Marriage Bonds for Tyrrell County, North Carolina

The marriage bonds of Tyrrell County, NC were compiled by the WPA. For the 250th anniverary celebration of the county, volunteers extracted the WPA listing for a commemorative publication. The extract was provided for use here by one of the volunteers, Grady Gordon Brickhouse, whom I wish to thank for sharing it with us. In checking the extract against the original WPA compilation, it has been found that some pages were missed and that some of the volunteers standardized the spelling of surnames in accordance with modern usage. This has been corrected and all grooms have been posted. It will take a little more time before I can produce a revised bride listing. This list also contains bonds that were missed by the original WPA survey. Thanks to Melanie Armstrong, the Tyrrell County Register of Deeds (and a "cousin" I might add) for providing us with the addendum to the WPA survey.

The original marriage bonds extracted by the WPA also contain information such as bondsmen, witnesses, etc. This data has been added to all records in this listing as records were edited and missing records inserted. Bondsmen and witnesses can be valuable indicators of relationships. Some day I will create an index of bondsmen and witnesses. Until that time, you can search each list for particular surnames by using the search capability of your browser. Because of the size of the entire marriage bond listing, it has been broken into smaller files based on the surnames of the grooms and the brides.

If you wish to order a copy of a marriage bond, they may be obtained from the North Carolina State Archives, 109 East Jones St., Raleigh, NC 27601-2807. Please include the groom's name, bride's name, the date of the bond and the county. There is an $8.00 search-and-copy fee if you live outside North Carolina. If you live in North Carolina, there is no search fee and the fee for a copy is usually around $2.00. A microfilm copy of the bonds and associated papers may also be rented through any Family History Center of the Mormon church. This usually costs $3.00 for a thirty-day period or $4.50 for a six-month period. Copying costs vary, provided the Family History Center has a microfilm reader that is capable of printing.


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