Map showing approximate boundaries of Tryon Co. NC, 1768-1772 [47k] based on a map by Elmer Oris Parker.
Map showing approximate boundaries of Tryon Co. NC, 1772-1779 [22k], based on a map by Elmer Oris Parker and on this 1779 map of SC [173k].
County seat was in town of Tryon, located between present-day Cherryville and Bessemer City in Gaston Co. Upon dissolution, land and court records were turned over to Lincoln Co. which at that time occupied area now divided between Lincoln and Gaston counties.

The 1768-1772 map shows that Tryon County NC included all or parts of present-day NC counties:

Burke, McDowell, Polk, Rutherford, Cleveland, Lincoln Gaston and present-day SC counties:
 Spartanburg, Cherokee, York, Lancaster, Greenville, Laurens, Union, Newberry and Chester.

How this map was made.

The 1768-1772 map shown is 81 miles wide at its widest point, and approximately 83 miles high. The boundaries given in Governor Tryon's description differ somewhat. The portion in presentday South Carolina would have been limited to including almost all of presentday York and Cherokee counties and the upper half of presentday Spartanburg County.

In 1772, the state line in Tryon County NC was resolved as being in its present location. The county was abolished in 1779. Other portions of the NC/SC state line were not resolved until 1782. The location of the southern boundary of Tryon Co. in 1772 appears confirmed in this 1779 map of SC [173k]].

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