Land Records

Grantor Grantee Date Description
Samuel Johnston of Tryon County James Cook of Tryon Co.

25 July 1769

300a on Cathys Creek of 2nd Broad River, adj. McCarty, granted to sd. Johnston 26 Oct 1767
Andrew Hamptop & wife Katherine of Tryon County Samuel Johnston of Tryon Co.

04 July 1771

Land on north side of Dutchmans Creek, adj. Abraham Kuyendall, James Kutendall, 280a granted to Mary Kuyendall, now wife of Martin Armstrong, who conveyed the same to Andrew Hampton by a single deed, dated 25 Nov 1763, and was granted 26 Mar 1755
Granted Saml Johnston

13 Apr 1779

claims 50 ac in Tryon Co. on both sides of Dutchmans Cr; border: his own land where he now lives
George Romonger of Lincoln County Saml Johnston of Lincoln Co.

02 Mar 1782

150a on both sides Peter Romongers branch, granted to sd. George 9 June 1766
Samuel Johnston & wife Olive of Lincoln County William Tillman of Lincoln Co.

18 Oct 1783

land on N side of Dutchmans Creek, adj. James Kuyendall, 280a granted to Mary Kuyendall now wife of Martin Armstrong, 26 Mar 1755 & conveyed by sd. Armstrong to Andr Hampton by single deed 25 Nov 1763

The Johnston Land records submitted by Tony Johnson.  Thanks Tony!

Abraham Belew of Spartanburg

 Tryon County: 1768: Feb 08 - Moses Wylie of Mecklenberg County, planter, to Abraham BELEW of same, planter, for 30 sterling...150 A granted to Moses Wylie  27 Apr 1767 on both sides the Dutchmans or Crowders (should read Cowdens) Creek, falling into the No. side of Tygar River...   

Moses Wylie (seal),
Wit: James McElwean, Chas. Moore Rec.
Jan term          1770.

 This land is in present day Spartanburg Co, SC.

Submitted by Marcia McLure - Thanks!

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