Civil War Resource: Sons of the South

Recently added to the Military section of the NC Statewide information section is a link to the Sons of the South website – a collection of information about the Civil War.

Sons of the South website -

The Sons of the South has a plethora of resources about the Civil War, including images from the 1861-1865 issues of Harpers Weekly newspapers during this time period. There is a detailed overview of events by year, as well as information about the battles, the generals, and other significant figures & events.

The images from the Harpers Weekly are really worth looking at – they are quite detailed with many of them done by Thomas Nast, considered to be the “father of the American cartoon. ”  You could spend hours browsing these issues, but in the process you will learn a lot.  For example, here are two images I found from Plymouth, Washington County, North Carolina that appeared in the December 24, 1864 issue of Harper’s Weekly.

The North Carolina specific images from the magazine run are included in the University of North Carolina’s Civil War Image Portfolio if you’d like to browse by specific subject areas.

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