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Lost Revolutionary War Soldiers

Can you add to the information on these or their families? Information collected from pensions, Pearce’s Register, Census, and various family descendants. These men are believed to have lived some in Duplin or Sampson Co. NC. If you can add to this file, contact the editor.


BARFIELD, Solomon, Private, North Carolina-Dobbs  Militia.

Soldier was the son Richard Barfield of Duplin who died in 1754 and left a Will. Soldier married Sarah Crow. He is listed in pay vouchers for revolutionary service and served in Dobbs County. His brother-in- law Isaac Crow served with him.


BLAND, Joseph, Private, N.C. Militia, NC.

Soldier was the son of William Bland who died in 1775 and is listed in Pierce’s Register. Soldier was born about 1760 and died about 1827. He is the brother of James and John Bland who also served in the Revolutionary War.


BOYET, Samuel, Private, N.C. Militia.

Soldier died in 1791 and wife was named Phereby. Sons were John and Hardy Boyet. Soldier was the son of Moses Boyet and soldier was reared in Dobbs County. Two brothers listed in will of Soldier were William and Arthur Boyet. Moses Boyet will of 1780 list only son Arthur.


BOYET, William, Private, N.C. Line & Militia, Pension # R1115.

Soldier was born c1745 [Johnston, later Dobbs, then Wayne County NC]; Probable son of Moses BOYT. One record gives his name as William B. BOYT. He m: Jane (b. c1750 of Duplin Co., NC and d. after 8 March 1834). His brothers are believed to be Arthur, Ephraim, and Samuel. William was taxed in 1814 in Duplin Co. He was between 80 and 89 in 1830 and was still living in 1834 when he applied for a Rev. War pension. During the war he served from Wayne and Duplin Counties, NC. He was drafted under Col. [James] KENAN and Capt. Hardy HOLMES for 3 months. He was sent to Fayetteville, then down river to Elizabethtown in Bladen Co. NC. Then served a tour under General [Thomas] EATON and Capt. Hardy HOLMES. Drafted for 9 months started from Duplin County, he joined the army at Elizabethtown NC, and went on through SC to Augusta then to Burke Co.[GA] where he was stationed. During his second term of service, he was a spy in the Creek Indian Nation  and fought at Brier Creek [March 3, 1779], but was defeated and swam the river on retreat. In his deposition he stated that he "dropped his gun to save a man from drowning" and saved his life. He managed to catch up with one American officer on the "Duplin side" of the Savannah River in SC. One statement shows that he entered service at the fork of Little and Neuse rivers. He was discharged in GA in 1779. During his 3rd term of service, he was drafted for 6 months just before the close of the war. He started from Duplin, met army or joined it at Elizabethtown, marched toward the SC line then towards Brunswick, crossed into NC twice, then marched to the NE river to the big bridge about 10 miles from Wilmington. The bridges were gone, but they stayed there 5 or 6 weeks. Col. McMUDDAY joined them. William was in the company with Major [Abraham] MOLTON, Major James GILLISPIE.  They left the bridge area for Duplin County to ascertain the movements of the British, but the British had gone [August 1781] to Newbern. He pursued the British as far as Newbern, then returned and helped mend the bridges. He was discharged soon after "Cornwallis was taken"[Oct. 19, 1781]. He deposed that he "never received any pay while in service" and was given $50 in continental money when discharged in Newbern "and he give it for a piper" [Inn]. All total he served 18 months. He received no pension prior to 1834. He stated that he lived most of his life before, during, and after the Revolutionary War in Duplin County, except one year when he lived in Lenoir County NC on the Tuckaho. He served under Gen. ASHE of New Hanover, Major [Abraham] MOLTON of Duplin, Col. KENAN, Col. Charley WARD, Stephen MILLER, Capt. James GILLISPIE, Maj. James LOVE, Capt. Hardy HOLMES and Sgt. Joseph MAO (Moore) all of Duplin County NC. Also General [Thomas] Eaton, Col. MALMUDDY, and Major HENDERSON. His Neighbors in 1834 were Robert MIDDLETON, Esq. Benjamin COOPER, Absalom BEST, Henry BEST, Richard BRADLEY, and Rueben BLANCHARD. He was the head of household in Duplin County in, 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830. In his deposition dated 1834 he stated his only surviving child was Michael, (his son David BOYETT was living in AL at that time). William d. after 8 March 1834 in Duplin County NC where his will was probated in 1835. William had at least 7 children:  Henry(?) b. est 1785 who married Elizabeth "Betsey" L., Patsey(?), Dicey, married a Bradley,  Rebecca who married a BEST, Priscilla(?) d. before 1784, Michael b. about 1785, William(?) who married Polly, and David who married Mary BRADLEY, daughter of Richard BRADLEY. It is believed that William had son in laws named BEST, GIBBONS, Joseph WARD, Bradley, and David JONES.


