Washington Co., NC.

31 August 2001 FROM cpschumann@home.com(Pam)

I'm looking for info on Silas HASSELL b.1786 m.9 Feb 1819 to Mariah Ann 'Polly' SWAIN. Her parents are James & Edna (Roughton) SWAIN. I am wanting info on his children & who his parents were. I haven't been able to find him anywhere...I'm beginning to wonder if I may have his first name wrong. Please Help.

5 September 2001 FROM cpschumann@home.com(Pam)

On the 1900 Census J. Warren and Matilda Swain are listed with 7 children. They had 9 and 8 are living. I'm trying to find out the names of the other 2. I have a possibility on one of them. On the census, the oldest son listed is James W. Swain. I found 2 marriages with J. Warren & Matilda Swain as parents. My problem is that I'm not sure which one is James W. The names on the marriage license's are (1) J. Walter Swain, (2) Wallis Swain. So, if I can find out which one of these two is James W. then the other one would be one of my missing children. Then that would leave me to find out the name of the child that was deceased by the 1900 census. Hope you can help. Thanks.

3 November 2001 FROM Mindee527@yahoo.com(Dee)

Joanna SWAIN married John Theodore NEWBERRY I in July 1786. Accoding to the Newberry book, Joanna's parents were Stephen SWAIN and Ann SPRUILL of Tyrrell Co. NC. I am looking for proof that Joanna was the daughter of Stephen SWAIN. I know there has been some confusion about Stephen SWAIN and I hope someone out there can help me.

2 March 2002 FROM cpschumann@cox.net(Pam Schumann)

In James Swain's (parents James & Elizabeth(Smithwick) Swain) Will dated 5 Feb 1806 it mentions granddaughters Rosinna & Marth Swain. Who are their parents? Also, can you clarify if the grandson Benjamin Swain mentioned in the same will is the son of Jeremiah Swain who apparently is deceased by the writing of this will. I would also appreciate any additional info on these grandchildren. Thanks!

3 March 2002 FROM cpschumann@cox.net(Pam Schumann)

Looking over John SWAIN's (parents John & Mary (CHESSON) SWAIN) Will dated 8 Feb 1765 it mentions a couple of grand daughters Kezia & Jemime LONG. As two of his daughter's (Jemima & Esther) married LONG men, who are their parents? Also, who was John married to and can you tell me who his daughters Priscilla & Hannah married and who his son John married? I am assuming that his son Samuel is deceased since he wasn't mentioned in the will. Do you know his death date? Any additional info that you could provide on all of the above would be appreciated. Thanks!

4 March 2002 FROM cpschumann@cox.net(Pam Schumann)

I was going over the Will of William MACKEY (who married Joanna SWAIN) dated 22 Oct 1765. In it he names 3 daughters (Mary, Hannah & Elenor)and 2 sons (Thomas & William). I was hoping that you could provide me with any dates and any spouses names. Also, mentioned in his Will are 3 young children which he provides for their maintaining and educating but their names are not mentioned. Can you provide me with their names? Thanks!

28 March 2002 FROM edswain@eastern.wvnet.edu(Eddie Swain)

Looking for information about the parents of my great-grandfather Edgar Lafayette SWAIN of Pasquotank County (b. 1866; d. c1928; m. Winnie WHITE of Pasquotank Co.). Edgar and Winnie's Marriage License dated July 1892 says that Edgar's parents are J--- Swain (living) and Nancy Swain (dead). Edgar was 26 y.o. on the Marriage License in 1892. I always thought the J--- was John, but it might be Jehu. An A. W. Swain witnessed the wedding. By 1906, this A. W. was married to a Martha and living in Norfolk, VA. Winnie's parents were Joshua and Elizabeth WHITE of Pasquotank County if that helps anyone make a link.
There is a John and Nancy (BARNES) SWAIN in the 1860 Tyrrell Co. Census, but I am not certain if they are the right John and Nancy since Edgar wasn't born until 1866, and there is no trace of John and Nancy in Tyrrell County in 1870. The only Edgar Swain in the 1870 Tyrrell Co. Census is too old (9 y.o.) and is living with a Davenport Family. Doubt that this Edgar is the same as my g-grandfather, but it could be . . . Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

25 July 2002 FROM vginny39@wmconnect.com(Virginia Morrisette)

Does any one have any information about a family named SPRUILL or SWAIN who had in their care two girls, Nancy Virginia MORRISETTE and Effie Mae MORRISETTE. I am not sure of the dates but it could have been around 1925 to about 1935. Any one having information about either of these children PLEASE contact me.

