Secretary of State
Colony of North Carolina
County of Tyrrell
Dated 22 August 1750

In ye name of God Amen. August the 22 Day 1750 John Stansell of ye province of North Carolina and county of Tyrell being sick and weak of body but of perfick minde and memory thanks be to God for ye same calling to mind ye mortality of my body and knowing it is apointed for all men once to dye doe make and ordaine this to be my last will and testement that is to say princiley ___ and first of all I give and recommend by soule into ye hands of allmighty God that give it and my body I comitt to ye Earth to be buried in a decent Christain buriall at ye descretion of my Exectrix nothing doubthing but at the Generall resurectation I shall receive the same againe by the mightey power of God and as touching such worldy goods or Estate whaire with if hath pleased allmighty God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the maner and forme folowing.

Item - I give and bequeathe to my well beloved wife Sarah Stansell after my dexease and all my lawfull debts and neaseserey charges are paid for and towards hir suport and maintaince during hir widowhood or naturell life the use and tilledge of my maner plantation to gather with the sevaite work and labour of all my slaves male and feamale and thair increase as all so the use of all my household goods and manerbells stock of what kind or quality so ever accepting as is hear in and hearafter excepted

Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebackah Stansell three cows and callves and one feather bed to be delivered to hir at ye day of hir maredge or when she shall soe cause to leave hir mother and also I give and bequeathe to my grandaughter Elizabeth Marey Stansell one yeare old heffer to be delivered to hir use in March nosct 1757.

Item - I give and bequeathe to my to sons John and Godfrey Stancells after their mothers death or maredge all my lands and slaves male and female and their increase to be eaquelly devided between them and to ye sowl property of ye said John Stansell and Godferey Stansell to them and teir heirs forever and allso one fether bed apeace if they or either of them should marey before their mothers death.

Item - I give and bequeath all ye stock of catell and sheep yt shall be found at ye death or maradge of my wife Sarah Stansell to be equally devided amongest them all my children after maredge or death of their mother.

Item - I give to my sons John Stansell and Godrerey Stansell after my wides death or at hir mardge all and singular my horses and mairs to be equally devided betweene them

Item - I give to my two sons and to my daughter Rebekah at ye maradge or death of thair mother all my other household stuff and movabells not before bequeathed to be eaqualley devided both leave them John Godrerey and Rebakah Stansell above sd.

Item- and for as much as my two beloved daughters Elizabeth Barbre and Marey Conteley have allredey received a part of my Estate and ye Leageayes hearo in apointed them may be of small valow at the day of demand I give and bequeathe to each of them one shilling starling apeace to be paid on their or eithier thair demand for the same; and heareby revokeing all other wills by me before made I doe retifie and confirme this and no other to be my Last will and testament to which I doe heareby nominate and constute ordaine and apoint my well beloved wife Sarah Stansell to be my Executrix and my beloved John to be my Executor of this my Last will and testement In conformation whair of I ahve heare unto sett my hand and seall

John Stansell

Edmund Smithwick
Rebekah Stansell
Lamul Smithwick

North Carolina
Tyrrel County
March County Court 1750

Present His majestys Justices

Then was the within will proved in open Court by the oath of Edmund Smithwick Esqr. In due form of Law and at the same time Sarah Stansell Executor to the within will was duley qualified by takeing the oath by law appointed to be taken by Executors. Ordred that the Secretary or his deputy of said Province have notice that Letters Testementory ishue theron as the Law directs.

Test. Evan Jones Clerk

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