BRADLEY, Thomas, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier was born on Dec. 25, 1762 to Richard Bradley and wife Elizabeth Ashbridge Sharpness. Thomas married Elizabeth Taylor on Sept. 29, 1782. Elizabeth was born October 7, 1765. Issue: 1-Henry Bradley born June 6, 1783, married June 3, 1823 Rebecca Alley in Summer TN. and died Dec. 30, 1830. 2-Daniel Bradley born May 8, 1785. 3-Susannah Bradley born May 12, 1788. 4-Thomas Bradley born March 28, 1791.  5-Luke Bradley born March 16, 1794. and 6-Elizabeth Bradley born July 12, 1800.


BRADSHAW/Bracher, Isaac, Private, NC Line.

Soldier is listed in Pearce’s Register and in a 1779 & 1780 deed in Duplin. Soldier was living in Dobbs with his father John Bracher in 1769. He moved to Duplin Co. about 1780 and lived in the Sampson part of Duplin Co.  Soldier was born about 1749 and likely married to Dorcas ______. Soldier enlisted 8 Feb. 1782 and died on 18 Sept. 1782.


BRADSHAW/Bracher, Thomas, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier lived in Dobbs in 1769 and two sons, Jesse and Ephraim are identified in Sampson Co. records. Soldier moved to Duplin in 1778 and lived past 1790 and is listed in the 1790c for Sampson Co. NC.  Soldier in listed in Pierce’s Register.


BRANCH, Arthur, Private, N.C. Militia.

Soldier is in Pierce’s Register and Soldier died during the war. Soldier is likely the brother or father of Archibald Branch Sr.


BRYAN, Kedar, NC  Militia JoCo.

Son of William and Elizabeth Smith Bryan of Johnston County. Wife Nancy Anne Dickson Issue: John, Rachel who md Gibson Sloan, Nancy Ann 1792-1825, Kedar, Needham, Robert, Dinar, Ann Eliza, and  Catherine Bryan. Soldier died in Sampson County in 1808.

Second wife, Anne Whitfield Bryan died in 1817.


BURKS, Charles, Pvt. Duplin Militia.

Listed in a 1800 deed as served. Issue: 1-Tabitha md: Patrick Carr about 1775.  2- Hester Burks.


BUTLER, James, Captain, Duplin Co. Militia.

Captain James Butler is listed as serving in 1782.

James was born about 1750 and married Mary Williams about 1785, she was born about 1768.

Soldier is listed in the 1790 US Census as BUTLER James     Sampson        2     3     6     3

James was the brother of Major Robert Butler, William Butler, and Charles Butler.

One son is identified as James Butler Jr. born about 1781.


BYRD (BIRD), John, Private, S.C. Militia. 

Soldier was born in 1754 in Duplin, moved to Camden SC before the war and served down there, He settled in Dale County Alabama and died there. Soldier enrolled on January 10, 1837, under act of Congress of June 7, 1832; annual allowance, $23.33; no record of any payments.  John was the son of John Byrd who died in 1761 and Catherine King Byrd.


CALDWELL, Jacob, NC Line, 8th Regiment

Soldier and Widow was deceased by 1838.


CARR, Archibald, Private, N. C. Militia.

Archibald Carr is listed on Pierce’s Register for the Wilmington District and was the son William and Hannah Carr. William wrote his will in 1753. Soldier patented land in 1774 and is listed in a 1779 deed. Soldier lived in Sampson Co. when it was created.


CARR, Jonathan, Private, N. C. Militia.

Soldier is listed on Pierce’s Register for the Wilmington District and was the son of Thomas and Mary Carr of Bertie Co. NC and moved to Duplin in 1772 and lived in Sampson Co. when it was formed. Jonathan was born c1730 and married Patience Turner and at lease three children are identified. 1-Benjamin,  2-Turner Carr, and 3-Jesse Carr. Soldier died about 1799 or early 1800 in Sampson Co. Also likely Patrick Carr of Burke and Jefferson Co. GA were his sons


CARR, Patrick, Captain, Burke Co. GA Militia.

Soldier is likely the son of Jonathan Carr of Bertie and Duplin Co. NC and gs of Patrick and Tamar Carr. Soldier fought at the siege of Augusta, Battle of Kings Mountain, and Battle of Blackstocks Plantation. Soldier was later promoter to Major and also fought the Tories and Indians. Legend says he killed 100 Tories during the war. Soldier was murdered in 1802, likely by someone with bad feelings from his war against the Tories.


CLARK, James, Private, N.C. Militia.

Soldier was the son of John Clark who died in 1767. Soldier drew pay voucher for Revolutionary War and is listed in 1790c for Sampson Co. and Pierce’ Register. James married in 1790, Mary Wright.


CLARK, Nathan, Duplin Militia.

Soldier listed in Pierce’ Register for the Wilmington District and 1790c for Sampson County with four children. Nathan was the son of John Clark who died in 1767. Soldier married Rebecca Byrd in 1785.


COOK, Reuben, Private, N.C. Militia.