10 September 2005 FROM cindyleeswain@yahoo.com(Cindy Swain)

William SWAIN had two sons, James Warren Swain sO am trying to get a connection. I know that William was the father but that is all the information that I have.

14 April 2006 FROM hsgboro@aol.com(Henrietta Swayne Franklin)

Seeking information about my gggrandfather, Nathan SWAIN, born in 1836 to the first wife (Clovy) of Job A. SWAIN and married to Aneliza BARNES in 1856 and later to Sarah GODWIN. Nathan was born in Tyrrell County and later lived in Washington County.

22 April 2006 FROM hsgboro@aol.com(Henrietta Swayne Franklin)

I am interested in information about Job A. SWAIN, born 1812 in Tyrrell County, married Clovy ---- and then to Frances ETHERIDGE on 5/4/44 and was a carpenter in Tyrrell County, NC. Also searching for the parents of Job SWAIN.

3 February 2007 FROM calico@ctitech.com(Sharon Sherman)

I would like to know if anyone has any info on two daughters of Steven SWAIN and Priscilla PHELPS, that migrated to Washington Co., NC., then to Madison and Macoupin Co., IL. Need info on daughter Susan, b.1814, d.1832 or 1844, IL? Also Jane, b.1806, d.1844 NC or IL. My gggrandmother Susan SUTTON is possibly the daughter of one of these two. Susan went by the name of SUTTON, death certificate does not give mothers name, but lists father as David BRUCE, according to son Stephen. Believe Susan was raised by Nancy, another daughter of Steven and Priscilla, who married Joshua SUTTON, and settled in OmphGhent Township, Madison Co., IL. Susan "Sutton" m. Hiram DAVIS, OmphGhent Twsp., but lived and died in Dorchester, Macoupin Co., IL. Hiram DAVIS, was first married to Eliza, "Elizabeth" TARKINGTON, of NC, who died in 1865 and he later married Susan. Believe they might have been cousins. Susan always lived among the SWAINS, SUTTONS, SPRUILLS, and SAWYERS. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Would like to know if either of the 2 daughters was married to a David BRUCE, or possibly David Bruce SUTTON. Incidently, Susan SUTTON's only daughter was named Lavina. Also one daughter of Steven and Priscilla had that name. Could be family name for girls.

4 May 2007 FROM hsgboro@aol.com(Henrietta S. Franklin)

I am still looking for the parents of Job[e] SWAIN born between 1806 and 1812. Job was married first to Clovey (?) and then to Frances ETHERIDGE in 1844. He was buried in Tyrrell Co. Any help would be appreciated --- I am considering offering myself for adoption otherwise!

26 August 2007 FROM olkargi@aol.com(Terry (Swain) Williams)

Looking for information regarding SWAIN, O'Connell, known as John, Conn or O.J. He lived with the James BRICKHOUSE family as a farm laborer, 28 years old, in the 1880 census. Living in Columbia at the time. Parents Abraham & Nancy. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for info on his sister Mary Alice who married William Charles ALEXANDER, buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Columbia, N.C. Thank you!

4 May 2009 FROM dawnhc4@aol.com(Dawn Hayman Curl)

Does anyone know the parents of Nancy SWAIN who married Benjamin F. P. SYKES/SIKES? There were quite a few Nancy SWAINS in the county at the time she was still single. Nancy and Benjamin married in 1851. She's listed as 'Nancy SWAIN Jr.' on the marriage bond.

23 July 2009 FROM katfannky@yahoo.com(Lisa Swain)

Looking for leads re; the parents of Joshua Blanche SWAIN. He was born in Tyrrell County in May 1878. Adult records note that he moved to VA early 1900; served in the Navy / married Luna Ann LINTON; they had 5 children (Fred, James, William, Clara & Jean). Cannot piece together who his parents/ siblings were. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

4 March 2011 FROM nanswain@yahoo.com(Tegan Swain)

Does anyone know the parents of Nancy SPRUILL, born ca 1830 who married James N. SWAIN, b ca 1826. They probably married in the 1840s.

