State of North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Book 2, page 95
Dated 8 June 1818

In the name of God amen: I Joseph Ansley of the County of Tyrrell and State of North Carolina of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same; desiring to make this my last Will & Testament in writing. First I recomend my soul to God that gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner, not doubting but a the General Resurection day soul and body will be united together and forever enjoy a blest immortality. And as touching such worldy goods as it hat pleased God to bless me with in this world I wish to dispose of the same in the following manner and form Viz:

First - I give and bequeath to Asa, Noah, Enoch and William Ansley sons of John Ansley all my land and swamp between Scuppernong river and the plantation tract where I now live, beginning at the mouth of the Potato Chod Run thence up the run to a black gum standing in the branch at Mary Batemans arch Nathan Phelps corner tree thence along the road and line to corner of the land I purchesd of William Tarkenton, then along the line between said land and Harmon Batemans land to Cal Hodges line, then Hodges line to the river including all and singular the houses & plantation and all the pertains thereunto also all the cattle on said plantation with their increase, and the mare the negro man Jerry first reserving unto John Ansley the free use and privilidge of the above mentioned gifts or so much thereof as he may wish to retain during his life. I hereby direct John Ansley at such a time as he shall think proper to divide off the above mentioned property between the above mentioned sons to them and their heirs forever ---

I give and bequeath to John and Danel Ansley my Juniper Swamp in lue and that neither of them shall have privilidge to sell to any other person to them and their heirs forever ---

I leave the use of my plantation to my loving wife Mary Ansley during life or widowhood, with all the woodland belonging thereto and building thereon aso negro woman Abigail & negro man Jack with the stock of every kind belonging to plantation (except the young Mare Susan, one cow and calf, two ewes & lambs) with household and kitchen furniture and the plantation tools ---

I give to my daughter Amelia Smith one negro boy Jams during life and the young mare Susan, one cow & calf, two Ewes & lambs excepted above and at to descend to the children lawfully begotten of her body if any or if she should die without lawful issiue the above property to return to the heirs of her brother equal ---

I lend the use of the cleared and woodland that Danel Ansley occupies at this time being the south west corner of the tract which I now live on. Beginning at a gum in the run west of the house then up the fence called the line fence to the land fence then a westerly the courses of the lane to line called Davenports, then along Davenports line to pine stum in the fork of the run, thence down the run to the first station during her life and at he mothers death or marriage should he survive her I lend the use of the other part of the plantation with all the woodland buildings on said plantation except the one half of the wheat thrashing machine to him during his life and at his death I give to his sons if any living and if no sons to his daughters if any the whole of tract with all the pertains thereto them their heirs forever. But should he die leaving no lawful issue of his body arriving to are of twenty one years. Then the whole of the plantation and woodland I give to surviving heirs of brother and sisters to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever ---

I give to my grandaughter Amely Ann Hassel on negro girl named Nancy also one feather bead and furniture thereunto belonging also one cow and calf. The above property to remain in the care of her grandmother untill Amelia Ann arrive to lawful age if he grandmother die before Amelia Ann arives to lawful age or maries the property to be committed to the care of a guardian to be appointed by the court to hier out the negro and take care of the other property till her mariage. I give to John Ansley the other half of the wheat thrashing machine. At my wifes death or marriage I leave negroes Abigel and Jack to be sold and the money to be divided between Amelia Smith & Unce Tweedy or if either of them die without heirs her part to descend to the heirs of the other brother & sister. The remainder of my property not given away in legacies I leave to be sold and the money divided between John Ansly, Donel Ansly, Amelia Smith & Unce Tweedy and the heirs of Joanna Hassel---

I appoint David Clayton and Danel Ansly Excutors to this my last Will and Testament Revoking all other former wills establishing this to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I set my hand and seal this 8 day of June 1818 ---

Joseph Ansley (Seal)

Signed Seald and Ack. By the Testator
in presence of Hamon Bateman
& Geore W. Davenport

State of North Carolina
Tyrrell County
Court Court Oct Term 1828

This will was exhibited in open court and proved by the oaths of Hamon Bateman & Geore W. Davenport subscribing witness thereto who swore that he was of sound desposing mind and memory, at the same time appeard Donel Ansly one of the excutors & qualifid thereto.

Jos. Halsy Clk.

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