Soldier was born 1760 and died 7-21-1856. He was listed in the 1784 state census for Duplin Co. NC. He married Elizabeth Harrison.


DAVIS, Sampson, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier is in Pierce's Register. Soldier was born Mar. 12, 1755 in Edgecombe County. In  1769 he may have been in Dobbs County and in 1784 he was in Sampson County. He was mentioned at the first court session so must have been in Duplin. He moved to Bladen Co. by 1785 and died there Feb. 27, 1840.  Soldier applied for a pension in Cumberland Co. in 1834. Do not know name of first wife, second wife was Ruth Bryan/Bryant 1792-1855+ m. in 1815. Only known son is Sampson Davis, Jr. he moved to Lowndes Co., AL.  Soldier is the grandfather of  Isaac Davis b. 1805 in Bladen Co. NC.


DICKSON, Michael, Major, in SC and GA.

Michael was born June 17, 1731 in Down Ireland and was the oldest son of Colonel John Dickson the Immigrant and Elizabeth his wife. He lived in Duplin until from about 1745 to 1766, then moved to Pendelton District SC. Married Sarah Neely. In the SC 1790 Census his is listed with several in his  family. Michael died in Pendelton SC on July 17, 1825.

Major MICHAEL DICKSON  was five years of age when he came to America. When about 35 years of age he moved from Duplin Co. to Pendleton District, SC but did not dispose of all his property in this County until about the year 1795. He was an outstanding patriot during the Revolutionary War and served as an officer in SC and GA. He was also a prominent church leader and served as an elder in his church for a period of 60 years. Major Dickson died at Pendleton July 17, 1825 in the 95th year of his age. Children: 1-Robert 1750-1783, 2-Jane 1758-1842, 3-James 1763-1805, 4-Samuel Henry 1765-1835, 5-John 1768-1831 who married Lydia Tourtelotte, 6-Hugh 1770-, 7-Elizabeth Oct. 15, 1772, 8-William 1774-, and 9-Nancy 1776-1807. It is said that he was the grand father of Dr. Samuel Henry Dickson who was perhaps the most widely known physicians in this country during his time.


DUDLEY, Daniel, Private, N.C Militia.

On 27 Sept 1828, Daniel Dudley in DeKalb County, Ga. gave an affidavit stating he served  three tours of duty in the Revolutionary War. Soldier was living in Sampson County in 1790 and had listed three sons and two daughters.


DUNCAN (Dunkin), William, Private, NC Militia

 Soldier served under Capt. William Taylor and Col. James Kenan, and accord­ing to Caswell's Journal, they participated in the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge. He is listed as being from Duplin County and receiving 1/8/0 pounds for serving for 14 days. Soldier served with brothers Isaac and Edmond Duncan.

   At the 1790 census for Duplin County, soldier was enumerated with two adult white males including head of house, four white males under 21 years, four white females of all ages and three slaves. Soldier was the son of Grace and Edmond Duncan/Dunkan who was born about 1730 in Ireland. Soldier was born about 1755 in Duplin Co. NC and married Anne Civil Kornegay July 8, 1778 and died 1806 in Duplin Co. NC. Issue: 1-Edmond 1779-, 2-Jacob 1780, 3-Elizabeth Duncan 1781-1806, 4-William Jr. 1783-1833, 5-Isaac 1785-1823 in GA, 6-Rockcillary 1786-184x, 7-Catherine 1789-1820 in Wayne Co. NC, 8-Joseph 1792-1837 in TN, 9-Stephen 1793-1841 in Duplin, 10-Sarah 1794-1842 in Sampson Co. NC, 11-Lewis 1798-1850+ in TN, 12-Anne Falkner 1800, and John Charles 1803-1863+ in Pike Co. AL.


FLOWERS, Thomas, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier was born April 16, 1740 and died October 12, 1794 in Duplin County. Soldier is listed in Pearce’s Register.



FOWLER, Daniel, Patriot, NC.

Patriot was born about 1724 in Nansemond Co. VA and moved to Duplin about 1753. He  died 1793. He married Mary Jane Rollins about 1745 in Nansemond Co. VA.

His issue was 1-John born 1747, 2-Daniel Jr. born about 1752, 3-William c1755, 4-Richard born about 1758, 5-Peter born about 1752, 6-Elizabeth born about 1760 married RS Edmond Spivey, 7-Thomas born about 1771, and 8-Francis born about 1774.


FOWLER, John, Private,  NC Militia.

Soldier was born in Bladen Co. NC and  was the son of John Fowler and first cousin to the above John Fowler. Soldier moved to Sampson Co. NC after the war. He married  Hannah Sutton. Soldier is listed in 1790c in Sampson with five males and two other females with wife. This soldier  had four sons and three daughters in 1800.


FOWLER, William, Private, Minuteman, NC Militia.

Soldier was born about 1755 and the son  of Daniel and Mary Rollins Fowler. Soldier is listed in 1790c in Sampson with one male under 16 and 3 other females with wife.