13 January 2012 FROM longrandall58@yahoo.com(BETTY LONG)

I am looking for ancestors of John Morgan SWAIN who married Addie Lee LINDLE. They moved to Arkansas. I know they are kin to the GOFFS. Could you help me locate any relative in North Carolina or Georgia?

4 January 2016 FROM zoleigh@gmail.com(Laura Swain )

Looking for info on my great great grandfather and grandmother, William J. SWAIN, 1859-1933, Tyrrell County, NC, who married Sarah E. SUTTON. And ANY info on William J. SWAIN's parents: Jerry SWAIN & Mary COOPER.

31 January 2000 FROM 3512@home.com (Martha Swanner Russell)

Trying to locate maiden name of Sarah, wife of William SWANNER. William was the son of Mathias Tobias SCHWANNER and Jean Lanier SCHWANNER of Tyrrell Co. William was born 1732 in Tyrrell Co., died 1777 Martin Co. William and Sarah married ca 1755-60, possibly in Tyrrell Co. Will share any information I have.

14 February 2009 FROM Katienyounme@yahoo.com(Ned Swanner)

Looking for information on Henry SWANNER, father of William, Norfleet, Norfleet B. and Henry, born 1805 or 1806. Any information helpful.

15 June 1999 FROM michel@ccape.net (Vicki Winston Michel)

I am researching two sisters, Amelia TARKINGTON (b. 1786, d. 1866) and Deborah TARKINGTON (b. 1790, d. 1876). I am looking for a complete list of siblings for these two sisters. They married two brothers - Amelia married Peter J. SWANSON (b. 1789, d. 1849) and Deborah married Richard SWANSON (b. 1790 d. 1873). Richard SWANSON is buried in tract adjacent to "Edward SWANSON Land Grant". Edward SWANSON was the father of these two brothers and Mary Looney CARVIN (b. 1757) is their mother. Peter J. SWANSON is buried in Harrison County, Texas. I am looking for a complete list of siblings for these two brothers also. I would greatly appreciate any info on these two families.

27 January 2006 FROM Cg7007@aol.com(Cal E. Gibbs, Jr.)

My name is Cal E GIBBS, my mother Mildred Adele LUPTON's mother was Sadie SWINDELL who lived outside of Columbia, NC. She originally married a LLUPTON and then married SWINDELL. I think it was J. Tom SWINDELL. My mother, Mildred LUPTON, was born in 1902. Her brothers were named Otis LUPTON and Cromwell LUPTON. I am 76 years old now and have not been back to Columbia in about 20 years. I know a Virginia Ann & Marion BRICKHOUSE that have recently moved back to Columbia and I believe Ida GIBBS, who lived in Columbia just passed away this year. Any information that you have on the above mentioned people would be greatly appreciated or if you could put me in the right direction as to whom to contact it also would be greatly appreciated. My father Cal GIBBS I think was born in Creswell ,NC. My grandmother on my fathers side was named Indiana GIBBS and her father was Robert Carson GIBBS. Looking forward to hearing from you.

19 January 1998 FROM lion21@ecsu.campus.mci.net (Robert Allen Britton, Sr.)

I am searching for information on the family of Truxton SYKES who last lived in Tyrrell County during the 1850's. He was in Currituck County and Princess Anne County, Virginia during the 1860's. My great-grandfather's name was Truxton SYKES and I believe there is a connection between him and the above-mentioned Truxton SYKES. My great-grandfather was born in Tyrrell County and moved to Currituck County as a child. He was taken away from his mother when he was three because of mixed parentage. His mother was white and his father was an Indian. He was indentured to an Elizabeth CALLENDAR in 1871. If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.

4 May 2009 FROM dawnhc4@aol.com(Dawn Hayman Curl)

Does anyone know the parents of Nancy SWAIN who married Benjamin F. P. SYKES/SIKES? There were quite a few Nancy SWAINS in the county at the time she was still single. Nancy and Benjamin married in 1851. She's listed as 'Nancy SWAIN Jr.' on the marriage bond.

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