State of North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Book 1, page 89
Dated 16 October 1770

In the name of God amen: I give my sole to Allmity God from wence it came my will & diser is that my bloved wife have her thirdes of all my estate I give & bequeth to my son George Waach one shilling starling money for his sheare of the estate I likewise give to my soun John Spruill the Jlades Cold Jomehock and popler I - land and the test of my estate to be eqly dived betwen the rest of my children only the valu or one negir given to Fraley to come out of his part of my estate given under my hand seel this 16 day of October 1770.

Wm Currells (Seald)

William Ansell
John Broom

Tyrrell County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions

February Session 1775

The last will and testament of William Currel was proved in open court by Joseph Spruill by swearing to the hand writing of the said William Currel.

Susannah Currel relinquished her right of administration in behalf of her son Thomas Currel who accordingly took the oaths appointed by law & gave security in the sum of one thousand pounds & gives security Frayley Jones & John Spruill ordered the Secretary have notice that letters of administration may issue.

May Session 1775

Thomas Currel returned into court an inventory of the estate of William Currel deceased.

Ordered that Thomas Currel so much of the perishable part of the estate of William Currel as will discharge the debts due by the said estate.

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