GAINEY, Matthew, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier was born December 10, 1751 and he died May 12, 1832. He married in 1782 Elizabeth  New.

Soldier is listed in the 1790c for Duplin with three males and females and wife. Likely not all his or he was married twice.


GRAY, Thomas, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier is listed in Pierce’s Register and in the 1784-6 state census in Duplin with seven children.


GREEN, Lott, Private, N.C. Militia.

   Soldier received from N.C. Army Accounts, Vol. VI, Bk. 23, pg. 106, voucher # 56 from Duplin County for a principal due of 13/19/6 pounds. 

   In 1784/6 special census for Duplin County, he is listed in Capt. Stallin's District as an adult free white male head of house with four white females of all ages.

Lott GREEN was b. ca. 1760/1766, and likely in Duplin County and was likely the son of John. John and Thomas made a deed to Lott ca. 1800. Lott was married to Sarah ?? (DAVIS) ?? (FUSSELL)?? ca. 1785. He had a dau 1-Martha b. ca. 1786/87, a son 2-Samuel b. ca. 1788, a dau 3-Rebecca b. ca. 1790, a dau 4-Elizabeth b. ca. 1792, a dau 5-Ann b. ca. 1795, and a son 6-James b. ca. 1798. Lott died in 1829 (will prob. May 1829) in Duplin County. Ann married Stephen WILLIAMS and Elizabeth married Isaac BROWN. The other two daus never married. All were in Marion County GA bef 1840 with the exception of Ann. Samuel married Catherine "Lettie" ? and James married Nancy.

According to work by William L. Murphy on file at the J. Y. Joyner Library, Greenville, NC, "Thomas Green made his will 1760. Wife, Elizabeth; sons, John, Joseph, Thomas, Jr.; daughters, Ann, Elizabeth, and Sarah; son-in-law, Benjamin Hooker; Daughter-in-law, Hannah Green." Thomas, Sr., is believed to be the son of Farnifold Green, Sr., and we are trying to determine if Thomas, Jr., is the Thomas Green of Duplin Co., father of John, Lott, and Rueben, also of Duplin Co. Any information on Thomas, Sr., Thomas, Jr., or any of the above most appreciated.


GREER, David, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier is listed in Pearce’s Register.


GRIMES, James, Private, Duplin N.C. Militia.

Soldier was born c1747 and was the son of Hugh and Elizabeth Whitehead Grimes and married Sarah Winders (1759), they  married  February 19, 1777.  James  was the oldest  brother of Sampson and Joseph Grimes. 1-Son William Grimes, who died in 1837.  2-Son John c1788 married Catherine (Kitty) Frederick in 1813. He died in 1837 at Stewart Co. GA. 3-Son Isaac 1799-1879 married Sarah Wilkinson. They moved to Cherokee Co. Texas about 1853. 4-Son Thomas married Lettice Kornegay and 2nd Jane Frederick. Son Lewis,  c1777-1837 married Hetty Glisson. He moved to Stewart Co. and then on to Richland GA.  5-Son Stephen B. b.  c1789 married Bethany Hines and moved to Dale Co. AL. 6-Son James Grimes 1796 m: Sidney and moved to TN and then to Bastrop, Texas before 1850. And 7-Son Bryan Grimes 1802-married Mariah Best in 1828.  RS James Grimes died in 1831.


GRIMES, Joseph, Lieutenant Duplin NC Militia

Soldier served in the Duplin County Militia  under Colonel James Kenan in 1779.

Joseph was born in 1756 and married Ellender _____, he died in January of 1790. Sons: 1-Charles Grimes, 2-John Grimes, 3-Joseph Grimes, 4-James Grimes, and 5-Thomas Grimes. Wife was pregnant when Joseph died. Parents were Hugh Grimes and Elizabeth Whitehead.


HARRIS, Edward, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier is listed in Pearce’s Register. Soldier lived in Duplin in 1790 with a wife and one son.


HAWES, Ezekiel, Private, NC Line and local Militia.

Soldier was born in New Hanover County in the year 1759 - 2nd of February. He was living  in Sampson Co. in 1790 & 1800 and later moved to Columbus Co. NC and then to Kemper Co. MS in 1835.

