State of North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Book 3, page 41
Dated 5 Oct 1855

In the name of God amen: I Mary Liverman of Tyrrel County. and State of North Carolina being of sound and perfict mind and memory, do make and publish this last Will and Testament in the manner following that to say-

I leave all of my negroes, all other property that I possession the world to be equally divided into four equal parts-

First- I leave one fourth of my estate to my beloved sister Martha Cooper's heirs, Martha Simmons, Benjn. Cooper and Mary Ann Cooper, to be equally divided between the three-

Secondly- I leave one fourth of my estate to my beloved sister Sally Livermon's heirs Frederick, Franklin Livermon and Thomas Wilson Swain, to be equally divided between the three-

Thirdly- I leave one fourth of my estate to my beloved sister Nancy Dunbar or her heirs after my decease-

Fourthly- I leave one fourth of my estate to my beloved brother Elias Livermon's heirs, John Livermon and Polly Owens- I leave John Livermon & Polly Owens part with my executors to manage for them until they arrive to the age twenty one years old- I leave Mary Ann Cooper one bureau and one bed and furniture- I leave John Livermon one bed and furniture in my perishable estate-

And I hereby make and ordain my worthy friends Frderick Livermon and Thomas Swain executors of this my last Will and Testament- In witness whereof I the said Mary Livermon have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal- Oct. the 5th. 1855-

Signed, sealed & delivered At:
Hezekiah Livermon
Timothy Jones Jr.

Mary her X mark Livermon (Seal)

State of North Carolina
Tyrrel County
Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions
Oct. Term 1855-

The within paper writing purporting to be The last Will and Testament of Mary Liverman dcd. is exhibited in open court by Thomas Swain one of the executors therein named and the execution thereof is proved by Timothy Jones one of the subscribing witnesses to the same- It is therefore considered, adjudged & decreed by the court that the said paper writing & every part thereof is the last of said Mary Livermon & the same is ordered to be recorded & filed- and thereupon said Thomas Swain duly qualified as executor by taking the oath prescribed by law- The other executor therein named, Frederick Livermon renouncing the same in open court.

Saml. McCleese Clk.

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