Death Records of Tyrrell County, North Carolina

We want to express our thanks to Melanie Armstrong, Register of Deeds for Tyrrell County for making these death certificates available to us. MANY thanks for all that you have done for us Melanie!

The official recording of deaths began in 1913 in North Carolina with the use of death certificates. The purpose of this project is to scan and index these death certificates. We have now scanned and indexed Book 1 (1913 - 1924), Book 2 (1923 - 1927), Book 3 (1927 - 1931) and Book 4 (1931 - 1935). The index includes the name of the deceased, the deceased's parent's names, the deceased's husband or wife if married, and the name of the informant if not a parent. The book and page number are also shown, and for females, married and maiden names are both used in the index wherever possible. The implied married and maiden names are not written on the death certificate, but may be derived from information on the death certificate. For example, the mother's maiden name is supposed to be entered on the death certificate. Her married name can be inferred from the name of the father, assuming they were married. When the deceased is female and married, her maiden name can be derived from the father's name. People of all colors/races are included in these death certificates.

The only way to access a death certificate is through the index. Because of its size the index is broken up into parts. Click on the letter below that is the first letter in the surname you are searching for to go to the index. Once there, click on a name of interest and the death certificate containing the name of that individual will be displayed. To return to the index, press BACK on your browser. The size of these images will be larger than your screen. They have not been reduced to screen size to facilitate interpreting the writing.

If you want to order a copy of a full death certificate, they may be obtained from the Register of Deeds, Tyrrell County, P.O. Box 449, Columbia, NC 27925, telephone (252) 796-2901. Please include the deceased's name, book number and page number.


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Updated July 25, 2004