On this the 12th day of November, 1832, personally appeared in open Court, before the worshipful Linnon Moore, Bythel Haynes and Lott Williamson, Justices of the Peace for the County of Columbus presiding in the Superior Court for said County now sitting - Ezekiel Hawes, a resident of Columbus County, aged seventy-three years and upwards, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832. That he entered the service of the United States, under the following named officers, and served as herein stated:

1. "In the Spring of the Year 1776 (as well as can now be recollected) it being about the time of planting corn,  then a resident of New Hanover County and the British then laying in two ships of war below the Flats in the Cape Fear River.  He became a volunteer in a Company of New Hanover Militia commanded by Capt. Thomas Devane and Lieut. George Roberson. Company rendezvoused at Wilmington in New Hanover County, marched to Old Town and thence to Ancrum's plantation above Old Town, and on the British retiring were ordered back to Wilmington. Some of the Onslow, Duplin, and Bladen Militias were in the service at the same time and they were all under the command of a Lt. Colonel Routledge; there were also some Continental Troops at that place under the command of Colonel Martin and said to have been the first Continental Troops that were raised in North Carolina.  All the Troops at Wilmington were commanded by General James Moore who he believed was also a Continental officer.  After remaining at Wilmington a short time, he obtained a furlough to go home for twenty days, returned at the expiration thereof - remained until after the British had left the Coast of North

Carolina, when he was discharged, having served three months, the period for which he was called into service.  He was paid at Wilmington and received a verbal discharge.

     2.  Some time in the early part of the year, 1779 as well as can now be recollected, he received seventy-two dollars Proclamation Money from Captain James Morehead of Bladen County, North Carolina, as a bounty to join what was called the New Levies on the Continental establishment, it being understood at the time, that they were destined for the Northern Army.  The men enlisted in Bladen marched to Duplin Court House, where they were commanded by Capt. Robert Raiford.  After being there a short time, they were informed that their services were not then wanted and they were accordingly furloughed for six months.  In the meantime, proclamation was made for the New Levies at the expiration of their furloughs, to repair to Elizabethtown, Bladen County, in order to complete their term of service in obedience thereto, he repaired to the place with the other New Levies.  He was marched by Captain Morehead to Purrysburgh, South Carolina, where the American army under General Lincoln was then stationed - this was the first part of the year Capt. Morehead delivered the men over to Col. Armstrong commanding the 5th Regiment of Continentals in the North Carolina line.  As

officers were so frequently changed or transferred, he has no recollection to what company he was first attached.  He was at last attached to Captain  (afterwards Major) Doherty's Company.  From Purrysburgh, they were marched to Black Swamp on the Savannah River, thence to Col. Golphen's (?) plantation, between that place and Augusta were they crossed the Savannah and marched three days towards the town of Savannah when an express arrived there - oath of an informant that the British were pushing to Charleston (April 1780). On this information being received, the army under General Lincoln recrossed the Savannah River and made a forced march in order to overtake the British  (before) crossed with his army the head of Salt Catchers and the Edisto River.

Before they reached the Edisto River, the British had so blocked up the road by felling trees, that the American Army was obliged to leave the road. Between the two rivers an engagement took place between the vanguard of the American and the rear of the British army, took twenty British prisoners, and some of McGirt's and Cunningham's (two famous Tories) men.  McGirt was wounded and Cunningham taken prisoner. After that affair, the army was marched to Bacon's Bridge one mile above Dorchester on Ashepoo River, thence to Stono Church, where they remained until the action at Camden (16 Aug. 1780), where the Americans were defeated.  He, Hawes, was not in the Battle, having been ordered to remain with the wagons-thence they returned to Bacon's Bridge where our Company remained until the expiration of their term of service when they marched to Strawberry Ferry (?) on Cooper River where they were discharged.  He served in this engagement nine months and received a discharge in writing from Col. Archibald Lyttle who was then our Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.

3. After the above detailed tour of Continental Service, he was exempt from service for three years, by Act of the General Assembly, but not availing himself of the exemption, he again entered the service, then residing in Duplin County, as a private in a Troop of Duplin Volunteer Cavalry, under the command of Captain William Vann, Lieut. John Matthews, and Ensign Robert Merritt, belonging to a company of militia under the command of Col. Thomas Bludworth, who were called into service for three months on order to suppress the Tories who had collected in considerable numbers under the command of Captain Peter Scarborough - they were subdued and Scarborough and eight of his men were taken prisoners after he had been very troublesome and done much mischief to the inhabitants of New Hanover County and the counties adjoining.  Capt. Vann, by order of Colonel Kenan of Duplin, carried them to Halifax in this state and delivered them to the keeper of the Prison at that place.  Before they returned from Halifax, where he as one of the Company went, his term of service had quite already expired.  He received a written discharge for three months service. 

     Before the tour of service above detailed, and shortly after Lord Cornwallis (February 1781) had left Major James Craig in the command of Wilmington, orders were issued to Capt. Vann by Col. James Kenan, to repair with his Company (of which he was a private) to the Big Bridge (Blueford's) on the northeast twelve miles above Wilmington, to guard against incursions of the Tories, and to prevent the disaffected from going into Wilmington.  The Company rendezvoused at the Big Bridge where they were joined by a Company from Bladen, one from New Hanover, and another from Onslow Counties all under the command of Col. James Kenan - In a skirmish with the British at that place, who made an attack on Col. Kenan's command and were defeated, a man by the name of Simmons, a private, was killed.  He received a written discharge for three months service.  The discharge which he received from the Continental service, he delivered to one William Anderson, in order to receive his pay many years ago and knows not what has become of Anderson or the discharge.  The others are lost.  He has no documentary evidence of his service and the only living witnesses of his service whose attendance he can procure are John Fowler and Charles Hays. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State.


