State of North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Book 2, page 7
Dated 11 December 1843

In the name of God Amen: I Elizabeth Davenport being in good sound mind but in bad health do make this my last Will and Testament this 11th day of December 1843.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Levina Melson all my land swamp on the south side of the main road which leads to the road landing Halseys and Simmons northermost boundary containing 100 acres more or less that is to say all the land and Swamp up to Asa Etheridges so as to include the whole plantation whereon I now live, also one bed and furniture.

I give and bequeath to Mariah Sudock(?) the ridgefield plantation known by the name Crain land that is to say the land I bought whereon Hardy T Brickhouse lives, which land I bought of Haywood which will appear by reference to said Deed- also the old plantation whereon James Chaplin now lives.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Chaplin which land I bought of William Wynn which more full appear by reference to said deed. I give to my son William N. Davenport fifty acres of land more or less on the sound side whereon Richard Brickhouse lives which I bought of Amariah Biggs.

Also I give one hundred twelve acres more or less to my son Wm. N. Davenport where Edward Roughton lives which land I bought of N A Brickhouse and Co. which will more fully appear by reference to said deed.

Also one tract adjoining the lands of Joseph Wynne and Henderson S. Sutton containing 112 acres more or less which I bought at Sherriffs sale formerly belonging to Azail Davenport as I am bound to sale Halsey and Pettigrew 300 and 99 pine tree I reserve them to pay my debts off said lands. I have before allotted for my son and daughter to be cut off said land proportionalble according to compliment of acres.

Also I give to Ann Stephenson one dollar to be paid by my executor.

Also 100 dollars to be paid by my executor to Matilda Owens my granddaughter.

I leave the balance of my lands to be sold by my executor. Also negro man Jack and all stock of cattle, hogs house kitchen firnature one horse and the balance my estate to be sold on such terms as my executor may think proper. I also leave the Schooner Dalphin or my interest to be sold by my executor on such terms above mentioned after paying my just debts. I leave the neat proceeds of my estate to be equally divided between Levine Melson, Mariah Sadock(?), William N. Davenport, Nancy Chaplin to be paid to them by executor. I hereby leave Samuel S. Simmons my true and lawful Executor to this my last Will and Testament Day and date above mentioned.

Elizabeth (her x mark) Davenport

Witness: Isaac Cooper
Hardy T.
(his x mark) Brickhouse
Asa Etheredge

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