State of North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Book 2, page 34
Dated 20 February 1804

In the name of God amen: I Henry Norman of the County of Tyrell being of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be to God do this twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four make and publish this my last Will and Testament manner following (that is to say)

First - I lend all my property of what kind or nature soever after paying all my just debts, to my beloved wife to have hold ocupy & enjoy all the privileges andprofits arising therefrom to her own use during her natural life only with this reserve Henry Norman Jasper shall be maintained clothed and schooled out of the aforesaid profits.

Secondly - I desire and request that the said Henry Norman Jasper shall be schooled educated & taught at the discretion of my executors ---

Thirdly - At the decease of my wife it is my desire and request that Henry Norman Jasper son of Richard Jasper of Beaufort County dcd. shall heir and enjoy all the property with its increase that was lent by me to my beloved wife but should the said Henry Norman Jasper die before he may have any lawful heirs of his own body then the property be divided as follows Viz: Judah Mosse Hetta Edah & Simon and their increase with one half of the parishable property to be given to the heirs of my beloved wife in such a manner as she shall will or devise, and the other half of the parishable property with the remainder fo the negroes to return to the service heirs of my family and amongst them to be equally divided after paying my executors for my services and I hereby make ordain my beloved wife my executrix also the reverend Charles Pettigrew and Thomas Trotter Executors of this my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Henry Norman (Seal)

Signed Sealed published and pronounced
by the said Henry Norman the Testator as
his last Will and Testament in the presence
of us who where present at the time of signing
and sealing thereof

Thomas Trotter
Elizabeth Trotter
Snoad B. Carraway

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