Sworn to and subscribed the    Ezekiel  X  Hawes

day and year first above                       his mark



Answers to the Questions Prescribed by the War Department as Propounded to

the applicant by the Court:


1. (Born) in New Hanover County in the year 1759 - 2nd of  February.

2. I have not. (record of age.)

3. (Lived) in New Hanover (when enlisted.) I have resided part of my time in

Bladen,  Duplin, and I now reside in Columbus County, NC.

4. I enlisted once and was a volunteer in every other instance.

5. When in the Continental Service, besides the officers already named, I

was acquainted with General Sumner, General Hager, Major Eaton who was the

Major of Armstrong's Regiment, Major Daniel Williams, Captain Hardy Holmes,

Major Raiford, Colonel Malmady. The general circumstances of my service are embodied in my declaration.

6. This interrogatory is answered in the body of my declaration.

7. Joseph Gore, Colonel John Gore, Major Thomas Frink, William Gore, Joseph

Carlisle, Henry Best Esquire.

 William Kemp, a Clergyman residing in the County of Columbus and John H. White residing in the same, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Ezekiel Hawes who has sworn to and subscribed the above declaration that we believe him to be seventy three years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion.  Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.  William Kemp  John H. White

The remaining items received from the pension file are summarized as follows:

On the same day, Charles Hay appeared, was sworn in and deposed.  He stated that he remembered that Ezekiel Hawes served with him in a company of militia that were called into service for three months under the command of Captain William Vann and Lieutenant John Matthews.  They marched to Bluefort Bridge and were forced to retreat before a superior force from Wilmington then in possession of the British. 

 John Fowler also appeared and swore to the same.

The Court declared that they believed the applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and that the witnesses were credible.  The Court further declared that Charles Hay and John Fowler whose names appear in the certificate were sworn in and subscribed to the above in open Court and were credible witnesses.

Linnon Moore, Chairman Bythel Haynes, J.P. Lott Williamson, J.P.

War Department Revolutionary claim January 26, 1833

Ezekiel Hawes was granted a pension of $50.00 annually which was to be paid semiannually on the 4th of March and the 4th of September in every year.  It was  paid in arrears to Sept. 4, 1832. Signed by Hon. James McKay.

 Soldier married Bethany Vann, probably the daughter of Stephen Vann,  in Sampson County, NC in 1797. Issue: 1-Nancy Hawes, born about 1800, married Walter Hudson before 1825, died after 1850 probably in Kemper County, MS. 2-Stephen Vann Hawes, born about 1804, died in 1857 or 58 in Kemper County, MS. 3-Marian Hawes, born about 1806, married Gabriel Long before 1834, died before 1860 probably in Kemper County, MS. 4-John Hawes, born about 1807, married Rebecca Ann Frink before 1836, died before 1860 probably in Kemper County, MS. 4-Dorcas Hawes, born about 1808, married Joseph Carlisle, died after 1866 in Alabama. 5-Ezekiel Hawes, Jr., born about 1813, married Nancy Jane Carraway before 1848, died 1850-52 probably in Kemper County, MS. 6-Elizabeth Hawes, born September 8, 1814, married Michael McGlone before 1837,  died 1896 in Neshoba County, MS. 7-Kinion Hawes, born about 1818, married Elizabeth Oden before 1840, died September, 1850 in Kemper County, MS. and there appears to have been two more daughters and one son which are not known. Soldier Ezekiel Hawes died in Kemper County, MS in February of 1841 - one of four Revolutionary Soldiers to be buried in that county.


HAYS, Charles, Private, NC Militia.           

Soldier was living in Sampson Co. NC in 1790. He had a wife, one son, and two daughters.

Charles Hay appeared (In Columbus Co. NC Nov. 1832), was sworn in and deposed.  He stated that he remembered that Ezekiel Hawes served with him in a company of militia that were called into service for three months under the command of Captain William Vann and Lieutenant John Matthews.  They marched to Bluefort Bridge and were forced to retreat before a superior force from Wilmington then (1781) in possession of the British.


HOLMES, John, Ensign NC Militia.

Ensign Holmes served under Captain Jonathan Tayloe and Colonel James Kenan in 1779. He was the son of Edward Holmes and is listed in his 1761 will.


HOWARD, James, Private, N.C. Militia.

   In N.C. Army Accounts, Vol. IV, Bk. G, is voucher # 161, report 12 ‑ pay for Geese. In Vol. V, Bk. 176 is voucher # 3705 M for pay of 22/5/8 pounds.

   In the 1784/6 special census for Sampson County, he was listed with 560 acres and as a free white male. James Howard, Sr. was married first to Edna Banner and second to Honour Everitt on October 30, 1805 in Cumberland Co.  NC.

 Sons,  1-Edmund Howard  was born abt. 1771 in DUPLIN Co, NC, and died About 1839 in HAYWOOD Co, TN.  He married EDITH MURPHY about 1790 in SAMPSON Co., NC.  She was born about 1774 in SAMPSON Co., NC, and died 1831 in HAYWOOD Co., TN.  2-James Howard Jr. Married May 8, 1812 Ann McCullen

1795- the daughter of  RS Bryan McCullen.


HUBBARD, William, Captain, NC Militia.

Soldier listed in 1784/6 state tax list for Duplin.


HURST, Jacob, Private, Duplin Militia.

Soldier was born 1749 and was the son of William and Sarah Oliver Hurst. Soldier is in Pearce’s Reg.


JACKSON,  John,  Private, NC Militia.

Soldier is listed in Pierce's Register for Onslow County.

Soldier was born about 1738 and lived is Sampson County by the time it was formed. Soldier left his will in Sampson county in 1801. His wife was Jane and his children are identified as 1- Lewis 1760-1823, 2-Fredrick 1765-18xx, 3-Allen 1768-18xx, 4-Nanny 1770-18xx who married a Hall, 5-Richard 1764-1822 who married Mary and left a will, 6-one child born about 1775, and 7-John Jackson Jr. born 1780 and married Elizabeth Tew.


JACKSON, Nathan, Private, N.C. Militia.

Soldier is listed in Pierce's Register for the Wilmington district. Soldier was born about 1756 and died about 1823. Soldier lived in Sampson County.  Soldier married c1777 Morning and she is believed to have been the daughter of Thomas Dickson.

Children are listed as 1-Fanny born 1783 and  married c1805 Joel Godwin who died in 1812. Fanny later married a Strickland and moved to MS. Joel had three children who remained in Sampson; 2- Dickson born about 1790 and married Sarah Underwood. Dickson died in 1834, Sarah in 1855; 3-Irwin born about 1786 and died in 1852. Irwin married Nancy Warren; 4-Susannah c1788 and married Sion Barefoot; 5-Julian Jackson c1791 and married Alexander Tew; 6-Elizabeth Ann Jackson c1793 and married Henry Godwin; and 7-Matilda who was born in 1799 and married Osborn Tew who was born in 1795.


JACKSON, William, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier is listed in Pierce's Register for the Wilmington District.

Soldier was born about 1754 and lived in Sampson County, his children as identified are, 1-Maredith c1776-1850+, 2-Josiah 1778-1814 who married Mary, 3-William who was born about 1779 and married Sally, 4- Middleton 1785-1844+, 5-Rachel, 6-Polly, 7-Donaldson born about 1795 and died in 1819, 8-Phebebee, 9-Handy, and 10-Betsey Jackson.


JAMES, Thomas, NC Militia.

Thomas JAMES was born c1750 in New Hanover Co., NC. He died after 1793 in Duplin Co., NC. He married Elizabeth Hinton Rand, 14 Jan 1783. She was born c1762 in Wake Co., NC and died after 1817 in Duplin Co. NC
Children:1. Grizelle, died unmarried 2. Alice b. 18 Apr 1786 md. William Robert Middleton 3. Mary (1st wife) b 9 Mar 1788 md. Daniel Love Kenan 4. Elizabeth (2nd wife) b. 14 Feb 1796 md. Daniel Love Kenan 5. Temperana  md. Dr. J. N. Nixon
SERVICE: Thomas James was a Private in Captain Thomas Armstrong’s Company, 2nd NC Battalion commanded by Col. John Patten and appears on the Muster Roll of the American Revolution in January and February 1778.
SOURCE: Colonial and State Records , NC Vol. 5, pp 164, 165 The Kenan Family by Alvaretta Kenan Register, 1967, p. 241
Submitted by: Barbara A. Shore.


JOHNSON, Joel, Private, N.C. Militia.

Soldier married Aug 21, 1777 Temperance Green and later married Rachael Magee, who likely was a Crumpler. Children: 1-Enoch Johnson, 2-Jacob Johnson, and 3- Joshua Johnson. Other children? John, Reuben, Lott and Patsy. Soldier lived in Sampson County in 1790 and to about 1828.


JONES, Jethro, Private, N.C. Line.

Soldier is listed in Pierce'S Register as a Soldier. No other information. He is believed to have been the brother of Elisha Jones and born in Dobbs County. Jethro Jones was born about 1758.  Oral family history states that Jethro Jones came to this country and fought in the Rev. War under General George Washington and that he married an Indian woman by the name of Wannetta (Juanita) Galloway. Soldier died about 1790.


JONES, Stephen, Private, NC Militia.

Soldier lived in Duplin in 1790. Soldier is listed in Pearce’s Register.


KENEDAY, Thomas, Private,   N.C. Continental Line.

     Soldier was born August 20. 1763 in Carteret Co. NC  and drew a pension in Duplin County, N.C., for his war service. He was placed on the roll 5 Feb 1834 at $40 per annum. He was then age 72 years and was still living in 1840. He died February 5, 1851  in Duplin Co. NC.

Soldier  was married to a Sarah ? Issue: James 1785, Joseph 1786, John 1788, David 1790, Felix 1792, Samuel 1794.  He then married 24 Oct. 1796 Nancy Bishop dau. Of Robert Bishop and they had 10 children.  Robert 1798, Rhilly 1799, Dilly 1802, Mary 1803, Sarah 1805, Catherine 1808, Henry 1809, Nancy 1812, Susan 1814, and Rebecca 1817. 


LANIER, Frederick, Patriot Soldier of North Carolina.

Frederick Lanier b. c1745 Brunswick County, Virginia, d. c1805 in Pendleton District, S. C.  His wife's  name is unknown, but it is possible that she was Mary Nance, as her sister Sarah married John, brother of Frederick;  also the name Mary occurs frequently in the family.  He was hard to follow; he was in Duplin County, N. C. in 1764,  Bertie County (N. C.) 1777, in Waren County, N. C. in Nov. and Dec. 1787.  He received a Revolutionary Voucher,  No. 1638 from the Halifax District, N. C. for L 14-15, not stated whether for military duty or aid to the War.  He was living when his father  Benjamin Lanier wrote his will Sept. 1790, but did not attend the Estate Sale.  In the late 1790's he bought land in the Pendleton District of S. C., and appeared in the 1800 census with a wife born before 1755, living 1810, two sons, three daughters. Children identified are 1-Robert c1776, 2-Bird c1778, and 3-Mary  c1788. Frederick’s mother was Elizabeth Warren.


MAGEE or McGEHEE, William, Private, Duplin Militia.

William McGehee (Magee-MeGee) was living in Edgecombe County as early as 1733. He was Sheriff of Edgecombe County in 1748.  He moved to that part of Duplin which became Sampson County about 1750. He married Anne Moore, the  daughter of Joseph Moore.

Issue: 1-James McGehee (died 1820) married Peggy Ayers and lived in Marboro SC; 2-a daughter who married a Mr. Hodges; 3-a son who married and lived in South Carolina; 4-Hartwell McGehee; 5-Martha McGehee who married the Reverend Evans Pugh; and 6-Elizabeth McGehee (1760-1849) who married James Harrington.


NOLLEY, (Knolty) Josiah, Lieutenant, NC Militia.

Soldier served in the Duplin Militia in 1777 under Captain Elias Faison and lived in Sampson County in 1790 with a wife and four children. He appears to be about 33 years old and born about 1757. Soldier is listed in the Pension application of John Wright Jr. as Lt. Josiah Knolty.


WILLIAMS, John Joseph, Chaplain NC Militia.

There were six men named Joseph Williams in the 1790 census for Sampson and Duplin and several in NC are listed as soldiers in the Revolutionary War. Family researches indicate that Rev. John Joseph Williams served as a chaplain. He was mostly called Rev. Joseph Williams.

He was sent in 1776, by the Colonial fathers, to Anson Co. to teach. We do not know how long he stayed but he apparently lived mostly in Sampson and did not move his family from Sampson Co. to Anson Co. NC until about 1800.

Joseph Williams, the Immigrant, was raised some in an orphanage, his father died when he was quite young and he was bound out to a man by the name of Paul (Powell) as a boy and was treated so cruelly that when he was twelve years of age a friend by the name of Mewborne told him that he was old enough to choose his own guardian.  Mr. Mewborne went with him before the magistrate and assisted in arranging the papers releasing him from Mr. Paul (Powell.)  Joseph Williams then chose Mr. Mewborne as his guardian.  Later they sailed for America and settled in eastern North Carolina.  Joseph lived with his kindred and Mr. Mewborne until he was twenty-one years of age and then married his daughter, Martha Mewborne.  Later parts of the Mewborne and Williams families moved to Edgecombe, Dobbs, and Northern counties, North Carolina.  Joseph and Martha were the parents of a number of children, namely: Newbourn, Rebecca, James, William Williams 1796, Lemuel 1788, Parrot, Henry, Joseph Williams, Jr. and Martha Bennett who married William Bennett and later died.  He also had a son named Hezekiah named in his will.

This soldier lived in Sampson and is not connected to the other Joseph William Jr. who served in Duplin during the Revolutionary war with his brother Aaron. This soldier was born in 1748 and moved his family to Anson Co. NC and died there in 1825 after leaving his Last Will and Testament.


1.     Duplin-Sampson NC Revolutionary war Soldiers. Price is $42. 260 pgs.

2.     Sampson Co. Heritage Book. Republished in 2 volumes. $70.

3.     Sampson Co. CourtMinutes 1784-1800 or 1820-1830. Price is $38.

4.     Sampson Co. CourtMinutes 1800-1810. Price is $33.

5.     Sampson Co. Court Minutes 1810-1820. Price is $35.

6.     Sampson Co. 1850 or 1860 US Census. Price is $22.50.

7.     Sampson Co. 1870 US Census. $28.


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